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ARRRRGGG MATIES! IT IS I, SCRIBESAKE ON BOARD WITH YOU TODAY!!! :skull_and_crossbones: I wanted to host a giveaway of sorts, and since @ohko was doing a different type of giveaway format from the norm, I thought “Why not?” I wanted it to differ from someone being lucky and I wanted to try something new to spice things up as well. So it’s about time I host a treasure hunt! Even my Chrono Clock tells me so! :clock6:

Everything you need to know has been given to you. If I don’t get the correct answer within a day or so, then I’ll give a hint and see how things unfurl. The rules are simple:

Good luck and have fun. I hope it may be a challenge for you. The question is that since this is April fools, Will you behold a treasure chest filled with diamonds, Or will you get fools gold? :old_key:


Thanks for hosting! I’m going to try my best to hunt down the answer :female_detective:


I’m working on it too! it’s kicking my butt though, I think.



So tired, must sleep :sleepy:

But treasure… :drooling_face:


I generally suck at these. Had an idea, will see if it plays out. If not, I dunno if I’ll pursue further.

Edit: nope. GL;HF. Peace.


There’s more than one time zone matey.


bro i never did one of these before, and this is confusing the crap outta me. I see clues i just dont know where to go. Good luck feller jack sparrows.


Thank you, fixed. :grinning:

If you need help, remember that you can discuss it between yourselfs, just DO NOT give any obvious hints about the FINAL ANSWER or what the FINAL ANSWER is.


the answer is mayonnaise.


Nah, is clearly mustard :relieved:


lol u write


How should I say… It’s not so white as that. and if you did give me the correct answer here, remember. NO ONE WINS IF EVERYONE KNOWS. :dagger: (Or at least people who havn’t won yet.)


Just put my first guesses in. I’m not really sure what exactly I’m searching for here but maybe I stumbled upon it.


my brain hurts ffs


Isn’t it nice to use it once in a while?


I think I’m looking at stuff more than what I should :sweat_smile:


god dammit XD


I have no idea how far out or deep I should look! some of this stuff can go waaaay deep.


Hmmm :neutral_face: lol


Deeper than the post in the background.