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Board game night


thank you all! >.<

I hope to make it not just a one off! :smiling_imp:


@coralinecastell and I just on a whim decided to try to play Japanese (riichi) mahjong today as we found a working, free and pretty reasonable looking online place for it. Which was a lot of fun, so now I want 2 more people willing to sit down some evening and play a good few rounds.

I know the basic in and outs of the game and tried my best to fill Coraline in as we went, she even managed to win one hand. I’m not going to make any great claims of my teaching ability but I’ll do my best to try to teach anyone interested though.


I have mysterium and 100% orange juice but no gremlins. So if anyone wants to play either of those let me know.


Never heard of this, but there are a couple of vids online, so I’ll check it out. I’ve been told that the matching tiles on different layers style, isn’t the real thing.


I got interested in it a few years back, so I understand the basics. I have no idea what the different hands you can make are though. Definitely would be interested in joining.


I’ve only played solitaire mahjong, which really is just matching tiles by yourself which isn’t very engaging. Would be better with other people.


Just tried mysterium for the first time solo and it’s pretty fun, but it is quite difficult. Especially being the ghost. That part was not so fun for me.


I’m very much into various chinese mahjong variants but I also happen to know and play riichi mahjong even though I didn’t spend as much time with that. So count me in if you ever need one more :slight_smile:


I have a feeling @YQMaoski may know some Mahjong?

It was really fun!

Also you may have destroyed my life, F, because Brasil having several Japanese and Chinese imigrants and myself living walking distance away from the country’s biggest Asian neighborhood, I thought I MAY find some players…

WELL. I actually found the Brazilian Riichi Mahjong society at 15 minutes walk from my house in a place I go to weekly (just never at the time of their games, from 12 to 18 PM on Sundays)…

Also found an actual Japanese game house like those we see in movies where like 90% of people only speak japanese and are over 70 years old…

And I also discovered where to buy a genuine Mahjong set…

Color me tempted.



Try to get to watch a game happen some time and let me know how they go about scoring themselves without the aid of computers. I’m rather curious how long it takes experienced players to evaluate a hand manually.


I’ll only be able to go in two weeks time (since this weekend I’m packing and the next I’ll be in Rio) but I’m looking forward.

From what I gathered, the head of the society who maintains their Facebook group and attributes points during the championships is actually a Japanese descendant in his mid thirties who seems REALLY obsessed about Mahjong.

If I had Facebook Id totally PM him and ask if they host any noob games at all and try to join after I’ve learned the basics… Seems like I’ll have to show up in person haha

In the meantime, I’m up for playing some more with you!


Have played a little in the past, don’t know all of the rules. Plus Japanese and Chinese rules are going to be different.

It would be interesting to play together for sure, I would be up for it. It’s a very cerebral game. I am always looking for a good simulation on the PC, and if we can play with friends, that would be even better.

The game’s like Rummy, so it’s pretty easy to learn. The trick is tally up scores and such, but if we play on PC, that should be done for us, which is nice. Game Nights?

Mostly free on the weekends, but I don’t have any board games in my Steam library.


Do… you wanna learn how to play riichi Mahjong? :rofl:


pretty sure i have key for 100% orange juice :thinking:, then you can try the waters in the gang’s board game pool, and see if it’s something for you and if should consider/keep an eye out for some of the other game entries


And i have a key to Mysterium. In fact, I think I have 2…would have to check.


My schedule is pretty open and the games I currently am able to play are mysterium and 100% orange juice. As I previously stated in earlier responses.


The sad thing is, Mysterium and 100% Orange Juice aren’t on Mac :((

Thanks for the offers though!


Can I join?


I don’t know, can you?

Flesh your application out a bit, tell us what games you have and want to play. Maybe even tell us something about yourself, board gaming is very much a social experience so it’s as much about the people you play with as the games you play.

We have at this point managed to establish a fairly stable “core” of players, people we enjoy playing games with and since player slots are limited those tend to get invited first. I’m of course aware this makes it hard for new people to join in but who knows, maybe we’ll like you.