Buff Back Giveaway: Final Round - Game 16 is officially over


I’ll go for an I


The boss begins to feel pathetic and enraged for letting the hero land 3 clean hits on him in a row.
3 more letter slots are revealed.


Let’s see an E!


And my next attack would be a T!



The hero takes 5 damage from a jab to the side.


The hero counters with the same move, catching the boss slightly off-guard. You could have sworn he was admiring one of his biceps.

3 letter slots are revealed.


This is why I usually play few turn-based combat games, you just have to sit there and watch things happen to you. LOL!

Next attempt: H


Sounds like an action rpg would probably be more up your alley (ie. Tales of series, Lightning Returns: FF13 (the image featured in this round’s announcement), Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (DS remake of SNES game Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals), etc.)


The hero swiftly strikes the boss once more, finally charging his second special slot.
Two letter slots are revealed.


Let me give him a powerful O-punch!



Since it’s not a Falcon Punch, your fist does not go up in flames and lands square on his big tight pecs.
You wonder if he let himself be hit to see if you’re stimulated by certain parts of his body before ending things off. That seems to be a theory some people have to explain the loss of multiple past heroes.

Four letter slots are revealed.


Let’s try D as well.



“The D. A sacred tool and one of the most powerful weapons a man can have, if it’s in the right hands that is. What are you doing!? Drop it this instant and quickly back away or he’s going to choke you!” echoed through the hero’s mind as they found themselves momentarily entranced by the boss. When did this happen? Who knows. You’ve kinda lost track of time a while ago.

You land a single hit on him, yet he barely felt a thing. It was like a mosquito bite he says.

Your third Special gauge slot is finally full and “Ethereal Voice” is now available to you.
Use it wisely, as you can only activate it once.

Two letter slots are revealed.


This day is hot and too boring

And this night is bright and full of insects.


The hero unleashes a flurry of attacks in quick succession and defeats Lord Choker once and for all! Peace will now return to the world and no one will have to live in fear of being choked (by an evil villain) ever again. Just make sure to dispose of him properly; I’m sure the guardian deities can help take care of that.

Congrats @Fraggles , you’ve won the game!
Please send me your desired pick via PM and I’ll send your prize shortly after. :slight_smile:


Game 11:

It’s a lightning round!

Which video game character fits the following criteria?

  • They’re pale white
  • They have their tongue out
  • They love to eat


  • Only one guess per post.
  • You must also include an image of the character in question in your post.
  • If you’ve guessed incorrectly, please make a new post for your next guess.


is it this guy?



not participating btw (and entry should be invalid since incomplete image anyways)


Haha, I suppose that would be true (no matter is the character is iconic/easily recognizable even in pieces). I’ll take your word for it and not count your post; it was a good laugh though.


I love how Lord Choker got double-teamed after Pylinaer gave him the D.
Powerful stuff :muscle:


It’s been a day since Game 11 began and it looks like people are probably stumped (due to the lack of guesses so far).

Here’s another hint:

  • They permanently learn new skills whenever they eat enemies.


And yet I still have no clue, lol!


Is what came to my mind.