Chrono Giveaway... Auto? (Chrono Community Giveaway 8) [Closed - Winners Notified - Check PMs!]

Hey kids, you know what time it is? Well it’s…


Doesn’t really roll off the tongue or have that “Feels natural,” Flow to it, does it? It doesn’t even really make sense? Oh ****, what a tw@ but don’t worry, the moron responsible has been dealt with and is now suffering a two-month suspension with NO PAY. Also, he will have to donate more games to the Chrono Community Giveaway, non-charity, charity.

Too late to change it now, so just embrace it… Let me begin again.

Welcome to the Chrono Community Giveaway 8

So, the reason for the weird title is that there is a theme running through the games this time around, which is Planes,Trains and Automobiles… Kind of.

Enough Jibber Jabber!

The Games:

Errrm, this next one, well, it has tracks, so it is in…

And errr… It is a mode of transport, kind of, so it’s in…

Okay, now the Automobile connection is really getting rather flimsy by this point but after much deliberation with Delenn, we agreed that it is valid due to the horse pony power involved… So, it’s in…

Barrier To Entry:

As with past giveaways, there is a small barrier to entry. This time, all you need to do is come up with an alternative explanation to the letters GG in the name Chrono.GG as opposed to what they actually mean. You don’t need to think too hard about it, it doesn’t even have to make sense but you will need to do this, to qualify for entry to the draw.
We’re interested in what you can come up with.

e.g. "GG = Git Gud" …And you’re in the draw.

But that is not all. sigh

You will need to have 8 Badges attached to your Profile and be a Community Member for at least 2 weeks. Have that and you’re good to go.

  • 8 (eight) Badges
  • 2 (two) Weeks Community Forum Membership
  • 1 (one) Explanation for the 2 G’s in Chrono.GG
  • Tell Us What Game/s You Wish To Enter The Draw For

The Rules etc:

Mostly the same rules as before, submit your entries by the time the new Chrono Daily Deal changes on Monday 7th May 2018 and please leave which games you wish to be entered for, good luck. The winners will be decided by Discobot’s RNG Die rolls shortly after closing. You must contact us after receiving your PM declaring that you are a winner within 24 hours of being notified. If you fail to reply, we will have to redo the draw for that game. Sorry, but we must be strict on this one.


As some people keep failing to claim their games in past giveaways, we must be strict when asking you to respond to the PMs that we send out. You have a 24 Hour Window and we MUST stick to it. Sorry but it causes a lot of unnecessary hassle for us.

Additional Note:

You can enter for ALL THE GAMES if you want. There is no limit for what you can enter for, so if anyone reading this only mentioned one game in the past because you thought that was the case then no, you can enter for each game if that is what you want. Either list the titles you are entering for or if you wish to enter for all by saying… "I would like to enter for ALL the games."

So that about wraps it up.

You may have noticed another change in our line up. @HappyCabbage has bowed out for the time being and in his place, comes the wonderful, amazingly hot and all around good guy @DanosaurJr.
I was NOT forced to say this under duress.
I’ll send you a PM @DanosaurJr with those money drop details. Please, just let my children go!?

As always, if there are any details you feel need addressing or if something is too vague and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The A Team. you can contact any one of the Chrono Community Giveaway Team, who are: @delenn13, @PeteMcc, @Gnuffi, @YQMaoski, @yoshirules, @DanosaurJr who I have complete faith in their individual or combined skills with helping you out, whatever your issue may be, within reason. If you have a fungal infection, try your local GP.

I’d offer to help but I have a 2-month suspension handed down by myself. Yeah, not my smartest move.


A couple of new keys have been added to the Giveaway, which was kindly donated by…


It’s like DLC for the Chrono Giveaway Auto… Only not.

So, if you are interested in the following games and have entered already, then please just CREATE A NEW POST with only the newly added games included. If you have not entered so far, then this will not affect you. (This is so when it comes to doing the draw on Monday, no one is missed out on the newly added titles.)

Also, please send your kind words and gratitude to @orbus for donating these games to us, for you.

So, what are the newly added games?

Well, first off, we have an extra copy of GTA III, so your chances of winning this have greatly increased if you have already entered for it.

Then we have this gaming classic…

And last but certainly not least we have…

Thanks again to @orbus for his generosity.


I have to say, I am such a fan of this artwork. :smile:

:clap: all the credit goes to @Punkster for that. :slight_smile:


GG = Giant Giraffe…I don’t know I’m bad at these type of stuff :frowning:

Pony Island and Off-Road Drive Drive Please! Also GTA San Andreas And Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. The giveaway team is really putting an effort here! Thank you

Also, nice art!


Sweet giveaway my dude and thanks for doing it. I’d love to enter for table top racing please and ofc GG = Gamer Gods (drops mic).


How does one get badges? I’ll look around here a bit for the answer.


Look at this list and requirements, you should be able to get a bunch really quickly.


I just liked your post/question, that should have given you your first one. :wink:

17 Likes = Great Giveaway.

Not entering. Just want to say thanks to all involved!


GG= Gregarious Group!

I will just enter for Grand Theft Auto 3.


That does include yourself! :wink: :smile:


Thanks for the giveaway!! It’s awesome :blush:
I’d love to enter for grand theft auto 3 :smiley:

GG = Giant Gnome.
That’s right @Gnuffi - I’m talking about you :wink:



I’d like to enter in for ALL games. GG = Galaxy Gaming


I would like to enter for Pony Island and Action Henk :upside_down_face:
And I think the gg stands for Gamers Getaway
Thank You :hugs:


This time I’d like to enter for all games pls, except Action Hank as i already have that

GG = $1000 gangsta


I would like to try my luck on Pony Island
the first thing that came to my mind (kind of weird maybe but yeah…) when seeing GG = God’s Gift.


You really outdid yourself on the graphical assets on this one @Punkster good work and thank you to all the rest of you for continuing on doing this.

I’d like to enter for Crash Time 2, Table Top Racing, Ace Combat Assault horizon and Action Henk, please.

GG = Gasoline 'n Garrages
To stick to the theme.



the real and 1 true answer (obviously):



mind blown yet y’all? :exploding_head:



Great giveaways, gang! Good games garner gold, given gifted groups guide. Great games get gleaming, gushingly gregarious gapes!

Grinding gas guzzler’s gears grumbles guts: go get God’s Gospel, gentlemen/gentlewomen/gnomes, guys gotta grab getaway games. Gambling, guns, girls…game?

Grace grant generous gifts, give GTA3 guaranteed.



Lol, Get Going!


Good Grief, Gooey Glob!

I take it you want GTA3???


Too much GG explanation spam should be DQ’d
No just kidding much love to everyone and good luck.