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I will give hints once a day on here, I’ll give a hint 12 hours from now and 24 hours from then give or take a few hours.


Capt’n @Scribesake does takes awful photos doesn’t he?



Finding that particular post was a hunt itself, even when I knew I read it recently.


Really? I just started typing it and the thing poped right away in the search bar ;q




but that dosn’t have much to work with


unless there is… image


On mobile. Remembered the picture and went looking for that.


Fair enough.




Sorry, I’m sleep deprived, which for some reason makes me talk more :thinking:
Sista says is the same as being drunk :smile:


Alright I changed some of the guesses I sent in since Scribe hasn’t replied to them confirming or denying, I’ve made some more headway into the puzzle. I made a leap or two, but I’m more confident in this answer than my previous guesses.


power to you man, ima watch youtube.


Go for it. I’m procrastinating already so there’s that.


before i go - image and

i have no idea what this means or if this is just dead weight. Nevertheless, good luck. I need a aspirin


That’s interesting. There are also two black dots near the picture. One on the bottom, one on the right. No idea if intentional. (the one on the right shows up well when colors are inverted).


Captain Scribesake… Sound really good! Also Mister Artist, Don’t blame the camera, blame the focus…


I have a good idea on the answer. Unfortunately, I already blew my guesses for today. Speaking of which, is it 3 guesses and you have to wait 24 hours or is there a definition on when the day starts and ends? @Scribesake


Yep used mine too, but I also think I have some idea of what’s going on now. Maybe. Who knows.