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**Chrono Giveaway 13: Delenn's Half A$$ed Reign of Terror Part II** Closed for Draw!!!



OH Great. Is there a way to tell. I just looked at the dracula one…I didn’t see anything…


I think our keys are all ROW. I think it’s a display issue with the changes in currency use and what they can see on their end on displayed items through a forum like this.

If there’s not a regional price set for their locale and the game is linked in as OneBox, the display will show an error instead of the short game link.


ROW=Rest of the World…Right??

All i can say is…WTG, Steam!!!


Yes, that is correct. So they can still activate the game, but if they visit the store page, it will not give them a buy option due to lack of a set price. I know that’s been an issue in recent days.

I am not sure if the reason applies to everyone who cannot see…


Thanks for the screenshots!

I’ll keep my entry as is :).

Thanks guys!


Happy thought/wish:

A long time ago, a random person gave me a ride to work because my car was broken. When i tried to offer payment, he refused and instead requested that i help someone else the next time i see someone in need of it. Since then, whenever i help someone else out, i never accept any sort of payment/reward. Instead, i ask that they "pay it forward" to another person in the same manner as the movie by the same name. It's my hope that even if it's just a little bit, we are making the world a better place for each other rather than only for ourselves.
  1. Flat Kingdom Papers Cut Edition
  2. Dracula’s Legacy


I got a question!

My math skills and thinking processes may be messed up because I can’t figure out how discobot’s RNG decides winners and also considers the user’s game priorities from least wanted to most wanted.

So you get the list of all the applicants from the likes. Then somehow get the RNG to spit out a number 1-100. Then somehow an applicant is chosen?

I’m very curious because I’ve seen giveaways before and I don’t remember them having a list of most wanted to least wanted. Maybe this knowledge can help me make a giveaway someday if all I need is an RNG.

(And thank you for the giveaway. I’ll make my list later.):grin:



Put me down for

  1. RiME

if you would =)


The rolls are done by RNG through discobot without prioritization.

That latter part is done through us, and has nothing to do with discobot.

  1. King and Assassins
  2. Rime
  4. Luvocious
  5. Flat Kingdom

Happy Thought and Wish: Push through guys, its almost Christmas for those who celebrate it and even if you don’t, its almost time for winter :slight_smile: and the holidays seasons. Wish everyone well in life, and GL to all!


I see. I think I get it now!

So every person gets a random number generated by the discobot. Then the person with the highest number wins and you look at their first choice (ignoring already given games) and the prize is given. Then every person gets a random number generated again until all the games are gone and removing people that no longer have the games in their list.

That’s not bad! And very fair. :+1:


“Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.” Rest in peace, Robin Williams. Press F for respects…


I would like to enter for all the games.
The thought that makes me sad is too many people don’t read rules carefully when they should. Thanks for letting me enter. :slight_smile:


A happy though or wish uh? William Blake once wrote something along the lines of “when everything is making you cry, you laugh; when everything around you is for laughing, you cry”.

I do not enjoy a happy though when something bad happens (though I do value and enjoy a happy mood) since I feel the need to face, embrace and understand what happened is now part of me.

For this very reason, I think this is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard, and while maybe not exactly happy, I think it goes very well with adversity as a theme.

  1. Rime

And this was made in my country, I feel somehow guilty I didn’t knew before. In case anyone is wondering the lyrics are indeed as beautiful as the music itself.

PD: Don’t give this game to @coralinecastell because she can’t even speak proper spanish, just keep talking strange weird words and keeps saying something about “pour-tour-guise” being a real language and what not, she’s not even from Portugal but Brazil! People there should know how to speak spanish. Seriously, ban this person or something, such illiterate people around hurts the forum.


No. We keep a list in order as to how you request a game…For instance, @Fraggles was the first post in the thread…So he is No. 1 for Flat kingdom…Then @GodDamnZambie is No. 1 for Dracula’s Legacy, Frankenstein and Rime and then @coralinecastell is No. 2 for Rime…See how it goes.,…

The reason behind

Is…We have had people ACTUALLY win 4 games when discobot’s RNG decides the winners …So we try to level the playing field when that happens and give that person the one they wanted the most. We usually limit the wins to 2 games…

We do try to be fair to all of you…


While I know that rolling a 1 should have an equal chance to rolling any other number… you can’t help but feel like the extremes of a set of numbers never come up,right?


Yeaaahh hidden objects this time. NICE!
Here’s a happy thought or my way of dealing with grey days. And it helps. Remember that the sun is always shining above the clouds. It’s always there.

Here’s the list of games I’d wish to enter for:

  1. Twisted Lands Trilogy: Collector’s Edition
  2. Frankenstein: Master of Death
  3. Dracula’s Legacy
  4. Lost Civilization



You should try discobot’s rolling mechanism from time to time. We were all suspicious that it was stuck on 1 at least 50% of the time for a long time, and we even considered moving away from discobot rolls. But we have stuck with it, through thick and thin…


Yes, i think discobot’s fav number is One…

@discobot roll 1d13

Just playing…


:game_die: 9