Badge Hunters Anonymous


confirmed -i haven’t gotten great share, obviously borked :unamused:
but i’ve got





Maybe you should try doing something like


It’s super easy! Just follow these steps, like I did:

  1. Click on “sell your soul to Satan”
  2. Check the “I am not a robot” box, because we don’t want to be handing out free games to robots now
  3. Click all the cat pics – careful not to click the dog ones!
  4. Insert your email, your steam username and password, your mother’s favorite dish and a security question that no one will ever guess such as “what your social security number?”
  5. You’re all set! You should get your game code via email any time now if you can access it


aaand suddenly i miss the April 1st Gamehole :rofl: :hugs:


I only need 999 clicks now. :fire:

evil laughs harder


Not gonna click that link… but I really hope that links to Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.



A phishing scam is currently going on by compromised/hijacked accounts. Do NOT click any links being sent to you in steam chat, even though they are from your friends or other trusted accounts.

Do NOT click ANY links! Even if they promise a chance of winning games or skins!

If this is real i’m sorry just having ptsd from the steam winter sale. Much love girl.


Dude I know, that’s the joke. :joy:

Love to you too, boy. :hugs:


You should have linked to something there… I would have clicked on it.


Hey so @Gnuffi remember what I said about yet…?


y well yr not the only one :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


now, someone pls explain to me how @delenn13 got this badge faster than me, from my thread, without even participating in that thread!!!

I don’t even know how i got it myself tbh


Is it the Hitman thread?


no, lol, u can see the thread in the pic above, what is vry noticeable is how 5/6 are for free games, lol, so u can rly see what drives internet traffic in a major way


Oops. I somehow missed that. Yeah the system seems to be borked, as I didnt even post on that Hitman thread at all either.

Explains why our active user counts triple when we have giveaways. People love free stuff and we’re a veritable wealth of it.


I think you don’t need to post in something, but if you shared it in another location, you can get it? I have no idea, to be honest.


everything works in a mysterious way it seems :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t understand why it’s so fascinating though. Maybe I’m just too ignorant …


I post it elsewhere(GOTD) but I just post the straight url…It depends if someone else beats me there. But the URL has no ties to here…This is way too strange for me…:exploding_head:

And I posted about the Humble Steam Key Giveaway not the Steam one:


Badges?!? We don’t need no stinking badges! (Even though I have 16 of them hahaha)


I’ll try to find it in my post history but I don’t think I shared anything about that thread anywhere. I’ll double check though.


I know for a fact that I didn’t share this anywhere at all, it was the same with the good share badge before; i seem to remember that maybe @Fraggles did have some plausible explanation for it back then though