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**Chrono Giveaway 13: Delenn's Half A$$ed Reign of Terror Part II** Closed for Draw!!!



Thanks for the chance to win some awesome games.

My happy thought for today is that the :sun_with_face: is out and the :coffee: is hot. I wish everyone a great day.

I’d like to enter for the game Rime please.

Have a wonderful weekend full of gaming fun all.



I haven’t left the obligatory appreciation comment yet! As always thanks for doing this @delenn13, @gnuffi, @petemcc, @yoshirules and @yqmaoski! One day I will actually contribute, although most of what I have left is crap.
You know what’s also tradition at this point? Making a sarcastic joke that I am not entering. I can’t complain, though. I’ve got 44 hours of satisfaction out of the last event backstage, if you know what I mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Heyyo again… THIS TIME I WON T ruin this post…
I would like to share my story, i believe it might not look scary unless you were in my shoes. 8 months ago, what i thought would be a new experience, discovering my home land, turned out to a mendatory military service. I thought that i will be dismissed within a week since i m a lone child to my parents. But guess what, i was welcomed with a month prison. I spent a whole month in prison not knowing amy idea why ( google latakia prison xD, that s were military personels spend their sentence). All this is because i don t have a sheet of paper that prooves that i am a lone child ( well… it was my first time ever i land a foot there) and I AM ONLY 20 YEARS OLD . but the story doesn t end here… once released i was sent to arms , it would be normal unless SERVING IN SYRIA!!!.. bcz my paper being studied, I cannot leave. I would gladely tell you how fun is to have shells flyin above! And even better? They want to a 6 month prison sentence post my militaryservice because… i should be serving when i was 18 ( i m 20 xD )
Until me paper study is done, i m enjoying the nightmare xD
(SIDE NOTE: ALL CHARGES AND SERVICE WILL BE DROPED ONCE MY PAPER IS DONE! I got confirmations from the embassy that from this wednesday, my paper will be done in a week, yet… 8 months of terror are enough )

that s my hand in comparison to the bullet nd a 1L pepsi


I would like to enter please for:

  1. RiMe
    2.Twisted lands

As always, a huge shout out to all contributors good luck all!!!


We all have bad days, what we need to remember is the good ones, and anchoring down in the bad ones, never giving up on ourselves and not despairing. Sometimes just surviving until nextday is good enough, small steps make you go the distance! (Grind that mental resilience and beat that depression!)

  1. Rime
  2. King and Assassins
  3. Flat Kingdom
  4. Tauronors


  1. Pale Echoes
  2. RiME
  3. Flat Kingdom

tnx for the giveaway
Happy thought is that people will soon see the first, true image of a black hole.


Nice Agriope!



Find a special little something in every day and be happy

I would like to enter for

  1. Frankenstein: Master of Death
  2. Rime
  3. King and Assassins
  4. Twisted Lands Trilogy: Collector’s Edition


LOOOOOL! This made my day :smiley:
Thank you


I never heard of the word : Agriope. Had to google it! Woaaaah!!! :star_struck:
On wikipedia they mention the special schemes on their fronts… so here s another pic: i present you SPIDER ABS !! ( Who is spider man anyways? )

And another pic of it taking a snack ( i am sorry @hivefleetbothan , i know that your a fan of bees, i guess you now know what it was served as a dinner

SIDE NOTE: All these pics were taken by my samsung note 5… i hope that you get the idea ABOUT HOW CLOSE I HAD TO GET TO TAKE THIS PICS!!! AND YES, IT WAS A WINDY DAY!!! :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:


I like all invertebrates… so no worries. Nice photos.

Agriope is the group that the specific spider you took a photo of is in. A very handsome spider!


Thanks a lot for the giveaway, entering for:

  1. Flat Kingdom
  2. Tauronos

Happy Thought: Maybe a bit of a controversial opinion, but December is maybe the best month, because of all of the cool Christmas decorations coming up! :snowman_with_snow:

  • Flat Kingdom Papers Cut Edition

  • RIME

  • King and Assassins

  • Luvocious

  • Pale Echoes

Good luck to everyone! Thanks for the giveaway :):slightly_smiling_face:


@sewcraftyme @francot Respect the format you monsters!


  1. Gnuffi’s Gnome Garden
  2. YQMaoski’s Yelp of Faith
  3. Pete’s Dragon
  4. Delenn’s Happy Dance
  5. Yoshi Makes Sushi …And It’s All Goodie!


Make sure you get your name in if you qualify. This giveaway closes at Noon tomorrow.:sunglasses:


Positivity breeds positivity. Smile more! Laugh more!!

“Happy thoughts, Peter” I’ve lost my marbles… where are yours?! :slight_smile:

  1. RiME
  2. King and Assassins
  3. Flat Kingdom

I might as well join the raffle of fun.

Thank you all for the dedication and efforts.



Almost 2 hours now…:clock10::alarm_clock::stopwatch::timer_clock::mantelpiece_clock::clock12:


Times’ up!!!


3 mins late :thinking: :no_mouth:


So ducking fire me!:heart_eyes::sunglasses: