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Board game night


I’m sure I’ll have some time in between packing!



So long as is gremlins or orange juice, I may have time today in like 4-5 hours or so, I’m about to go out, but I expect to be back at that time.


I‘m down! Will keep an eye out for the group chat!


Gremlins is always fun to play


I’ll be getting a new computer after the new year, so I’ll be able to join much more easily game wise!


I’ve now dragged, kicking and screaming, a good handful of people into this game and in return they’ve been taking turns kicking my arse in it for weeks.

Finally I manage to get out on top again!


gratz, see hardwork does pay off eventually xD


It seems you all are really addicted to gremlins still. One day I will get it and join you guys. Until that day happens, have fun!


I do have 100% orange juice so if anyone wants to play whenever just message me on steam and hopefully I would see it in time. I’ve been out of the loop so can someone let me know when you guys play any game or is it just whenever someone has free time? Is there a way to spectate or something so then I’m at least involved in some way? I feel that this isn’t really an option besides group chat, but that doesn’t work too well when you don’t know what’s going on.


For the most part we’ve just been doing whenever enough someones have the time to play we play. I do try to post here a few days ahead of the weekends if I’m looking to try to get something more proper sorted. This thread contains everything you need to be aware of what’s going on.

Some games offers spectation modes, some don’t, steam does however have a stream option that is pretty easy to use so if you fancy that it could be set up by someone.


I had no idea the games even could have a spectator mode if you don’t own the game. That would be great if someone did set that up for me if that is the only option. Otherwise I can set it up myself as well. Since I only come on here once every time I check something I will probably miss the opportunity to join whatever game you all are playing. If someone just messaged me on steam whenever you all knew you were going to play for sure I would be very appreciative of that. If I do miss the opportunity then that’s what happens unfortunately. I more than likely am reiterating what I’ve said before, but I just wanted to try to be clear that I am interested in joining. I am just not always on steam too often, but if I am and someone messages me and I see it in time I will be glad to join if possible. It’s just easier for me if I got the message to join once it has been established. That’s just kind of what would work best for me. I’m not one to really search through the thread to see if we are playing. That’s just me. I like to make it as simple as possible. Keeping track of threads is not really my thing. I’ve only been messaged once since this whole thread started to play something so I’m not sure if maybe I need to change my settings or if people on here just don’t message each other when they are playing. Whatever works for everyone may just not work for me. Thanks anyways @Fraggles!


New years eve coming up here and I don’t really have anything planned for it. I’ll be spending the night in front of my computer, as I do most other nights and figured maybe someone else find themselves in a similar situation.

Would anyone here like to welcome the new year with me, some good company and board games?


I might? I don’t have anything planned for it, but my family usually drags me along to whatever they happen to come up with, so there’s a chance I might be free, I can’t guarantee anything thou.


I am actually free! (barring a surprise party I don’t know about). Just let me know if my company is an acceptable way to ring in the new year!!


alrighty, i’ll be having a whooole day available tomorrow (Sunday CET), i’m just do a little check here to see if someone might be up for something “somewhere” along the day, i should be pretty much available in the hours running about 10am to 11pm CET(unless the roof comes crashing down), if anyone happen to be “game” for X :blush:


I will likely be online, so if you want to do something (and my company is amicable) send me a message.


Me too, unless something out of scope pops out, I’ll be here all day (CST), just don’t spec me to be all chatty, no mic on my end.


I’ll be around for the early hours of the afternoon at least, up until about early evening most likely. I’m very happy to see someone take the initiative and ask, thank you.


Anyone here plays Gremlins Inc :)? Would love to find some people to play with.


yea a bunch of us have that game and have been playing together on several occasions :+1: