Are there going to be enough keys for the closing?


Is about to close?


No, just the coin store, the daily deal will still be there.


I have about 2,500 coins now; final legendary chest still several spins away…


They should just remove the coin flip and store already. If there’s no more games being added, why bother waiting until the 29th - just remove it now & avoid all the complaints.

I have a feeling they’re afraid of the traffic drop - the recent investor funding they received was based on compelling sales # & sharp traffic. WIth a dip in the traffic, investors will want to see a big spike in sales to justify future investments.


shrugs Some people want their final legendary spin, for the memories.


I totally agree. Just rip off the bandaid already and wipe all our coins since there’s no point in having them.


The traffic drop is definitely something I’d suspect to be part of it.

I’d also give thought to having to rework a LOT OF CODE as well.


Wow, I guess I’m really late for the show. 36,000 coins here and got nothing. Think I got the newsletter but probably wasn’t aware because of the title. For whoever is doing CRM, what a poor choice of words, I mean, “Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza”? That’s not “WE ARE CLOSING DOWN THE CHRONO COINS”. Notices like this should be loud and clear without some silly marketing stunts like “Stravaganza” + should have utilized the top banner area from the main page where you inserted that silly “Notify me, Senpai” + you knew the total sum of coins and should have prepared to enough games in the first place.

I’ve noticed the past year that any game in Coin shop that seemed even so slightly popular in Steam disappeared in like 10 seconds that this feature would had been a headache for these people and will disappear sooner or later… and this is how you do it. This is not a gesture of good will, this is something you traded people’s traffic and small amount of time to come in, log in and hit that coin button. If you know how hard it is to make people to subscribe emails, open emails, and then make them click the links, this is as bad as a scam, I mean, yay, free CPA ads.

A company which could do this once is bound to be doing something similar more later, I’ve learned that the hard way so unless there’s any amends, I guess this is good bye for me too.




What? The free games are no more? So I have to like BUY them? Well that’s a crazy notion for an online shop.

I would like to donate my leftover coins to posterity.


1 - The daily deals were mediocre at best. The repeats (often over a dozen times) didn’t help much. It felt as if the daily deal was less about helping indie devs and more about being an extension of AAA corporate marketing machines. Chrono stopped being ‘indie’ as soon as they prioritized AAA over indie in this way. For a brief view of this, type in ‘Monster Hunter’ in their daily deals searcher to find out how many times they’ve shilled for Capcom. Chrono was not poor and has never been poor nor are they removing coin shop due to lack of money. They just want to be like more corporations and make more money. Oh whelp :frowning:

2 - The initial post (which was edited later on) was that every 2 weeks they’d (re)stock stuff into the coin shop so people could spend their remaining coins. Those of us with unspent coins have nothing to spend them on. As usual, the Reddit trash, achievement/tradingcard farmers flooded in and grabbed whatever they could to resell on shady 3rd party websites while the rest of us who actually activate/use the keys on ONE Steam account and actually play games get shafted. GG.

3 - Very often, the capcatcha thing was so broken that it wouldn’t let me login at all. My friend with visual impairments wasn’t able to use the audio capcatcha many times as it kept saying ‘sorry try again later’. So they missed out on tons of potential games.

Chrono is not REQUIRED to do anything. However, as a service to those who have been clicking and getting coins daily, permitting some sort of ‘cash out’ of coins to some type of partnered developer/service would be a nice gesture. Talk to Valve and see if we can’t get some Steam coupons or Steam Wallet credit (maybe credit that only lasts a week and doesn’t stack with existing discounts?) or SOMETHING.

I’m not their PR person so they should poke the person who is in charge of PR and make something happen. Just going ‘oops who cares free is free lulz’ with people is kinda harsh IMHO.

