Buff Back Giveaway: Final Round - Game 16 is officially over


:game_die: 5


No nothing is null, nothing is wrong. You are where you’re supposed to be and now you can move ahead 5
@Strifeborne’s map is updated to the latest roll, not the start of the turn. I made my maps to reflect the start of the turn state. Which is why there’s a confusion I guess.


Ah, that makes sense then.
Thanks for clearing that up.


I don’t think the bot likes edits.
@discobot roll 1d4

@ascherwedel your turn again.


:game_die: 4


Since there’s a bit of a lull again, here’s current board state:

I actually did the borders because I found your avatar to be surprisingly hard to see on the first space without one :sunglasses:

:rofl: I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it!


@Luxen Thanks for the awesome and creative giveaway!

There’s a Kirby board game?! Wow. I have never heard of this.

Missed out on most of this giveaway. Kind of gave up on checking back in on this one since the game I would have wanted was gone and I forgot to look at this one until it was practically over. Would have probably participated if I wasn’t late to this, was less lazy, and would have noticed it sooner. Somehow the word giveaway in the title did not register to my brain or lack thereof :laughing:. Maybe next time I see a creative giveaway like this whether the game is gone or not and requires using my brain and researching a little, I will participate for the fun factor at the very least and not be so lazy.

I immediately thought of this once I typed lazy.

I blame @GeekInUndies for making me think of Scott Pilgrim again with the scene where Scott says sweet, coins. If only I knew where that post was.

This movie is so quotable.


Just reminding @ascherwedel that it’s his turn.


Looks like they didn’t notice the reminder, despite being active elsewhere.
From now on, to avoid holdups such as these this new rule will be in effect for board games:

  • If 24hrs have passed since the next player’s turn with no progress whatsoever, the GM will roll the dice in their place for them.

@discobot roll 1d4


:game_die: 2


@SeekerSupreme It’s time for you to roll the dice~ :sunglasses:


Ok, discobot, I need 1 or 3.

@discobot roll 1d4


:game_die: 1


warped :star_struck:

@FacuBlues, you’re next.


@discobot roll 1d4


:game_die: 2


And that’s the end of turn:

Now with new improved borders!

@ascherwedel could’ve ended the game right there with a roll of 3 and 4, but such is life.
And the race goes on.


End of Turn 4

Please refer to the post above by @Strifeborne for the exact player positions.

Spaces left to reach the goal:

:game_die: Name :checkered_flag: Roll Totals Needed
1 Luxen 9 to goal
2 Fraggles 15 to goal
3 ascherwedel 5 to goal
4 SeekerSupreme 3 to goal
5 FacuBlues 7 to goal

Let the 5th turn begin!

@discobot roll 1d4


:game_die: 3


You’re up @Fraggles :+1: