Buff Back Giveaway: Final Round - Game 16 is officially over

This community has given me a lot in the short time that I’ve here (in the forums; I made my account back in 2017, but didn’t join the community until May this year), so it’s time to flex, pose, and give back to it! What? Not my glistening muscular back, but the games behind me? Ah, alright. Gotcha.


  1. Your account must be older than 2 weeks.
  2. You must participate in the game that’s currently taking place.
    –These will range from simple guesswork to trivia and so on.
    –Pay close attention to the rules/criteria of each game.
    –When in doubt, look it up. A search engine can be your best friend.
  3. The winner of each round may select 1 game of their choice.
    –Please send me your choice via PM to receive your key.
  4. The winner of each round may still participate in future rounds.

Game Sessions:

Game #1:

Out of the 7 dads that you can date in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, there’s two that I love the most. Can you figure out which ones?

  • You must include their full name in your post.
  • I will quote your post when I reply to it.
  • You must not edit your post. If your guess was incorrect (either entirely or partially) you must make another post with your new answer.


Here’s a list of games that I’ve had lying around Humble Bundle since who knows when. Some of these keys are for Steam, while others are for Origin. A couple of years ago, I used to trade my spares or unwanted games in a few Steam Trading groups and these titles never seemed to catch anyone’s eye. Maybe somebody here will appreciate them.

Humble Bundle’s key list used to be pretty finicky back then (ie. Hit redeem on a game, yet the button status would probably reset on your next visit); please let me know if the key works once you receive it.

:key: Title Client Won by
:trophy: Puzzle Agent 2 Steam Strifeborne
The Walking Dead: Season 1 Steam
:trophy: The Walking Dead: 400 Days (Season 1 DLC) Steam Norther
:trophy: The Walking Dead: Season 2 Steam Fraggles
:trophy: Pony Island Steam rporter711
:trophy: Divekick Steam FacuBlues
:trophy: INK Steam FacuBlues
:trophy: Cook, Serve, Delicious! Steam pegasusz
:trophy: Yosumin Steam Fraggles
:trophy: Awesomenauts Steam Danacscott
:trophy: Awesomenauts Cluck Costume (DLC) Steam zoex
:trophy: Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin FacuBlues
:trophy: Dead Space Origin pegasusz
:trophy: Dead Space 3 Origin SeekerSupreme
:trophy: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Origin SeekerSupreme
:trophy: Populous Origin Danacscott
:trophy: Medal of Honor Origin SeekerSupreme

@Luxen, thank you for giving back, it’s much appreciated. :smiley:

Question about this:

I am not familiar with the game mentioned in Game #1, is it okay to go look up information about the game, the names, and make guesses? Or do you prefer that people follow an honor system for those who have played the game to answer?


No prob! :+1:

Yes, it’s completely fine and allowed to look up information about the game/whatever else is being asked of the players. It’s right there in the OP under rule #2 section 3:


Big Daddy
Daddy Pumpkin


I don’t recall any dads under those names, haha.
Though it does bring one particular daddy to mind.


Craig Cahn and Mat Sella :thinking:


I am gonna take a guess:

Craig “Fitness Dad” Cahn


Joseph Christiansen


Craig is into fitness

Joseph is into backflips

Yes, I know, I went and looked up some info, but seems fitting to go with them in your themed giveaway thread. :smiley:


As fun as they may be in their own ways…
Unfortunately, your guess is incorrect.

Despite those details fitting into the theme that I’ve gone with on here so far (ie. bodybuilding/fitness), your guess is incorrect. That bad ending was really painful.

Only 4 dads to go! Who will find the right pair first?


Well, i was looking around and i think maybe this two would fit, Brian “Rival Dad” Harding and Damien “Goth Dad” Bloodmarch


Well, I gave it a shot, good luck to everyone and thanks for the giveaway, feels scummy for me to keep guessing. The real question is who else you chose besides Brian :smile:


A while ago I saw this game in a giveaway. I got me so cheery I just had to share it with my friend:D

I honestly couldn’t even begin to guess which of them you like the most.

Personally I would go for Robert Small and Brian Harding:D


Your question is half-correct.
Brian’s a lovable guy and perfect example of a bear.
His rivalry may get on your nerves from time to time, but you can’t stay mad at him forever.

I’m not interested in Damian though.

You’re allowed to keep on guessing though. It’s part of the rules xD"
Haha, there’s not that many dads left to choose from, so someone’s bound to find the other one soon.

Well that was a fun read, haha.
You actually got both right in one go! Congrats!

Send me a message via PM with your choice when you can. :wink:


damm that was close :sweat_smile:


Tell me about it. I was about to send my reply until I saw another message was added to the thread. xD Maybe you’ll win the next one.

The next round will begin as soon as @SeekerSupreme has picked his prize and received it.
It will be a trivia question from a certain game series.



Oh crap… I saw your Dream Daddy game and just immediately wanted to share; I didn’t even see the prize list:D

…but that is a mighty fine list…

A couple more moments please :sweat_smile:


I have no idea as I’ve never played this game but I think it was the daddies that were

Patient but stubborn. Smart and witty with a great imagination. Keep their secrets and love to discover new information. Very vigorous and ambitions but noble-minded. Accurate and attentive to details. Artistic and sociable but prone to mood swings. And sincere with phenomenal memory.

What? No I didn’t copy that from a horoscope. Shush!


We’re now ready to begin Game #2!

As previously mentioned, it’ll be game trivia about a certain video game series… that stars a pair of mustached brothers and their mushroom friends.

The series in particular for this round is none other than New Super Mario Bros.!

In the New Super Mario Bros. series there are a wide variety of power-ups that Mario and Co. can wear, yet many of them share similar abilities between one another. Which of the following categories has the most power-ups that can be equipped/worn?

  1. Projectiles (ie. Fire Flower, Ice Flower, etc.)
  2. Aerial (ie. Super Leaf, Super Crown, etc.)
  3. Buff/Debuff (ie. Super Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, etc.)
  4. Gimmick (ie. Blue Koopa Shell, Gold Block, etc.)


  • You’re encouraged to use the wiki linked above, as it contains listings for each game in the series and the power-ups/items that each of them have.
  • You must list the names of the power-ups found in the category that you’ve chosen.
    –You only need to list the name of the item/power-up itself, not the transformation it causes.
    –This is to ensure that people are actually paying attention and not winging it.
  • Some power-ups share two categories; be sure to take this into account.
  • You must answer with both the correct answer and list all the power-ups found in that category to win the game.
  • If you’ve chosen the correct answer, but are missing a few power-ups I’ll be sure to let you know.
    –You must add the missing power-ups in a new post.
  1. Aerial : Propeller, Super Leaf, Invincibility Leaf, Super Accorn, P-Accorn, Super Crown. (Hopefully I’m not missing anything)

Congrats! @FacuBlues has won the 2nd game.
Please PM me your desired game and I’ll send it to you as soon as possible. :smiley:


Thanks for the giveaway, @Luxen :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Like usual, I am not entering. I just feel too guilty to enter. I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many games that I haven’t even played. Don’t want to take a game from someone else who will play it right away.