Whatever happens, Chrono has been appreciated for all they have done. I kinda wish I could go back in time and change a few of my choices, but every game I purchased with coins was a great one :slight_smile:


you’re lying, which is why i’m not even going to address any of the other BS you said in your post

here is the original post:

the edits are there for all to see (double click the title of the post to go to the original, then click the pen symbol on top, and click the arrows to the left to see the edits)

this is what it said, and it never said otherwise:

this reply may seem harsh, but i rly have zero tolerance for lies, especially if the intention is to make something/someone appear different than it is/they are, and so i rly dont give a shit

however, if you apologize to them for lying about them (or spreading incorrect information cuz you made a mistake or you heard something and didnt bother to check yourself), then i’ll apologize for saying that you’re lying

if not, yeah, then I’ll just stand by that statement and own it, the same way you’ll have to own your false statement


They’re kind of handling this poorly. Now is the time to start selling on why people should continue visiting back - if it’s about community, they need to start promoting it with CTA that encourage users to join the forum - it’s such a buried a link that no one would see it unless they’re digging through.

They should run giveaways within the community to build that. They could build a niche community dedicated to indie games or have a staff member dedicated to interacting with the community - maybe that exists, but it’s poorly promoted.

The Twitch “influencer” thing is IMO a silly move. They’re relying solely on Twitch streamers to drive awareness & sale of deals. It’s not really a sustainable model long term because as streamers become bigger, they drop Chrono and instead make deals directly with game providers. So in the end, Chrono is actually helping small Twitch streamers grow their audience and then they abandon the platform.

I don’t think Chrono will go away any time soon, but there’s no competitive advantage to using Chrono over any other deal site. With deal aggregation sites like Isthereanydeal, consumers don’t have a reason to have brand loyalty to Chrono.

My recommendation is keep the coin system, but use it for coupons on the store or discount.
Just my 2 cents…


The thing is, though, the ppl who actually take the time to check out the community (and not just spew salt :joy:) will realize this community has a lot of giveaways going on almost all of the time regardless.

There has always been plenty of staff interaction here too, though quite often ppl dont even realize they’re interacting with a staff member when it does happen. I’m pretty sure they’ve decided to limit those interactions for the moment until they come out with their announcements, cuz these past weeks there’s been plenty of threads made just to complain. And I guess they’re smart enough to stay out of that. Anyway, I’m sure once this all blows over and the new plans have been put into effect, things will all come back to normal here (they already have, for the most part. it will be better once the coin shop just disappears and is no longer there. though ofc even then we’ll have to deal with ppl coming here then and being like, where is the coin shop? where are my coins? wtf? you guys this and this, dont count on seeing me here ever again [though we never saw them here in the first place :joy:])

As for the competitive advantage, they have that every single time they have the cheapest deal that day regardless, and that’s where their sales come from, and that was always the point from the beginning, so I’d say everything is working as intended.


I’ll only agree with this portion; all the rest is vitriolic, anger-borne word vomit.
(not that it’s unrelatable-just super overspoken and pointless)


Don’t make me close this thread also…Let’s be civil.


Yes, for me, the Community really is the best part. :clap:


Yeah; there’s the Funnies Section worth checking out (you can get some free candy there too I hear lolz)


I dunno if I would want official giveaways as such at least it depends on how they would do it and the quality. I don’t want this to be a trashy indie gala type site. Sorry to indie gala lmao they aren’t that bad plus i do buy games from them but the vibes there tho. XP there are plenty of unofficial giveaways here already besides of good quality however.

Yeah its true they could promote the community better tho and link it more I didn’t find it till later, brighter graphics would help. I guess the deal is just still really the focus and the coin shop was until now. They did link to the forum when closing to be fair, though all that led to is people’s negativity and such. Having the community at a stronger focus though could be a good move if they chose to.

But for sure they are working on stuff yes to improve the site thats why they removed the coin shop because it was not working and getting in the way of genuine changes. People were just hoarding coins so prices of games went up and they good games went quickly so people got upset and blah. Or the keys were bad quality or not good enough for some people etc etc.

They defo got to make some improvements ofc to distiguish itself from competitors, it is a market full of many deals already, but that’s what they are here to figure out.


I used to buy a lot from IndieGala - but the quality went down tremendously. I like indie games, but they focused more on shovelware and having rock-bottom low prices, so that people who want 100 games for $2 would buy.

I’d rather someone just pick out 2 good indie games & charge $10 for it. There’s tons of indie developers working on something cool, that need both the capital investment & promotion that I’m sure would be willing to take part. Hardest part is working out deals with them, but I’d fully support a site that focused on indie developers.