Chrono Community Takeaway | April Fools' Day Pranks | [CLOSED] All Games Claimed

Introducing the ALL NEW Chrono Community Takeaway

As you may be aware, we at the Chrono Community Giveaways HQ, have given out a fair few games, over the past few months, so now, you will be pleased to learn that it is your turn.
That’s right…

Give Us Your Games!

What, did you think we did it all that for nothing? LMAO, what!? No. We want something back now, it is in your T&C’s when you joined the Chrono Community, as I highlighted here: Chrono Terms & Conditions. So, do give us your games? NOW!?

All you have to do to enter this fast and exciting new service, is to leave a Steam Key below for any of the games we have listed that you want to donate to us and we’ll take it off your hands, FREE of charge.

What do we do with them?

Well, as before we will sort through all the rubbish and keep the good ones for ourselves, what we don’t want, will be placed in a future Chrono Community Giveaway draw. I mean, c’mon, where do you think we get all these keys from to begin with. We do this every year since Chrono’s inception, 1999.

Here are the games we DEMAND from you:

Life Is Strange:


Road To Ballhalla:

Bad Dream - Coma:

Hiveswap Vol.1

Westerado: Double Barreled

The Important Stuff:

I’m sure by now you know this is just a giveaway and not us demanding anything. If you even believed that to begin with and if you did, WTH? What do you take us for? You don’t have a very high opinion of us, do you? Jeez!

Oh well…

The ACTUAL Important Stuff:

So, as before, there are a few things required of you to do before you enter. First off you will need to have at least 6 Badges and be a member of the community for at least 2 weeks. We would also like for you to submit a story of your best April Fools’ Day prank that has either been played upon yourself or you have played on some poor, unsuspecting victim. If that sounds like too much work, don’t worry, you can post a meme or prank related video, (just not those awful Prank Invasion stuff). Thanks.

(Personal stories are preferred but if not, you can always submit something you know that caught people out, even if not tied to you personally. Maybe a meme or video related to April Fool’s Day that you like?).

Once you do, please remember to state which games you wish to gift to us enter for, at the top of your post. You can enter for as many games as you wish. Just be respectful, please and give those who really want the games a much better chance to get them, if you do not. Thank you.

Just to be clear, share some tale that is April Fools related, a video, pranks or even lazy memes and so long as you qualify for the other criteria mentioned above, you are in the draw.

You have until the time the new Chrono Daily Deal on Monday 2nd April 2018, (5pm UK British Summer Time)

Good luck.

Quick Recap:

  • 6 (six) Badges
  • 2 (two) Weeks Active Community Member
  • 1 (one) Story Relating to April Fools’ Day (or a meme/video)

The winners will be decided by Discobot’s RNG Die rolls and notified by the Key’s Owner. You must contact us after receiving your PM declaring that you are a winner within 24 hours of being notified. If you fail to reply within the allotted time, we will have to redo the draw for that game. Sorry, but we must still, be REALLY strict on this.

Chrono Community Giveaway members are @delenn13, @PeteMcc, @Gnuffi, @HappyCabbage, @YQMaoski and myself. Any queries, feel free to ask.

EDIT: Post Anything APRIL FOOLS’ DAY related.

What the Hell.

*Entry Window Extended Until 4th April 2018

This is to allow for more potential entrants after the holiday weekend.


Thanks, I am not entering.

Here is a story of myself being fooled.

When I was 10 years old, I was visiting at a friend’s house, unusually, he had the whole house to himself, so we went down to the living room and on the coffee table was the local newspaper, which I picked up and began scouring through it.

To my amazement, there was a full-page advertisement for Tennant’s Lager Crisps (that is potato chips to Americans), I showed my friends and we were all sitting back, pondering this new kind of Crisp now available in stores.

Pretty soon our plans began to take shape on how we were going to buy the new crisps, were we even allowed to get them, to buy them, would the shopowner’s even know they contained alcohol and could we get the shops sell them to us? We had to find out.

So off we went, (I am from a village, where there were only 4 shops that sold basic groceries) up to the first shop, all of us scared but really excited too. The kid (who’s house we were in) went in first to ask if they sold any Tennant’s Lager Crisps? After being threatened with a hefty boot up the backside for wasting her time, he ran out the shop confused by the woman’s anger.

Shop 2: I went in, "Do you sell any Tennant’s Lager Crisps? I said. The shopowner scoffed at me and then said with a smile, no, not yet, maybe we will tomorrow.

While on our way to the 3rd shop, we heard someone screaming out behind us “Have you lads heard of Tennant’s Lager Crisps yet?” When we looked back it was another friend of ours who also had seen this advert and his Dad, who always played tricks had sent him down to the shop to buy some, but he’d been to every shop and all had booted him out. He had tried all the shops in the village, with no luck, so we didn’t bother.

So, now despondent back at my friend’s house, we still wanted to get our hands on the crisps.
It would be great, we thought, we could get drunk and without tasting that awful lager too, indeed, good times were ahead for us. One of us opened up the paper again, to double check the release date or something we may have missed but this time one of us noticed that there was a phone-line at the bottom of the ad. We took note of it and ran out up to the phonebox (payphone).

