Buff Back Giveaway: Final Round - Game 16 is officially over


@discobot roll 1d4
Ah brilliant. I get to sit out a turn, so see you all next month I guess?

@ascherwedel here you go :game_die:


:game_die: 2


sorry everyone had a super busy week at work, if i am correct do i go again?




Yes, it is your turn.
Whenever someone finishes their turn they tag the next player to let them know they’re up.

Since it’s already been 24hrs though, I’ll be rolling for you again.
@discobot roll 1d4


:game_die: 4


Alright, now we need @SeekerSupreme to roll a 3+ and we’ll be done with this one.


Right :joy:

my luck + @discobot roll 1d4 = …


:game_die: 3



looks like I’m doing much better with single-die rolls


Well, I guess we can finally proceed to the next game. It was about time :joy:


Congrats to @SeekerSupreme for winning the game!
I’m sure that most, if not, all of you are relieved that we can finally move on to the next one. :rofl:

Game 9

It’s time for a riddle!
I know I’m terrible at this sort of thing, but I hope you all get a kick out of it regardless.

With quick light feet and a sharp beak, I’m put to fight in quite a scene.
My other name sounds sexual, yet that’s quite ineffectual.

What am I?


  • Only one guess per post.
  • If your guess is incorrect, please include your new one in another post.


A rooster?


Roosters, sometimes called cocks, are forced to fight each for sport and entertainment.
This activity is known as cockfighting.

Please let me know your chosen prize for this round via PM~ :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m always impressed how people manage to come up with those nifty little riddles. I imagine creating one is probably even harder than solving it.
It took me a while to reconcile how a cock is ineffectual, but I realized that when you cock a gun it only takes you half way to discharge - the intended effect.

Fun fact: cocking comes from the name of the distinctly marked feather (the cock feather), which aids the marksman in properly nocking the arrow.

Another fun fact: rooster is a primarily American term coined by the early puritan settlers who didn’t feel comfortable with the cock. Thus they’ve pondered long and hard and eventually derived a new name from the cock’s resting place.
Some of the Irish settlers suggested a boxer would be a good compromise instead, but they were overruled.
And I totally didn’t make this last part up.

I also didn’t write all of this just to say cock as many times as possible.





With a night of rest (or at least an attempt at it; this heat’s killing me) it’s time to begin the next game.

Game 10:

A Hangman RPG battle!

In a distant land where coins spin endlessly, Lord Choker has hanged every hero that has stepped into his castle. Whether the heroes’ losses were due to his intimidating powers or being wooed by his evil, yet sexy looks, nobody, not even the sidekicks or familiars, have lived to tell the tale. As the guardian deities of this world cannot directly meddle in the affairs of man, they put their hopes on the last capable hero that has yet to challenge him.

Being blessed by their ever-locking embrace, the hero sets off to that dreadful castle. While the blessings won’t guarantee a sure victory, a fail-safe spell has been cast, in case things go south very quickly. This spell, which others may consider a curse, will send the hero’s soul back in time if they ever perish in battle. It can only be lifted by putting an end to this villain’s life.

:bust_in_silhouette: HP Special
Hero 45 :white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square:
Boss ? ???


Incorrect Letters: E


  • This is a game of hangman, a game where you suggest letters in an attempt to uncover a word, phrase, or sentence. The game has a limited amount of guesses and once that’s reached it’s game over.

  • In this session, you’ll be working together to uncover a specific sentence.

  • Each player is only allowed to suggest one letter at a time/per post. Every letter that is incorrect/isn’t part of the phrase will deal damage to the hero’s HP. Once their HP reaches 0, it’s game over.

  • This version of hangman has a few special rules:
    – Each incorrect guess deals 5 damage to the hero.
    – For every two letters that are guessed correctly in a row, the hero’s Special gauge :white_small_square: will charge one of three blocks. Once all three blocks are charged :white_large_square: , you may use the special skill “Ethereal Voice”. This allows you to negate any damage that you’d normally receive from an incorrect guess, but only once.
    – If the players guess 3 letters incorrectly in a row, the boss has a chance of using his special skill, “Pectoral Doom”. The damage this skill deals will depend on the results of a dice roll (4d15) done by the GM:
    —> No pairs: The attack misses.
    —> Two of a kind: 7 damage
    —> Three of a kind: 8 damage
    —> Four of a kind: 9 damage

  • If the game ends in failure a new sentence will be used. This resets the entire game.



I’m gonna hit it with an A.


I’ll try for an S then.


The boss takes some light damage and two slots are revealed.

With another hit, two more slots are revealed.

Two correct guesses in a row charges 1 slot of your Special gauge.