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Board game night


I’m taking a break either way. @Fraggles and @coralinecastell could be up for that!


For how much longer are you available?
We’re taking a break for lunch at the moment and might kick up with Ticket to ride in an hour or two or thereabouts, if we get enough people interested in it.


I am here! Came an hour early. :slight_smile: (woke up, so here I am!)


I will be here for a few hours so whenever. Please dont feel obligated though, if you have enough players don’t worry about me.


I am deeply concerned, I mean you have not shown an interest before so now that you’ve stuck your head out and attracted my attention I must take this opportunity to get you into a game and ensure you get enraptured with them!


Well my general problem was you play at times that would be late or early for me (as it kinda will be now) so I didn’t jump in. But as i said its fine if you have enough players, I am doing some other stuff at the moment.


We should do this more often, though! Good stuff!


Congratulations on your 3 win streak. That last game was mine to lose. I had not held an illegal card in my hand for at least 5 turns, you lot made sure to check frequently.

So of course on my, would be last, turn the card I spent for movement gets replaced by an illegal one. Have to pass a misfortune to get to hell, which just so happens to make me chose someone to inspect my hand, again, and off to jail I go instead of winning. GG!


Thanks. Guess in the end luck was the deciding factor. I mean you’ve seen my rating!
Definitely need to compile a list of games we peeps share so we can get some variety in there!


You mean something like this?

There is a currently active humble bundle that could add a bunch of new columns to it though. If a few of us got around to buy it.


Oh wow! Yeah, something like that, but I thought about expanding the horizon beyond board games. I’ve got Gremlins Inc just for this and I bet there’s other games we can play… that I own. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice list @Fraggles!


The wider a scope you set on something like this the less useful it gets. I’ve tried to collect people with at least a passing interest in playing this particular pool of games. If you start adding disparate games to it then you end up with some people being uninterested in parts of it even if they own the games. I set this one up so that I could at a glance figure out who among available people have which games.

You would rapidly lose that function if you piled on duck game, dota 2, Quake Champions and Dark souls. You’d have to make a table of it’s own for another set of games that are somewhat interchangeable.

Also note that there’s more people with Ticket to Ride than there are any other game, yet it’s the one I’m having the hardest time getting anyone to play! : )


You could have just said no, you know? :sweat_smile:


so we can confirm @DownwardConcept uses aimbot in Gremlins and @Fraggles uses wallhacks in Ticket to Ride to win, yes? :thinking: yes -and that @Gnuffi is good at losing :weary: no ?
still good saturday of games tho :smile: :+1:


Guys I have a completely random confession to make: every time @Fraggles says “Ticket to Ride”, I start humming The Beatles.

So lets play this for F’s sake because I can only hum it for so long :joy:


Thanks for that. Now the healing can begin…


Oh I see, that Beatles song gave me some good insight, all I gotta do is trap people in a stifling, controlling relationship and they’ll go get Ticket to Ride. To think it was that simple all along.


ahhh, the graph there further showing I only recently got into board game stuff xD

but literally only if they play like adventure quest tavern … anyone remember that??? :smiley:


So I did mention I wasn’t going to be around much for a couple of weeks. Buuuut, people go changing my plans for me and now I’ve done all the work I planned to do over the next week yesterday and today instead.

So I’m exhausted, have nothing to do this weekend and I want to play some board games!

Anyone else up for, well anything really?