We reached the phonebox, full of excitement but soon after… Our hearts sank, the voice on the other end said in a broad Scottish accent, “April Fools! Ya numpties, there is no such thing as Tennant’s Lager Crisps.”

Oh no, our wee hearts were broken. We had spent hours drooling over these non-existent crisps and looked really bloomin’ foolish to more than half the village. How would we live this down?

But, the story didn’t end there, because the very next day, our friend who had joined us after being sent down to the shop by his Dad to get the Crisps, had asked his son when he got home,
"Did you get my crisps?
Feeling like his Dad had played a hideous prank on him, he said
“No,” In a sulky manner,
His Dad replied with
“Pity, I really fancied a pack of them, so keep your eyes out for them, will you son, but don’t tell yer Mam about them.”


We didn’t feel as stupid after that. To this day, I still don’t know if his Dad ever did find out, all I do know is that we never told him.


Very nice selection as always! I’d be interested in Westerado, Limbo and Life is Stange.

For April Fool’s Story…

So I have a habit of whenever I buy Oreos, I buy my husband 1 package and I will hide another because he will just annihilate the packages before I can even have 1. So he found my last spot and of course ate them all.

It was the end of March and I told my husband I bought only ONE package of Oreos and already ate a sleeve, and that he will never find them this time. I secretly hid them in a Fiber One cereal box. Eventually he found them and started to eat them, what he didn’t know is I replaced the creme with toothpaste on the first 2. He has Hyposmia (diminished sense of smell) so he didn’t sniff out the minty smell! He now asks before consuming all the food. Common prank but effective!


Thanks for the takeaway! I’m not entering (you can’t force me), but in light of April Fool’s, I figure I’ll share a story anyway

When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher held a lengthy class exam, warning us that anyone who failed would get sent to summer school for the next two years (the horror :joy:). I don’t know how none of us saw through his prank, because the instructions stated that you could pass the test by attempting only the last question, which was: “What is the color of George Washington’s white wig?” But apparently the thought of summer school was too much for us, because most of us were in tears when the tests were to be handed in.

I talked to my teacher a few years later, and he told me that he played the same prank every year, with the same results. The guy might be going at it this year too for all I know


Gee, and here I was thinking I would finally get to unload some of my spare keys, but it’s just another selfish giveaway :pensive:

Seriously though, nice giveaway guys and lovely artwork @Punkster. (I’ve heard that if you sit on a Cadbury egg, keeping it warm and snuggly, Mr. T would pop out after 21-days. I never believed it, but now there is undeniable photo evidence!)

Will report back if I can recall any interesting April Fool’s pranks.

:rofl: Ditto.


Long story short. Plastic wrap across the toilet makes for hilarious friendly fire. It’s not easy to fool but when you do it’s good. I’d like to enter for all if that’s okay. If not then westerado and life is strange please!


i’m not entering ofc, but let me share a “wonderful” pranking

Imagine a home with 5 kids,
Imagine a strict set of rules regarding candy, cookies, snacks & treats etc…
Imagine a scrupleless man

A man comes home around noon one day, and brings with him a big fancy distinctive bakery/pastry box, -greeted by 5 “starvin” energetic rascals, whom haven’t eaten lunch yet…
He says he has to work late/an extra shift, so won’t be home until after dinner, but wanted to leave something “special”, and has brought (exact words)–>“cake for everyone”, they could enjoy in the afternoon(3-4pm/several hours later=implied; “when mom gets home”), -and specifies that (ofc) not allowed to open it before… :thinking:
then takes off again, leaving the kids with the box,
now, the kids are “supposed” to eat their lunch, and “not” supposed to open the box… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

and so ofc the kids, (after careful deliberation and moral/consequence considerations…/15mins), decide to open the box and have cake for lunch… :blush: :yum:
they take off the lid of the pastry/cake box, and at the top is a note on a piece of “pastry lining paper”(or whatever it’s called), the note says something along like “a treat for my whole wonderful family” :astonished:
under the paper is a cardboard’ish "layer"lining paper
and underneath that, another note on a pastry lining paper going; “I knew you all couldn’t wait -enjoy your cake and cocoa”
and beneath the note and lining paper was:
a small cupcake and and a single brick(200ml) of chocolate milk… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
under the cupcake a note: “April Fools’” :confounded:

-disclaimer: “no adults were harmed in the making of this prank” :angry: :rage:
PSA: don’t prank your kids like this people :pray:


I’d like to enter for Life is Strange please.

My wife’s birthday is on 1st April and I have in the past often brought her breakfast in bed and generally forgone the whole April Fool thing. However, one year I brought her breakfast, where is replaced the milk in the milk jug with strained (to remove the obvious bits) mushroom soup. She chatted to me while she poured it on her cornflakes… Then spat it out everywhere!

Hahaha… A bit mean you say? Perhaps, but I like to play the long game and it was all part of my plan.

