Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza

As you’ve probably already guessed from the title, we’ve got some news to share, both rad and sad. We’ll rip the band-aid off and give you the sad news first: we’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to end support for Chrono Coins and the Coin Shop. We know Coins are a favorite feature for many of you, it’s one of ours as well, but in order for us to focus on all of the great new stuff we’re building we felt it was time to give Coins the sendoff it deserves. This leads us to the rad news…

Starting today, like right now, we’re celebrating Chrono Coins by adding 5, rather than the normal 2, great games to the Coin Shop, but that’s not all. Two weeks from now, on May 29th, we’ll be adding 5 more awesome games, giving you over 30 titles to choose from before the Coin Shop closes one month later on June 29th. At that point, coin collection, unspent coins, and the shop itself will be removed from

We can’t thank all of you enough for the amount of love and support you’ve expressed for Chrono Coins over the last three years. Without you, Coins, and Chrono itself, wouldn’t have been possible. Seriously, to all you obsessive Coin clickers out there, thank you from the entire Chrono team, you rock.


Such sad news, but thank you for everything you and the rest of the team have brought to us over the past few years.

I discovered the coins after I became a part of the community and became an obsessive daily coin clicker at that point.

I am sure I will still be reading the forums and doing the usual stuff daily, that won’t change, just will be missing the coin spins, I am sure.

Thank you!


Nice selection of games, thanks Chrono team for the coin shop over these years, its been a nice extra for being on the site.


Does that mean you guys wont be adding any more games after May 29th?


thank you chrono team for everything :smiley:


There goes any reason for me to open Chrono afterwards. I like deals but unless someone alerts me to a deal I’m probably not opening the site daily.




Sad to see it go, even though I haven’t picked up anything from the coin shop for a long time. The coins were the reason I first visited these forums.

Kudos to the Chronos team for the final five games in the coin shop. That’s an amazing selection.


Eh, I won’t manage to get any of these games even if I clicked every day till the end :< It’s kind of… disappointing? But hey, I understand. Does Chrono itself stay?


Well so long then and thanks for all the fishes

Im sad to see the coin shop go because with all its default it did helped gather a community, many of those people may not come back once the coin shop is gone.


Can we get an absolutely useless coin to spin just in order to reinforce our engrained Obsessive Compulsive behaviour?


You can get the site to alert you of the daily deals, there is a notify section on the top of the home page. Also you can get email notifications of the daily deal if you wish.

Not the final five games. Still five to go.

Yes, the website and daily deal will still be around.


That’s a shame, but understandable if you’re looking to make changes and try new things with the platform.

One thing I think was really important about coins was that they encouraged daily checking of the Chrono store. I rarely make a purchase these days but I signed up for email notifications in order to get my daily coins, and always gave the game a fair look while I was there. With coins going I’ve now got nothing to gain from looking at these emails (which, let’s be honest, are opt-in ads) unless I make a purchase. Perhaps I was in a minority though, and coins weren’t doing their job well.

So then, do you guys have any plans to add something else that would encourage that user behavior? I’m totally in support of this move if it’s part of a larger plan for improvements, but as it stands atm it feels like a tool to draw eyeballs to the store every day is being removed without a replacement.


:’( Ahhh.
Thanks for what you’ve done & all the best with the future! o7


Sad to see the coin shop go, but I’d be sadder if the site as a whole disappeared. If this prevents that from happening, then do what you have to do!


Very sad new but well… the only that ramains is a big THANKS for the amazing works you guys have done


The sad news, but even sadder for me is that I can’t buy out new games not one :frowning: for coins :frowning:


1111 spins so far, i wonder how many total spins there were and so how many i missed…


I like to use this one when I need my fix, let’s hope it sticks around.


Bummer, this was my only motivation for checking the site daily.