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Board game night


Awesome! Time zones might be a problem ovbiously but let me know next time you are going to play!

It;s Really hard to find any decent games with such low player base ;/


Do you play anything besides Gremlins? We have so many gremlins here there’s never an issue getting a game with them, I need more players for Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Splendor, Colt Express and maybe Harald.


seems can add those to my list of owned/availble games too :+1:, (i’ll just edit my top post just for the sake of it)


just wanna pop a mention to @Fraggles @PeteMcc @Evranu @kylehayman361 @hivefleetbothan cheers to you lot for some nice games played and providing a well spent Sunfunday :+1:
:hugs: i’ma get ready to hit the snooze button now


awh pete played?! pooey woo, I always miss out on that xD

don’t think I ever played Armello with him.


hehe yea, no didn’t play armello with Pete, we played ticket to ride and… feck… keep forgetting the name of that game… Catan? (idono the exe was called Sea3d lol)
hopefully we can play armello with pete another day :slightly_smiling_face:


oooh I see my mistake xD

all the board game games.


Thanks for the games @Fraggles and @Gnuffi. Glad i could join in for the first time. Those pesky time zones are a nuisance sometimes.


Thanks guys! It was really fun! :slight_smile:


Oh god, here goes. I think I’ve stalked this thread long enough. Probably rarely gonna have the game or time but wanna at least throw my hat in. Suggestions for games to look out for?


Fun ones!!

In all seriousness, I recommend ‘Tabletop simulator’ since it is really open ended and well supported, both with DLC and really devoted workshop content.

People here play a lot of 100% Orange Juice, Ticket to Ride… and Gremlins Inc.


Tabletop Sim has always looked incredibly fun, and 100% Orange Juice is currently being considered depending on how many still feel like playing it.


You could look at the top post of this thread.

Tabletop sim is great, but it’s kind of a lot of effort to set up and work with. Thus far I’ve not managed to get anyone to play anything in it. But it’s the one title with the most potential in it.

100% OJ is ridiculous but a good bit of fun every once in a while and we’ll pick it up again from time to time. It’s also very cheap at the moment:


That bundle is also what i’m eyeing, might as well then.


I kinda recommend getting 100% Oj
It’s fun, easy to get a game, and currently also probably the cheapest way to get some mp chronie/board game group action in interested in that stuff,
-and that’s ofc not even counting in “random” games or playing against ai etc etc
lot of silly possibilities for a buck, so a worthy choice and very well worth consideration :+1:

(only downside is adding the "animu"tag to your library will/can make steam start recommending you some strange games) :smile:


Don’t worry, my discovery queue is already occupied with puzzle hentai “games” :blush:


I can’t say I don’t know what are you talking about :grimacing:


I miss cursing at you guys with the excuse of being angry at board games.

Let’s play again sometime. :hugs:

also @Vandem and I played 1 round of ranked Gremlins today and I won despite being 40 days without practice. #feelsgoodman


-i’ve got some time tomorrow, Sunday the 20th (CET), anyone fancy something?


Sunday 20th or Saturday the 19th?