**Chrono Giveaway 13: Delenn's Half A$$ed Reign of Terror Part II** Closed for Draw!!!

It’s About Time…For PART II.

I know this past 2 weeks or longer have been really BAD for some people…Sickness, death, hospitals and just being depressed. So I decided to do something different…

Halloween%20Skulls I wanted to do REALLY SCARY!
But sometimes …Life is scary!!!
Magic%20Skelton So I am just gonna do a “Bit of Scary”. LOOK! Bunnies and Doves!

I know I promised another giveaway with lots of Horror/Terror but I just can’t get into it. So we have gotten together a few horror/scary games and a few “good for the heart” games. So we are doing this “HALF A$$ED”. :ghost::skull::heart_eyes_cat::smiley_cat:

And @Punkster is going to kill me for this.

We miss you and get well soon!!!

Signed: All Of US!!!

From @PeteMcc:

Flat Kingdom Papers Cut Edition

From @yoshirules:

From @YQMaoski:

Twisted Lands Trilogy Collectors Edition

From @delenn13:

Dracula’s Legacy

Frankenstein: Master of Death

Stolen from @Punkster…More or less:

Dumb Rules…But we NEED them!

As with past giveaways, there is a small barrier to entry. This time, all you need to do is LIKE THIS POST and leave your comment stating which games you are entering for and…

WAIT FOR IT! Leave a HAPPY Thought/Wish!:hugs::star_struck::heart_eyes:

Plus you can only pick 5 games or less!

Once you have chosen your 5 games, for OUR convenience, please list your 5 games in the following manner of these totally real games.


  1. Gnuffi’s Gnome Garden
  2. YQMaoski’s Yelp of Faith
  3. Pete’s Dragon
  4. Delenn’s Happy Dance
  5. Yoshi Makes Sushi …And It’s All Goodie!

If you are unsure on how to list them in this way, just type out the game titles, one per line, then highlight them all with the mouse and click on the 123 part of the toolbar, here


Then the numbers will be added themselves and it makes it easier for us to do a count afterwards. Make sure you do them in the ORDER of how bad you want them.

You will need to have 8 Badges attached to your Profile and be a Community Member for at least 2 weeks. Have that and you’re good to go.

So you need:

  1. A “like”
  2. A Happy Thought/Wish
  3. 8 Badges
  4. 2 (two) Weeks Community Forum Membership
  5. List your 5 games in ORDER OF PREFERENCE!

The “Other” Rules etc:

Mostly the same rules as before, submit your entries by the time the new Chrono Daily Deal changes on Tuesday, December 4th 2018. The winners will be decided by Discobot’s RNG Die rolls shortly after closing. You must contact us after receiving your PM declaring that you are a winner within 24 hours of being notified. If you fail to reply, we will have to redo the draw for that game. Sorry, but we must be strict on this one.


As some people keep failing to claim their games in past giveaways, we must be strict when asking you to respond to the PMs that we send out. You have a 24 Hour Window and we MUST stick to it. Sorry but it causes a lot of unnecessary hassle for us.

Additional Note:

You can no longer enter for ALL THE GAMES. There is a 5 GAME limit for what you can enter for, so if anyone reading this only mentioned one game in the past because you thought that was the case then no, you can enter for 5 games if you wish to.

If you got any comments or questions, just ask @Gnuffi, @PeteMcc, @yoshirules, and @YQMaoski . Or Me!:sunglasses:


:+1: :hugs: :gift:

  1. Like done
  2. World peace
  3. I may have enough
  4. I am pretty sure I have enough
  5. Delenn’s Happy Dance that inspired Pete’s Dragon to try Yoshi’s Sushi after my Yelp of Faith from Gnuffi’s Gnome Garden (I am only entering for this strange game not yet found on Steam.)

Good luck everyone!


I see we’re doing early era geocities gifs today. Let me see if I can find something in my old archives to add.
Yes this should do nicely.
ooh spooky!

Thanks for another generous giveaway everyone, I’d like to enter for just the one game this time around.

  1. Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition

Because flat is justice and this game seems to have the right idea 2D > 3D.
That there was the positive thought ^


Actually, @delenn13, I bought that board game bundle and forgot that I already purchased King and Assassins a few weeks ago separately.

Can you add that to the list too? Seems to go well with the Reign part of the giveaway theme. :slight_smile:



Note to Self: Sic @coralinecastell on @Fraggles and make him do the gifs next time.:rofl:


Hi everybody!
Thank you for this giveaway ^^
Live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:
I’m here to try my luck on this games:
Dracula’s Legacy, Frankenstein and Rime
Goodluck everybody :wink:
P.s. sorry, but I don’t have spooky-hackerman gifs :smiley:

  1. RiME!


More seriously:

I’m not very good with wishing things when I’m feeling a bit hopeless. However, over the last few days I’ve been feeling much better: I went to the 7-day mass for my friend who passed away after 8 and 1/2 years fighting cancer and I got to listen to one the most beautiful speeches I’ve witnessed in my whole life.

