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Well, seeing that everyone has a different time zone I would say 22-24 hours, but I also gave the MST when the treasure hunt is over. So here is my final say. Since everyone who gave me an answer already was before 12:AM and now that it is Past 12:AM currently, Anyone who has recently game me an answer is free to do so again 6 hours from now. (Although I may be asleep at the time.) Then it would be once every 24 hours.


So if I reply now its too late for 6 hours wait hm? Not that I have any real idea of whats going on anyway XD
It’s like 9am here lol these time zones fuzz my mind up


Everyone else who hasn’t gave an answer can do so every day or every 24 hours just to be clear. :innocent:


Gives me some time to sleep and decide if Treasure Chest full of diamonds means anything.


I see where this is going, but I am not sure i have all I need.


OMG I’m featured in the clue screenshot! :wave:


OK, I already got that bit but as for the rest… :woman_shrugging:

RIP collective Chrono brains. @PeteMcc please avenge us and win.


I think I got the same bit as you, but I am a little lost on where to go from there. I don’t think the vengance will take place


Well, that’s 1/3 of what’s in the picture as far as I can tell… I’m now lookin for the first bit. :wink:


You guys are seriously getting any ideas? lol I’ve not the first clue.

Nice giveaway alternative though. Good luck all. My brain hurts.


Not sure whether this is a red herring -


The treasure, it looks right at me but I am stuck, my mateys :skull_and_crossbones:

Superb giveaway, thanks @Scribesake :clap:


You’re in the right direction. How would one reveal the message?


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :exploding_head: :skull:


I think i might have found it, i’m not sure. And i don’t think i’m allowed to post it here, so i’ll just wait for the answer in my message. :slight_smile:


You can find the source of the Image, look harder.


Good luck to everyone else. I can’t do these types of things. It’s the main reason I hate point and click adventures and mystery puzzle games.

I took a look at the link out of curiosity. But if its not obvious in the first 2 mins my brain starts to care less and less until I give up.

I wish the more stubborn of you good luck!


I think this is a great idea to make this into a hunt. Makes it quite interesting. If someone does figure this out that would be amazing. I don’t think I will be going on this hunt, but I love the idea. I did look at the clues, but I have no idea of the relations between each and whether any of them are red herring’s as @ohko pointed out. Good luck everyone.


interesting… :thinking: time for over thinking lol


(Internal Eternal Sigh…) Maybe only one of you has been close to asking what I wanted you to find without going into the proper steps to find it… So guess what? I made it easier to find the meaning of what I meant whilst making it arrr… difficult…-er to find. You must agree with me that this image is quite… ODD

I am disappointment… Not at you per say, Maybe I just hid things to deep. Maybe, just maybe… I would have really appreciated if someone got where I was getting at, but at the same time, I tried to say to go deeper on multiple occasions on PM’s. So here is the most obvious hint I can give you. Have you watched National Treasure? The so called hidden treasure map on the back of the deceleration of Independence is called an Ottendorf Cipher. Not that it matters with The picture I am giving you now. Go download if you don’t already Notepad++ and try to decipher what I gave if or the previous one if you are so inclined to do so since they are both different. Numbers are running down. Time is at hand.

P.S. These pictures hold no relevance to the treasure hunt in progress, I just find it interest what changes happen to your photos when you change a few values…


Alright I’ve had my sleep and it’s now late morning, time to start the hunt again! I love a good puzzle :slight_smile:

Edit: the first hint is out I see. Now to scour and decide if there’s anything new in it.


I truly love you enthusiasm, good luck Vindace! :grin: