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Badge Hunters Anonymous



Just gave you #25 on the second link… the first one already had my stamp of approval! :slight_smile:

On the other hand, my top reply is only sitting at 17, perhaps I will come with something better… In the future.


Yeah, that doesn’t sound like something a “respected” member of the community would do.

What are you going for, the Good Reply? I tossed you a coin for “How do you get all your keys?” Already liked the other one long ago.


Oh wow, what a weird coincidence.

Thanks :+1:


Stranger things have happened… :wink:


yup, i know what you mean, it’s completely unheard of in these parts, being the upstanding chronizens and honorable chronies we all are :slight_smile:

on a slightly off topic and different note
have you @all noticed how funny it is this thing says “42”? :thinking:
i mean by all theoretical means it could says something else, much much higher :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, but it’s saying 42… like it was of some significance… what could we do about that? :thinking:
-ideas… ?(Will there ever be Coin Shop games worth spending coins on? :man_shrugging: :wink: <–hit that like button!, +share and subscribe!!!
^ :+1: :+1::+1::+1:^ :+1::+1::+1::+1:^ :+1::+1::+1::+1:^ :+1::+1::+1::+1:^ :+1::+1::+1:^

:rofl: :joy: :smile:


I think you already got that out of DanosaurJr and myself… it will take a collective effort to boost that 42… or maybe it’s just the answer…


Nah, mate, you don’t want it, not second hand anyway, (just imagine when there is nothing here, so well done, you wasted your time trying to read this. I admit, I wasted my time too by typing this but oh well. It is our secret, right? smell and then just eats it. Revolting!)

I still cannot get rid of it even if I wanted to. You know the drop down box with the different badge titles to choose from, mine has the following options now.

  1. Nostradamus of Poop
  2. See Option 1

So, you may get something unique but you’re pretty screwed if you fancy a change of underwear badge title.

Ach, I’m fine with it. :’(


Aye, same here. I rarely look at them but if anyone wants help in achieving some, let me know how I can help?

I was trying my best to get to Level 42, then intended to stay there but you get 1xp for activating a Steam Key, which I had done and I went over the 42 into 43 (hey that’s how numbers work, I get it now, Mam) so that lasted for around a week. Lol.


i put waaay too much effort into editing that redirect/linked post didn’t i ? :thinking:

naaa :wink: surely can never waste too much time on such worthy cause and relief effort :smirk: :man_shrugging: :+1:



Sorry I was late to the party :confused: The first one already had my like but I raised your second one to 29! :smiley: I hope that counts for something :blush:


I literally opened every. single. one. of. those. links :dizzy_face:
But you still got my like :wink:
Nicely done by the way xD

You ruined the answer to life, the universe, and everything though :frowning:


:rofl: :joy: :+1:

yea, but who needs that stuff anyway ? :thinking:, i mean, not like it could come in handy or be important at some point… ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging:

:laughing: :smile:


Just so you know, I tried liking more than one… but I was unsuccessful T_T

That made me laugh.
It just might be very important if some mice strap you to a chair and try to saw your head open :thinking::joy::joy:


:thinking: yea i know… :worried:
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: or could just get a teapot :smirk: :wink:

:rofl: :smile:


self promoting shameless bump :blush:
because the (worthy) cause and relief effort still needs 1 more subscriber! :wink:
(for the magick to happen to me) :smirk:


And here I sit, wondering if I’ll ever be able to qualify for that Aficionado badge. 100 day streaks aren’t my forte, because invariably I’ll get to day eighty-something and then forget to check the forum. :smiley:


I was really happy to have gotten mine a couple of weeks ago, but keeping at it daily is really tough, especially if you have to travel/move/etc…


I’ve been trying to remember to pop over to the forum after I pick up my coin spin for the day and at least read a couple posts (even if I don’t reply to any), so hopefully I’ll have it within the next month or so. I can’t even imagine trying to go for the Devotee badge…


the fact i haven’t even reached 365 days “visited”, is sorta unsettling to me, since i signed up on the forum april 1st…
means i must have missed quite a bunch of days apparently, despite being sorta “certain” i visited forum everyday, twice often,
so that elusive “Devotee” badge of @fraggles, are likely gonna evade me for a fair while longer… :confused:
(so for now i’m just shamelessly trying to grab the other "almost in reach"badge i can by luring the final handful of people into giving me those precious final few last “coins”/“likes” here) :smile: :blush: it’s totally not badge begging, -and totally not beneath me :wink: :joy:


I have an alarm reminder for checking for the coin spin, because that’s the only way I can ensure of it… I always am on the forum though, seems like I spend more time here than any other one place nowadays…

I think that’s one of the most difficult badges to get, along with the one you are trying so hard, I already liked your reply, a long time ago, so I can’t help you out there… I don’t even have one that reached 20 yet…

This is my 2nd most popular reply, from our current giveaway thread. It’s only at 16… who knows if it will go up any more…