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Board game night


Keep an eye on this thread, any time I try to plan anything I will make a post urging anyone interested in joining to raise their hands so we can plan ahead to get as many participants gathered at a specific point in time as we can. Last weekend was a bust unfortunately, turns out not a lot of people fancies getting up early in the morning to play games.


Well, almost. I do need a time and date, because otherwise I won’t be able to join you. Most of my year is planned ahead entirely, because there’s so much work to do and people to meet. I’m quite the busy man. I mean just look at my schedule for this year! It’s crazy!

Will do, amigo! Just finished my first game with real opponents and I have to say I can definitely see myself playing this more often. The details about all the cards and keeping track of your foes is what makes this game complex, but I could still enjoy it nonetheless. Also watching all your resources is something I have to get used to. I often planned my moves for cards I couldn’t afford playing. :man_facepalming:




So I just got lucky in my first game and I lost everyone after that by far. I take back everything positive I said about the game :cry:



Ir has playtime dis weeknd! :exploding_head::crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As do I. At least most of the day. I wont be around for the evenings unfortunately but I’ll be happy to play something if anyone else is up for EU morning or afternoons.

I’ll start my moving in earnest come next Monday and will probably be busy for most of December as a result though hopefully not every hour of every day, but it’ll be hard to schedule anything. That’s hoping that internet works out and all at the new place though. But I might end up being out for it for the next ~3 weeks.


Your afternoon = my morning, I might be able to join on Saturday or Sunday, if I have a bit of a heads up notice and it’s a game that I have. What is your favorite go-to game at the moment?


The game that has been played the most right now would be Gremlins inc. but primarily due to there having been a pretty small number of times we’ve gotten together thus far. I believe both me and @Gnuffi are rather keen on getting some more time into Ticket to Ride which I believe you have already, but I’m game for almost anything.


I will be up for either game this weekend, will Saturday or Sunday be better for you and for @Gnuffi?



I will try to keep my Saturday + Sunday mornings free this weekend then. (You can clearly tell that I don’t go to church… sorry for being a heathen, @delenn13)…

By morning I mean Eastern Time, GMT -5 hrs…


I‘m free this weekend and would love to play Gremlins. Just give me a time and I‘ll try to be there!


Oh God…

It sounds like I have a

moral obligation

to attend.

Saturday is best for me since I need to see some elderly folk on Sunday – and no, not at church either… mandatory apologies to @delenn13.

Alright gonna do my best to focus and finish two college papers today and tomorrow. and play the violin because Vivaldi is way too funnnn

@Fraggles would you be kind enough to PM me HERE if I’m not ONLINE on Steam by the time you guys are setting up camp this weekend? Would appreciate it loads. :hugs:


I will make sure to do so, anyone else desire a wake up call?


I ain’t no judge. :woman_judge: <----------Not me!


/Slams gavel


I will be online in the morning (my time) GMT -5, probably around 8 AM. Will need to do prelim mic checks, never did use any audio equipment for MP communications.

I installed both Gremlins and Ticket to Ride. Gremlins I have no experience with whatsoever. Ticket to Ride I have at least placed once on the real board game.


I‘ve had breakfast and am ready! I‘ll probably boot up the PC in a bit and play Breathedge. Please message me on Steam when you do an impromptu sesh.


I can now I have ticket to ride but not gremilins