Buff Back Giveaway: Final Round - Game 16 is officially over


Now that I’ve sent the 2nd winner their prize, it’s time to begin the next game!

Game 3:

What Number Am I Thinking Of?

Yes, it’s that simple. It’s mostly meant to unwind before we get back to video game related things.


  • You must correctly guess what number I was thinking of when I made this post.
  • If you guessed incorrectly, please make your new guess in another post.
  • You can only guess one number per post.
  • You can only guess from 1-15.


Can winners of the earlier rounds participate again? If so, my guess is 9!


Yes, they can! It’s even stated in the rules of the OP. :+1:

Your guess is incorrect.


@Luxen I’m going with 13 since I’m biased. Hee hee. :stuck_out_tongue:



It equals 2+9+3


What about 5?


@YQMaoski Bet you’re right. Sharp eyes! ^^


All current guesses are incorrect.
There’s nothing complicated about it, haha.


Maybe it’s just the number 1!


3? The number shall be three


Still incorrect.
I thought that would be too easy to guess. :yum:

3 trees for free? Where?
Your guess is incorrect though.


Ok then is 7! The lucky number!


Umm… 293?:smiley: I know it’s above 15, but… yea;D


Unfortunately, its luckiness has been zapped away and your guess is incorrect.
I will, however, say that you’ve been close to the right number on two occasions.
One being now and the other… :wink:

That’s too big of a number, haha.
Are you planning to participate again?


Then it’s 8 haha


Only if I manage to figure out a clue in the pic, and right now I’m empty;)


And your guess attempts brought the end of that one number joke to mind:
… because 7, 8, 9.

Let me know what prize you want via PM. :sunglasses:

The images aren’t clues though :rofl:
Not unless that’s what the game is about; thanks for the idea.


MegaMan - 10
It rhymes:P


Thanks. I won’t participate next round so other people can win too :smile:


I hadn’t thought about it, though there’s also Mega Man 1-11.
The image in question is from the Mega Man: Battle Network series though, which only goes from 1-6 (as far as the numbered titles go; there’s a 4.5 spinoff though).