The following year, yes, this prank was a year in the making, I brought her breakfast in bed, I knew she would be suspicious, she was livid after the year before, so before I placed it in front of her I told her that there was no mushroom soup and that she could trust me. I even suggested she sniff the milk jug, this was to keep her distracted from the bowl of cornflakes. She did and seemed mollified.
I then one again chatted to her to distract her, as she poured the cream on to the chopped up strawberries that were concealed beneath a thin layer of cornflakes. She took a mouthful and was delighted!
She realised afterwards that it had all been part of the same joke over the year and forgave me for the previous birthday. :smiley:


I would like to enter for Limbo, Westerado Double Barreled, and Road to Ballhalla.
Im not really into April fools day so I dont really prank people, an by reading all these replys maybe I should start.:laughing: This story isnt very good or long but its a april fools day story none the less. So I saw this thing on the internet about a hovering mouse and there was a video and everything, I belived it for like a day until I looked at the date it was made and the video was made on april fools. Thats it.


My favorite part of April Fool’s Day is to see what crazy “Think Geek” products will make me spit out coffee with laughter or go…“Gee, I could use this”…

Here is a list…


Omega good job!



Heyyo, i believe that you refer to me by : Chrono HQ… thank you for your kind introduction… as a reward, you’ll be fired from your position tomorrow, now you can see the sunshine again, and never return to the secret underground secret facility where we make chronies type long texts so we can generate income to buy game to keep to ourselves being the elites…

Lemme tell you about April’s fool 2 years ago:
2 years Ago… was my last year at school… you know, most of us worrying about graduation and stuff… My and my pals ( 2+Myself ), were know as the Wall Group ( since we sitting in the last row, laying the back of our chairs to the wall )… friend groups in my school had nicknames assorted to their position in class( the windows group existed, the door group XD ) in other terms, bonds were formed around the years… sitting next to each other for 2 years in succession… but that’s the point… each group had his own atmosphere, ours were the mysterious nerdy one… Our secret Weapon was called Jackob,made, Jackob was unknown pre-lastAprils fool established (1 year pre my last April s fool designated to be used to terminate our journey in school )

We invented what we call Jackob, Jackob was our imaginary friend ( no one believed in him… but we played the trick so well over the year that literally our class believed that someone named Jackob actually exist ) Jackob was the man to blame each time anything goes wrong, failed an exams, blame Jackob, someone fell, blame Jackob. Homework? Jackob… even our teachers started blaming him without even knowing who he was (Side useless note; Jackob is Deaf, a GIRL despite his name… )

The last April fool, we sniffed onions way too hard, and the three of us eat Hot Pepper, indulging ourselves to cry ( i am so resistant to Pepper, we were all pre-med as well, couldn’t push myself to cry, my friend ( who is now pretty much a doctor ( completed 3/7 years college until now ) dripped me some lemon juice in my eyes ) So we are now all crying, and we stood next to the windows… recess is over, our colleagues flowed the class to find us crying, as well as the teacher… they asked us why are we crying, we pointed donw and said: Jackob committed suicide, Can’t you see?
Some were shocked by the fact that Jackob was dead, some were like wtf is going on: Where’s Jackob’s body, how? Our answer was: You cannot see him… because he does not exist… This drove the class into more confusion… We then said… Jackob is imaginary, it was a year old plan that worked more than perfectly… Happy April’s Fool Day!!!

That’s my story, a 2 year planned pranked, we made the believe in a person who never existed, it was a h*ll-a good prank… This prank changed our name from: The Wall Group to Jackob’s Friends Group…

Sry for the long LONG text ( that’s the summary of this 2 year long prank ),i hope you enjoyed it (doubt you’ll read it XD )

I’d like to enter 4 Road to Ballhalla please since i doubt that my PC would run Life is Strange, once again 4 the opportunity


You really had me going. Bamboozled again

Anyways not interested in any of them. Though when I thought you were actually asking for games I wanted to give away the free key I got for The Darkness 2 since I won it in a previous giveaway.


Oh dear, I KNEW all these giveaways were too good to be true!
But I pay my dues, don’t you all worry. Here’s a key for Life is Strange: 7TVD3-8N0F6-M3WQN

Thanks for everything you’re doing, I’d say it’s been worth it.


I think we all remember the classic April Fools prank:

“Your shoes are untied.”

“What? … goddammit”

I’d like to enter Life Is Strange and Bad Dream: Coma!

Thanks for the takeaway!


“ogh ogh, *grunt, Crom, :point_up: :raised_hand: loincloth :point_down: come undone :-1:. :crossed_fingers:*ukuk :ok_hand: you look :clap:*herhherh :grin:


Just bumping this up!


Thanks a lot for these nice giveaways
Not entering and I am sorry I dont have an Aprils fools day story :frowning:
Good luck to all who are entering


Bump, we know it’s a holiday weekend, but we really want to give our games away! :smile:


Asdkfkñkkj I even forgot to say thank you!!

not entering but thanks to the giveaway gang, really cool games ^^

I don’t have an April fools’ story tho :cry: