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**Chrono Giveaway 13: Delenn's Half A$$ed Reign of Terror Part II** Closed for Draw!!!



When you are feeling you are not good enough, sing to yourself:

:notes: Cause you’re amazing/Just the way you are :notes:

I’d like to enter for:

  1. Pale Echoes
  2. Twisted Lands Trilogy
  3. Kings and Assassins

NOTE: I am not sure if it is my signal or my wireless carrier’s time zone difference, but my phone’s clock reads “11:59am EST” and the Daily Deal has yet to refresh for me at the time of this posting. Oh well, at least I gave a happy tune …




you just have to turn off the time machine :confused::thinking:


Silly duck :duck:! One does not simply step out of the TARDIS. There’s no telling WHEN you might land :smile: .

Plus, “Time Travel with A Friend” Day is not until this Saturday, December 8th :wink: .


:notes: I’m sorry, so sorry :notes:
Much love… PM me and I will give you a mystery steam code for your troubles


Drawings are done, PMs to be sent out momentarily. :slight_smile:


I… just… won…
Don’t actualy know what I feel :smiley:
Hapinnes, of course!
@delenn13 thank you so much for all you topics and this nice giveaway!
All winners - congratulations c:


ALL PM’s are OUT! Congrats to the winners!

I am betting Elmo shows up.


Elmo couldn’t make it.



Thank you soooo much for this gift and for hosting this GA. I’ll definitely play a bit of it before I go on my trip! :hugs:

I hope everyone has a nice end of the year. :butterfly:


they sent something my way…

sorry got to RUN…

k thanks bye!


As always… Congrats Gnuffi


the winner is i

thank you!!! i feel like a king

congratulations to all the winners, gonna participate in the giving away part next time


So, the person who post pictures of cute animals wins something in the internet, place where there’s an infinite demmand of such assets? I CALL THAT HACKS.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


It’s the bots fault…


i should warn you, @discobot is a fanatic when someone blame and talks back on him. HE CN ROLL DICES AND DISPLAY HELP.

I recommend you to keep an eye open while sleeping, @discobot may pass for a visit :ghost:
Discobot never , never fail to respond


i won, thankss everyone