Picture this: a church so full that the people who arrived punctually for the mass had to attend it standing.

Loads of my elementary school and high school friends were there, and my “manly” friends who always made a point of making themselves be known as the manliest of all men (at a time when they were still kiddies) were crying their hearts out at the speech my friend’s dad delivered.

Without crying, he held himself together and honored the memory of one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known by saying:

"We were lucky to have 8 and 1/2 years to say goodbye to a woman who gave us hope and made us see and live the world differently. She was a ray of light, and we couldn’t be happier to see this church so full of people who love her.

She got to experience the university of her dreams, fall in love with the man of her dreams [I nearly died here as her boyfriend stood up] and be surrounded by wonderful friends. She led a fulfilling life, and made us the happiest parents in the world.

In her diary she said ‘my greatest happiness is to make others happy.’ She did."

So I wish that all of you, fellow Chronies, may feel the joy of making other people happy like my friend always did. Above of all, that you may all grow wise and love yourselves enough to realize that you do.

The world is a better place because you are all in it. :hugs:

  1. Rime (foxy :heart:)
  2. Tauronos

Happy thought: I’ve got the chance to spend Christmas with my family back home in NZ after almost 8 years of living overseas. \o/

Good luck to all participants! May the luckiest win. ^^


Thanks a lot for the giveaway! Wish everyone to get the best - golden - ending for the year! The last month can be hard and tiring, but there’s always space for wonderful things to happen. It’s our memories and impressions that matter, and I believe they can be pretty great.

  1. RiME
  2. Flat Kingdom
  3. Luvocious

This is really nice that you do these giveaways thank you.
I would like to enter for

  1. Flat Kingdom
  2. Tauronos

Happy thought: You are all wonderful and thanks for the giveaway!!!

2.Flat Kingdom


  1. Frankenstein: Master Of Death

  2. Dracula’s Legacy

Thanks for yet another giveaway! :smile: You scare us with how many games you keep giving out :wink:

Happy thought:

When I was a little girl, my dad taught me to ride a bike, as I’m sure most people learn at a young age.
“You’ve just got to put one pedal in front of the other and just don’t stop” he whispered to me.
“As soon as you stop… as soon as you falter, you fall”
And, if you ever learnt to ride a bike, you know how true that is.
When we slow down, or come to a stop, without knowing how to properly, we hurt ourselves.
But you never forget how to ride a bike, even if you fell off; even if you were in pain.

Life is a lot like riding a bike.
Sometimes we give up, or slow down too much and we get hurt. Sometimes it’s just too difficult.
But we never forget how to live, even if we’re in pain.
Your whole body - billions of cells - purely exist just for you. Just to keep you living. They heal your cuts, and seal your wounds. Help you breathe and help you see. Working tirelessly, just for you. And they don’t really stop all too easily.

So don’t let yourself stop either. Enjoy the scenery as you ride on by; the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Enjoy the moment, and when you fall, know you’ll always be able to get up again. And you’ll never forget how to.


Suuuper lame but I hope someone liked it :joy:


I would like to enter for

  1. Rime

Something great and happy, is that this community exsists full of such kind people who are always there for you :kissing_heart:


So Pete’s, Maoski’s first, and Delenn’s first and second games aren’t showing up for me.

It’s certainly the popular game but out of what I can see I’d like to enter for

Rime please!

A happy thought. Well my son is getting close to 2 months old now. We’ve been busy and stressed at time with 2 kids now, but we’ve been really enjoying ourselves and loving life. It’s just been so great to see that we can actually do this!

So encouragement to all you new parents out there, you’ve got this! If my wife and I can manage 2 kids, anyone can!


same for me, I thought I was the only one because no one else seemed to have said anything


I appreciate the continued existence of your giveaways, it’s always nice to see people do selfless stuff like this. Wishing everyone good luck in the giveaway!

  1. RiME
  2. Twisted Lands Trilogy
  4. Pale Echoes
  5. Lost Civilization


Hope this helps! (Just screenshots)


I just added hyperlinks to the ones they say they can’t see…That’s strange. it shows for me.


I think it’s regional, especially with recently having messed up pricing for a lot of games when the Australian dollar was introduced. I am not sure about all of them, maybe there are some regional blocks on some of the games… :man_shrugging: