Badge Hunters Anonymous


I got this one recently

Very high sarcasm badge description.


It’s one of those that clearly shows that you are an active member here. :+1: Good work!


so, apparently i got the devotee badge ? :thinking: somehow… :man_shrugging:


and i see i’m not the only one, @nebula7, @WikiTora and @Animosity also got theirs :smiley: :+1:

whenever i glance at my “Admired” badge, i keep imagining the badge saying (in @Punkster’s voice -which i haven’t heard :smile:):
“shtposter -extraordinaire” :clap: <“shia leboeuf clap meme”>
:rofl: :joy:


I don’t know how I got it, I would have said with certainty that I missed at least a few days, but whatever I’ll take it!


You deserve better, something like a memetic badge granted ad honorem. Make it happen @delenn13


Well I guess it was nice while it lasted.
Maybe I’ll just go back to Editor now that you stragglers caught up.

I mean congrats on reaching Devotee level, everyone!


This is my favorite badge :wink:



(ps, can’t wait for season 3)


What a coincidence. I literally just started watching this show this week.
Just finished a few more episodes and now you make me want to dive right back in even though I’ve got hw to do. T.T
Any clue when Season 3 will be out?


either starting up during fall’s regular “tv season start-ups”(september’ish 2018), or post-“tv holiday break” (jan-feb 2019) -no fixed set date yet last i looked tho


I set my badge display to be Basic, but seems that discourse dislikes and always removes from it. :cry:


wrong one i guess?, it’s the “title” on the very first settings page/“account” -bottom option
(unless it’s some “discourse anti sloth” thingy :thinking:) :smile:


Oh you’ve heard me, you’ve just not realised it.


Stop right there, I have used badges before, don’t you dare tutorial me! It’s just that the Basic one displays for a day and then vanishes so I have to set it again.


it’s just that Discord will not allow u to undersell yrself dude, so u’d at least have to go with a “advanced” or even “extremely exceptional” badge for Discord to allow you to keep it


you saying Discourse is pilosaphobic ? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
yo! why you hatin’ on the lethargic hairy branch hangers Discobot?! :man_farmer::fire: :triumph:


B-but, I want to be b-basic


sry, but how could u be both basic AND a sloth? think about it


Sloths are a very basic animal soooooo


y but we’re talking about a sloth who’s also a gamer and a member of chrono, so it must be a sophisticated sloth