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Chrono Rally League 🏁


Managed to cut another handful of seconds off, flipping the car twice in the process. Finished first section sliding on my passenger side door and took out both the goal posts markers as well as all the netting on my way across the finish line.

So clearly there’s things to improve even now : )

Captured the driving of this one too, if anyone actually want to see it.


Managed to sneak in few more practise laps. Really sad i didint get below 3 mins , i just had to mess up on the last yellow 2 turn and bump into forest wall. Anyway 03.00.192


This means that you’re capable of 2:58 2:57ish times :slight_smile: Good work, you must definitely submit a sub 3 this week!

SUB 3 SUB 3 !!


I tried so hard for sub 3…



SUB 3 :smiley:
Well done


I’ve got all the sections down now but for the life of me can’t string them all together. Don’t even ask about 01:30…


Managed to take the first sharp turn so really well I just had to make a gif out of it to save for future reference. Messed the rest of the run up though.

This can also server as an announcement post I suppose.
I’d like to let you all know that I’ll be taking next week off. The past few weeks I have felt that I ended up playing this game more out of compulsion than desire, even though I have enjoyed this week more than the previous two. But I need a break or I’ll burn out on the game entirely.

I don’t know if the rest of you want to continue on business as usual or if everyone feels a break could be good, I’ll leave that up to you guys. I can still set up a map/car choice post and score tables for you, but you’ll have to come up with the picks yourselves. So let me know by Friday what you want to do.


R4 cars down Vallée descendante maybe? Maybe we can specify it has to be done in the morning or at night for the extra ice condition. If not I would like to do germany in the rain. I don’t have the time to pick something sophisticated right now.


I could use a week off as well :slight_smile:


What Doomy said. Something about cars and descending and night time. Sounds good to me.


I remember dying in this track very vividly. Every corner is death :slight_smile:


Yay bring it on, the harder the better. No point doing it if it’s easy mode.:smiling_imp:


Alright, you two lunatics. @Doomy pick a map, @nme1 pick a car, if there’s a 3rd interested participant they get to pick weather/time of day. Make it as hellish as you desire, send me a PM with your choice today and I’ll set things up for you.


Lets go with R4, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Looks like fun.


The point of having you make your choices in private was so that some elements of the challenge would remain a surprise to each of you until the start.

Got a capture of what happens when I try this.


I just reviewed some footage of mine, seems like I subconsciously let off the gas a bit before the car gets airborne and I take the corner at around 90 instead of 100-110. I guess that doesn’t count as flat-out. My bad.

Let’s go with pra d’alart, (at night). Not descending but it’s very technical and the r4 cars have enough horsepower to drive us up the mountain. A part of the track should also be familiar to some of us.

Here’s some reference for any struggling participants


oops sorry my bad.


That video is amazing. Those guys drive like it’s a video game, no fear. So impressive.


I wonder how often those guys get 15-sec penalties for killing innocent bystanders; those are the worst.