Badge Hunters Anonymous


Congratulations @coralinecastell!!!

By the way, the snail’s pace is the same everywhere on Earth…

I think I am about half way there, but there’s no way to check… Fingers crossed that I didn’t miss a day…


Welcome to the aficionado club @coralinecastell


i just became a regular :open_mouth:
how does that work? i mean how does one become a regular?

im just so happy, i feel like im part of the elite now


You can find what each trust level requires here if you want to.

The specific numbers can be tweaked by the board admins, but that should give you an idea.


oh i can lose it???


Here is all the badges and how to earn them:

And here is what @discobot does and “how to become an @Gnuffi alt”:

Also you need to help in a derailment of a topic…Don’t be nasty…just be funny…


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I think people come and go in terms of having the regulars badge.

If you show up every day, and read and contribute, I doubt you will ever lose it.



I just went through your game list. You may not know it but you are already one of us.:sunglasses::+1:t2::exploding_head::smile::heart_eyes:

You have a “poop” game and “Mark of the Ninja”.

Case closed.:hammer:


I-I have… Neither…

weeps sorrowfully


And @Fraggles talks to you??? WHOA!!!:open_mouth:


I’ve talked to plenty of people who don’t own Mark of the Ninja, I just do so while feeling sorry for them and the empty tragedy of a life they lead.


that is the thing
i show up almost every day look at the new topics read a few but i rarely contribute
i think need to spread some more chaos in legit topics


Chaos is always good. :slight_smile: No pun intended.

Any and all topics are legit… just depending on who the father is…


Knowing what we know now, probably Gnuffi.


why is mark of the ninja a requirement?
the game hole was very generous with poop the last time


Fraggles likes to take every opportunity to advertise the game the he can. But it’s not a requirement.

I tried it, it’s very interesting. Then my controller went and I had to stop… it was really hard to play with my MC looking left and accidentally moving just a bit too far from time to time…


It’s an “inside joke” and we are letting you know about it.

In the early days of the forum…any game list or any sort or poll, @Fraggles would ALWAYS mention Mark of the Ninja. So it became a “thing” that every poll or list had to include Mark of the Ninja and people even apologized for not including it…

It’s just ONE of the silly things we do. You will learn, grasshopper.


Yup! I lost it a while ago probably because I didn’t like a whole lot of posts, it was a dry month and I was salty over the bad like symbol.
I got it back in June though.:ok_hand:t4:


Also as a regular, you will see that you get the ability to change other people’s thread topics… (I think we all agreed on that this is a function to not be used freely, for you can certainly cause some serious conflict, intentional or not.

I think this is a residual function that cannot be turned off. In my opinion, only Mods and Admin should be allowed to do that. I have occasionally marked a topic with a (resolved) if there is an issue or question that has been dealt with. But for a while, someone was changing one of my topics from what it was to random clickbait… I think everyone was having a grand ole’ time with it, and I didn’t mind. But it did raise this topic for discussion, and we thought it be best for people’s topics to remain as originally intended.

There are always people to go to, such as the admin team, or our friendly mod team of delenn13, KSib, and PeteMcc if there are any issues. I didn’t call them with the @, because this is not something they need to rush in to solve at the moment… :slight_smile: