Badge Hunters Anonymous


Nah, twas easy. Just have to not do anything else than obsessively hang around here like a weird smell for ever.


Congrats on aficionado :clap::clap:
I think I’ve gone on every day for a month or two so I’m slowing creeping up on aficionado :upside_down_face:


Where is this fabled advanced user tutorial?

I am not licensed.


same place as the beginner/new tutorial :smirk:, -it’s just “advanced” instead :wink:


I can’t even complete the basic one because it won’t let me quote :expressionless:

Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t…

EDIT:I finally finished it! Phew, seems like it might be caused by my browser :thinking:


Behold, normies…

In one day.

He will get all the badges today.


It’s one of those that you click start and the achievements start… I didn’t want to let it sit at 5% completion, so I just let it go for some 45-50 minutes, they just stack up with time.

The game itself is actually quite interesting, but clearly one made for the achievements on Steam. I got up to level 35 itself on the game… then got stuck and could not progress any further…

I find it silly they added achievements that were not even named or with associated image, they should have just cut those out…


By the way, I have so many meaningless achievements on my account that I can’t display that achievement counter anyway on my profile. Trust me, I really don’t care about this extra set of them…


I know these russian achievement “games” exists, just never had someone in my friends list actually play one. :joy:


I looked at the trailer video, thought, hmm… will give it a go. Then once I start playing, the achievements start racking up like crazy… I wouldn’t have bothered to play it at all if I knew that would happen…


I’ve only gotten badges by sheer accident, so you guys are educating me here. :slight_smile:

Inevitably I skip a day somehow when it comes to streaks, so there’s likely a good few I won’t ever get, but congrats to all on your shinies. :slight_smile:


1!!! :exploding_head:

someone put me out of my misery and let the magick happen! get over there and click that heart-“spreading the love”-coin :open_mouth: :hugs:


Fine have 50. I hate the coin but I give you this one, it’s special.


:heart_eyes: :star_struck: :blush: :hugs: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :blush: :hugs: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :blush: :hugs:
:tada: :confetti_ball: :fireworks:


All right folks, the wise gnome has spoken, let’s send some love and click on that shiny golden Chrono coin!




Soooooo… Is there a good way to track how many consecutive days you’ve visited the forum? My profile shows 102 days visited, but I don’t know if that’s aggregate or consecutive, and I haven’t popped the Aficionado badge yet. I know I missed a day back before they changed the coin streaks from “have to check in every day” to “you can skip a day and won’t lose out”, so I’m guessing that’s an aggregate total, seeing as how I joined up to the forum back in February.


Unfortunately there is not. It’s just one of those things you keep making sure that you visit and sit around and wait. I think I got mine around day 150? I just visit and like a couple of things, add some commentary if I have something relevant to say, and I make sure I do that two or three times a day now…


You just have to No-Life.