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Board game night


woops, sunday 20th lol :flushed:
hahah my bad, reading dates in a calendar is super hardz :smile:


Cool. I might be able to fit something in but we’ll see. My time zone is pretty different to that right now so it might be hard to align.


Hello everyone, it’s been a while.
For a variety of reasons my efforts to continue this had gone on hiatus but I’m recently starting to miss hanging out and play these wonderful games with you all. Thanks to @gnuffi though for pulling a group or two together for us in between.

When we last made an effort here I was trying to push everyone into trying out Ticket to Ride. So it is with some delight that I’ve heard this title whispered on this very forum recently. I would like to issue a broadside of invitations at everyone to once again step up and make your desires to rejoin the spring season of boardgaming that starts… eh, whenever really. Thursday night sounds good to anyone, this weekend maybe?

If this post looks interesting to anyone new here please do read the first post and if you don’t fancy reading the whole thread you can search for the posts made by me as I have been posting roundups of any gathered information that might be of interest, though most of it probably obsolete by now.


I can probably make myself available this weekend for a game or two.


Like Saturday or Sunday for me. My Fridays are variable at best.

I’ve got Ticket to Ride (played) and Mysterium (never played, no DLCs), both on Steam.


I’ll be around this weekend, unless some gets sick(:crossed_fingers:) or i get poked about a sudden CoH engagement, i think i should pretty much be available "whenever"
and ofc, Ticket to Ride always sounds good to me if that’s what people land on :+1:
i’d probably also see if i can’t manage to get a round of Armello in if @Evranu/@kylehayman361/people are around for that sometime this weekend too :slightly_smiling_face:


I am good for Saturday or Sunday AM, which would mean early afternoon into the evening for you folks over in Europe. I will just look at the group chat when I get online of course. :slight_smile:


I’m good for anything any weekend G :smiley:


Hm, Timezone-ness. I’m in the Caribbean.


i’ll be around this weekend too, ready & willing for some breaks in-between Grim Dawn
So if someone feels like some 100%FBIorange juice, armello, ticket to ride i’d be okay with diverting attention to that :+1:


that’s a hot gnome


This week I am out… Not at home, going to be playing some pixelated stuff at best on my laptop.


Got a lot of catch up crafting to do, mood may vary, but likely, much crochet is going to happen and sewing.


Hi hi. Current thoughts on this: Saturday some time should be good or Sunday.

New game to learn: 100% Orange Juice. Bought Tier 1 of Fruitbat Factory Bundle, that should do fine. Tier 2 was great value, but just wasn’t feeling it - looking at too many shinies in the rest of bundle, so yeah… Keep it simple.

Love Letter: (Humble Bundle) Not sure at all how the game play would work. O_O Still pondering this. Likely will still grab the Tier for the cutesy Ticket To Ride.

Big :heart: to all.


I could maybe fit that in, but idk how my time zone will fit in with everyone’s right now.


i might be off tomorrow
but if i’m home i’ll definitely be up for some OJ for sure, been a while since last, so feel free to poke me if i’m(online) not posting in group :+1:


Quoth my Best Friend: Ooh! I love Love Letter. You should get it, it’s really fun".

Quoth me: Tier 1 on Humble Board Game bundle = tick


6 months ago I started seriously looking into physical real boardgames. I have always been a digital PC gamers (on sandbox-games, heavy lore and simulation games). I purchased TTS on Steam because I wanted check all the cards collections at Adventure Time Card Wars genre.

Fast Forward till now. I’ve played at least 15 different boardgames on TTS, Subscribed over 11 pages of games. Loaded Maybe 35 games.

It’s very depressing how many hours I’ve put into TTS. But I have learned such a great deal and see tons of game’s rule and gameplay. I enjoy continue to spend time inside TTS to see new games.


Thanks for sharing.
Unfortunately very few of us here have Tabletop sim and while it has a lot of potential it’s also kind of finicky to set up and get everything right some times. I would really like to start using it more myself.

We got a good round of Love Letter in today. I had heard good things about it, which is why I’ve been recommending it, but I was still surprised at how fun it was to play. So anyone who has not yet done so, go pick up $1 tier of the running board games humble bundle.

The last turn came down to a one final play for the victory with everyone on the same score. Congratulations to @Danacscott for pulling out ahead of the rest of us with a clutch handmaiden forcing @kylehayman361 into a final losing discard play.


Fraggles, thank you for showing me and everyone of us here of Love Letter. I felt like if I am a mainly solo digital gamer with occasionally play multi-players games. Then Love Letter is not the thing I would need at all. I almost purchased that bundle 2 days ago.

To be extremely honest, besides Adventure Time Card Wars. Adventure Time’s edition of Love Letter was also the key factor of me purchasing TTS. I still cannot find a local store that sells Adventure Time Love Letter (physical not digital version). While the game is merely 16 USD on Amazon, the shipping cost alone is over 30USD. Crazy eh? I said to myself, I rather print those out and play Love Letter with the help of TTS. I never printed those out yet, strangely and fortunately.

I always consider myself extremely lucky and abundance as I am not as demanding as my friends when it comes to games. I know if the games are good for me, suits me and its something I must play/try. I never need to chase after them (Of course like most people, I’ve learned that from hard way). 4 days ago. While I were in a charity shop. I’ve found 8 Xbox360 games, they are 0.62USD each (in my city, money currency is MOP, it’s 5 MOP each)
It would be super stupid not to buy those, wouldn’t it? Especially the titles are:

Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition
L. A. Noire
Lego: Marvel Super Heroes
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Borderlands 2

Seriously for 5 USD (40MOP). I purchased those AAA titles. Yes, I had Lego Marvel Super Heroes on Steam (I purchased that from Humble Bundle store with 5 USD, since 3 years ago, I’ve only played 4 hours of the game never checked back on it thus far sadly); Yes I’ve claimed Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on Ubisoft store when it was free (never played it); Pretty sure I have L.A.Noire (never used nor gifted the code yet, Humble Bundles) and one of the Bat Man games on Humble bundles too (I remember it was free? I have never played it). But It makes no sense not to buy those 8 Xbox360 titles. Even combat/ stealth action-adventure games are not my genre. I can always trade those for games I know I will cherish.

2 months ago, I visited the same charity shop. I also found 6 others XBox360 titles with same price for each. All legal and official copies. They were AAA titles back in their days. Yes, I am #blessed to have an second hand Xbox360 console with 4 controllers too, 20 USD from another charity shop, it came with 10 illegal copy of games, so I cannot use that console to use any XBox Live features, unfortunately. It is still a great gift from universe, isn’t it? Thank you for kindness of those donors. I’ve purchased a legal copy of Call of Duty World At War with 0.15 USD (no box, just disc, what a deal!) soon after I own that XBox360 (not a fan of CoD either, played 20 minutes max)

I’ve heard good things at solo mode in that Love Letter digital version, from Steam review. It must be rather cute. I am glad you guys had a great game.

By the way, these are what I have in my Steam library that are considerably tabletop digital versions:
Tickets to Ride
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Tabletopia - Wingspan
Cthulhu Realms
Hand of Fate (but that’s solo)