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The last time I used that program was for FORTRAN.


A good pictographer is in control of it’s equipment :relieved:
I do get why you decided to focus on the background instead of the foreground

That aside, boy I just noticed, I’ve a shiny brand new title :open_mouth:
Who was it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Inferry This must be the April Fools Title that you demanded…


Taking this from @Ohko because of how much it relates to the giveaway… :clock6:


It’s been there for a little while longer (a couple of days iirc) than that. I’m confident @Inferry is actually a blind drawing robot and that is why he it didn’t see it before.

Bro, I also got a shiny new title! Title buddies. :blush:


@coralinecastell Kind of proving your point now :q
Also, really? I did notice yours, did I just went blind on mine for some reason :weary:?
But yay! :tada:


Man I only realized the joke now… @Scribesake you’re way too good at being evil.

Wanna join my empire? :smiling_imp:


I honestly think the title has been there for a couple of days, man. Maybe one of the other regulars or mods can confirm? I remember it as far as my birthday but I might be delirious.

And yay! :tada:

I’ll stop derailing now I’m so so sorry :train2:


I mean, who else would host a giveaway at April fools and make it a treasure hunt? Sad thing is if you actually figured out my puzzle, you would see how evil I am.

I would take over your so called empire. :fire: @coralinecastell


Watch out…


This is making my eyes hurt now. time to take a break.


Why do so many people disregard the time? Is it not ODD? How many times do I need to say this, and that is for both puzzles if you want to give the first one a try… and become a master. The second one is so simple it is stupidly simple… I will clarify this in the next hint I give which will be soon, but what you are supposed to do with the information for the second remade one is that at hand there are THREE Youtube links dubiously hidden within the code, If you can give me all three of them, you win.

I do in matter realize that there might have been a misdirection in my previous remade broken picture, So I am going to make a nee remade-REMADE broken picture. It is basically the same answer though, It is just in the way you interpret it. In this one there is only one youtube link you need to find.

(Tell me if you downloaded it A-ok on here, just worried since it may be broken and I am not sure how that will effect it if any effect at all.)

I will give you a final poem in hopes that this may help you find it. cough, cough…

“The hourglass ticks up, then down, and then grows evergrowing around till you rebirth this cycle ending.
Hours gone past, leave lines unwrapped, odd grows the hour swimming with a snorkel not in the army.
Else the last two hold this poem true, for the first is the worst and will make masters seppuku.”


I am lazy and I think I gave you PLENTY OF HINTS. Find it while you can. Hours add up.




I’m a master at horrible poems. Who knew?


I am going to go to bed. Whatever you do, please don’t seppuku @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Most likely


I said please DON’T seppuku… @Discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: Allow the world to live as it chooses, and allow yourself to live as you choose. — Richard Bach


It seems I have lost hope for humanity and for robots/AI… Goodnight all.


Thanks for doing this!!


My head already hurts…:cry:


thanks for liking EVERY SINGLE TING, you a real one.


This is an unimaginably cool and thought provoking way of hosting a giveaway, I love it.
Or… I did love it, until I just melted my brain to a soft, waxlike consistency - attempting to work out cyptic clues without the necessary software to sleuth properly! :laughing:

Nah, absolutely fantastic idea, feel like I was starting to get somewhere (ish!) , but not being able to mess with the pictures has left me kinda stumped (not to mention I’m a tad late to the party!). Good luck to everyone else, I think I shall leave this with the professionals :male_detective: /