Badge Hunters Anonymous



It seems the Chrono gods just granted me some new powers. :sunglasses:

Is it rude to fix typos on other people’s stuff? Or to change categories to be more consistent? For example, threads for trading are categorized as ‘off-topic’, ‘gaming’, and ‘other deals’. Since there isn’t a ‘trades’ category, I think they should be ‘off-topic’. What do you think?


Feel free to change categories, or add one if there is none. Fixing typos and stuff though I would recommend against. There’s been a couple of incidents where someone changed or added to someone else’s thread name and most of the time it was not received well. Even if done in jest.


Yeah I agree, as @Fraggles said some times it has been done has led to the frustration and confusion for the OP or others, so I generally say unless there is a really good reason to change it (eg someone is trying to scam or a gross misrepresentation of what is being discussed in the topic) I wouldn’t touch it. I think it just best to let the OP know in a comment and them let them change it if they wish.

Fun thing for me though is I can change what you have written in any of your posts, so watch out!


the reason we can do that is because apparently it’s “hardcoded” into the discourse system that you get X set of privileges on rank 3, nothing chrono’s been able to do about that even tho they’ve mentioned they would have liked to not have somethings in that bracket. But for whatever reason the discourse creators thought that having proper like, posting limits etc, should also come with the option of messing with others’ stuff :man_shrugging:
-so we try to just not do it, common courtesy and all that to not just edit other peoples titles/mess with other peoples things :wink:
and let that be up to the admins/mods when/where it’s needed or if reported (hallowed be thy powers, praise upon their name, forum glory is theirs please don’t mass delete my posts) :smile:


Thanks, @Fraggles @PeteMcc @Gnuffi

When I read about my new powers, I thought, well that seems awfully rude. Having been raised in a Japanese family, not being rude is infused in my soul.


Do tell.

I see an interesting thread-derailing lifelong-tale of love and loss embedded in this comment, therefore I must pursue it.

I mean seriously I got curious but if you’re like ‘nah’ I’ll be like ‘fine, dude’. But if you wanna share, I’ll be here to read it.


Tell us in the Princess Bride format so I can really get into it.


Have a listener interrupt to protest clichés in the story? Shouldn’t be too hard here on the internet.


And this happened today…:rofl:

Not going camping till later in Sept…


Congrats @delenn13!!!

I see the list is filling up nicely. :slight_smile: So congrats to @nebula7, @WikiTora, @Gnuffi, and @Animosity too!

Of course we know that @Fraggles has the honor of being first. :smile:

Someday, someday… I will get there too! :smiley:


Never missing a day in a year, that’s quite the feat @delenn13

And to think I was excited when I got aficionado


Don’t downplay it, you earned it, day by day, and you have every reason to be excited and proud. :grin:


That’s amazing, I did not know has appeared a year + already. Congrats on getting those badges. I’ve joined around mid June 2018. Yesterday’s daily deal almost made me want to purchase, but I have to remind myself this PC cannot handle such game. Thus no purchase yet.

Looking forwards for fun, ease, joy and glory sandbox games show up on Daily deal.


Well, I would have gotten it sooner if I had known that being signed into the store and the forum is 2 different things. Last year when I was camping in July, I made a point to get my points on the store page but i didn’t know I had to sign in every day on the forum. Oh well! Such is life.

Welcome to the forum!!!
I don’t even want to think about how many games I own that I can’t play because Of my potato PC! The sales person told me it would do everything!!!



heh! The “potato” PC that I own have been with me since 2011, I love it a lot, lots of memories of PC gaming, video editing, photography polishing, English learning, forum browsing, visa card money spending (oops), reviews’ writing… Of course Runescaping :stuck_out_tongue:


Just realized that Aficionado is actually consecutive days.
That makes me a little more proud of the badge :stuck_out_tongue:



Whoa there…

I’m pretty sure that my one-year badge is rigged, in fact I’ve missed more than a few days.


Just because they have Chrono in the name doesn’t mean they’re any good with dates and times.


Just got this! Catching up on all y’all devotees at a snail’s pace. :blush: