Are there going to be enough keys for the closing?


as of now, those games are still available… :man_facepalming:


The following are true:
Iconoclasts is 18K coins
Iconoclasts is on my Steam Wishlist
I have 10K coins

Edit: I now have just a few hundred coins as I grabbed The Hex.

I likely won’t have enough coins for anything else…
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Same here


I am missing 200 coins for Moon Hunters :cry: but thank you chrono for this. These are really good 5 games to end it on!


I wish I could’ve gotten iconoclasts. It’s only been 3.5 hours, and it’s already sold out. I’m sitting on 80.5K coins, having only ever bought one game I wanted in 2 years of spinning coins :(. I’m a little bummed out now, and wish they’d have had more keys.


I was busy and didn’t get to check in until 3.5 hours after the reveal, every new game was sold out. Dang. Guess I’ll just have to let my coins burn.

Poor Council, attention taken away by the coin shop :'D One day I’ll buy it.


I am so very bummed I missed Iconoclasts and Moon Runner. Guess my 28k coins are worthless. :confused:


What games were you interested in?


Moon Hunters and Iconoclasts. Both were games I’ve been eyeing for a while, but don’t want enough to actually pay real money for :'D


Sent you a DM iwth akey but its not for those games, sorry :expressionless:


Wow. I kept trying to load the store for hours, but it kept hanging. By the time I do get it to load, everything is gone. :frowning:


Oh noooo, I’d feel better if Iconoclasts didn’t hit the shop at all :confused: Damn missing out syndrome


Great games tho, I’ve played The Hex and Moon Hunters


Quite bummed I missed Iconoclasts


The answer is def not


Damn i missed it, and only 3 games left in the shop lmao. Hardcore ending. I shouldn’t have gone to bed early.

Moon Hunters and Xmorph or Robin Hood i was looking forward to those


This is some BS. I was waiting for new game to hit the shop normally its at 5PM uk time. After 5PM i log in and new game have a sign coming soon so I though I had time till next daty 5PM. No I wake up today and all the games are gone and I’m stuck with 30k points. Stupid way to end this service.


This was the one Friday that I was way too distracted at work to check the coin shop! It was picked clean by the time I looked and I have 40k coins left. Maybe I can use them to fill a wading pool… then hop into it like Scrooge McDuck :sweat_smile:


Tough luck… 43k coins and no games to buy :drooling_face:


speaking of which I still have 18,000 coins, I work so there was no chance I’d get that, I Wake up an hour after the change, can I convert them to a piece of dusty cheese?