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**Chrono Giveaway 13: Delenn's Half A$$ed Reign of Terror Part II** Closed for Draw!!!



Make a liar out me, Bot!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


And that is why @Punkster hates you!


I wanna try as well.

@discobot roll 1d17


:game_die: 10


SpaceX is going big with their Mars mission! :slight_smile:
(And I love it!)

Here’s my list

  1. Rime
  2. Twisted Lands Trilogy
  3. Pale Echoes
  4. Tauronors
  5. Falt Kingdom
    GL to everyone! :slight_smile:
    I’m not big fan of traditional Find & click games but Twisted Lands seems interesting! So I hope I get a chance to experience this game


So I had a chance to win 4 games? :open_mouth:


No, 2…but that is why we ask you to number them as to how you want them…


@discobot roll 1d2

edit: i guess it is. see no need to worry @Fraggles


:game_die: 1


Oh noooeeeesss!!!

What have I done?! I come back from playing/writing a couple of reviews today to see that the giveaway thread is filled with mock rolls… :rofl:

I guess our secret is out, quick, discobot, go into hiding… in your specialized squarish pokeball!


My happy thought is someday we’ll be watching humans crawl around on other worlds (Mars is good start). For the price of what Hollywood spends on movies every year, -or- the amount of money the NFL rakes in in revenues, we could fund multiple Mars missions. Just think about that. It is well within our reach now.

As far as games, only Rime. Would play it, as opposed to the others.


I read that as 1d7 and was very confused how the roll was a 10.


We have had people ACTUALLY win 4 games when discobot’s RNG decides the winners

Oooh. Now that is a development I didn’t think of. Yea, when RNG is “fair”, you might get unfair results like that.

While I still don’t exactly understand your method, it reads as though it favors the earliest posters? Now I feel bad for putting it off. :rofl:

But really, I still havent decided the order yet.

@discobot roll 1d1


:game_die: 1


It doesn’t favour anyone. We make a list for every game individually of people who put it in their 5 selections. We use discobot to roll a dice as large as the amount of people in the list and whomever the number rolled corresponds to wins the game. As @delenn13 said If any one person wins more than 2 games we generally give them the 2 at the top in their list of the ones they won and reroll the other games they won for the rest of the people who entered for them. This is getting into the secret sauce a little to much, which we don’t usually do, but just be assured winners are selected at random and there is no bias toward those who enter earlier, and we try to spread the love so that no one person wins all the games.


This is getting into the secret sauce a little to much

Sorry! I just wanted to know the method in case I want to do it myself and the way you guys did it seemed interesting. I’ll leave it at that then.


All good mate, there is no harm in asking. If you want some more info maybe pm one of us and we can help you out and let you know about any other queries you have.


You already know too much.


(Source: Hot Fuzz, in case anyone is interested, very cool movie).


Ok I decided! Thanks for the giveaway!

  1. King and assassins
  2. Rime
  3. Luvocious
  4. Pale echoes
  5. Flat Kingdom

My happy wish is for all the fluffy creatures to get wholesomely fluffed by everyone.