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Anyone up for baseball, or slice dicing & ricing? 🎁 Giveaway [Ended]


These drawings are so good! How is this not Chrono’s official mascot yet? I would love to see a bi-weekly comic of Coin Man (or Chrono Man) to coincide with new coin shop releases. Talk with Chrono and make it happen :smile:

Are you entering, btw?


I make these when a comment sparks an idea, but ain’t gonna lie, it would certainly be nice. That means I’ll need to up my game thou, my humor is not as good as I would like.

I’m not entering, I already have baseball super something, and the rice one doesn’t interest me that much. Good luck to the others, as universe breaking as that may be.


they are really really nice! :+1: :trophy:, i’ve quite enjoyed all your Mr Chrono Coin images (and your cute raspberry etc) :blush: :hugs:
-do feel free to keep them coming, official mascot or not, knowing they are appreciated :smiley:


Nice giveaway! Not Entering. Just wanted to say thanks!


Not entering, but heres a link to a really tasty looking rice and chicken burger that I’m planning on making soon.


Thanks! I definitely will :grinning:


Haha, that’s a great thought! :smiley:

Sorry for complicating the formulas running our world. Maybe there is some kind of maintenance guy that takes all the unnecessary parts out at night? Hope he didn’t get too mad and added a luck debuff specifically for me!


Nice giveaway. Not entering. But thanks for the giveaway!:+1:t2:


Entering with the NY Yankees and this:

Dammit, now I want shrimp fried rice.


Giveaway ending in less than 24-hours.

Here are the entries so far:

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings


Slice, Dice & Rice


@Punkster Just want to confirm, you are not entering, right?

Did I miss anyone? If so, please let me know asap.

Any last minute entries?


Over here! Yes, one :point_up: more right here! Time for me to take a “swing” :cricket_bat_and_ball: at this giveaway, I guess :wink: !

As much as I have grown up “around” watching (and attempting to play) :baseball: American baseball :baseball: , my “favorite” baseball team has got to be the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, purely because of their :star_struck: adorable :star_struck: mascots! When I visited Fukushima-cho and the surrounding Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan a few years ago, I saw a flyer posted around several cities advertising their latest game. Curious as to how Japanese baseball teams play (and how the overall atmosphere at their games was), I bought a ticket; lol and behold, the first thing that grabbed my attention when the players entered the field were their MASCOTS! A male one (whose name I can’t remember) and Honey the female Hawk! Gosh, if only I could find the picture! Needless to say, their costumes’ sheer cuteness captivated my attention for much of the whole game. The team also played very well, mind you, and won by a slight margin of home runs if I recall. Good times … good times :blush: .

Ah, and if my pun and little story did not give it away already , I would like to enter for Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings .

Thank you , @DanosaurJr , for the giveaway, and thank you to all of the other baseball fans, sports fans, e-sports fans (looks at @harith :cow: :eyes: ) , and foodies who have participated and/or contributed to this thread for all of their stories and good laughs :joy: :+1: !

Man, I should try and find some image of those Hawks …


Ooh, I almost forgot!

Here is one of my favorite rice dishes (although it is NOT exactly well-cooked like the other examples above):

UNI nigiri :sushi: !

So I will be ordering Slice :hocho: , Dice :game_die: , & Rice :rice: as well !


Wow, what’s your deal with your blatant bigotry towards maggots? Maggots can be rice if you are poor and/or drunk?
Not all of us are rich enough to afford “Real Rice,” You snob. Am I actually meant to feel ashamed now, was that your goal, to shame me? Too bad.

Oh and before you get all smug in your rice eating ways, have you ever considered this? You know where rice is grown, how it is picked from paddy fields etc. don’t you? Well, all those people working in the paddy fields all day, knee deep in water… They are not going to go to the side of the field to use the bathroom, now are they?

Non-delusional answer

Thanks for the giveaway, mate, I wasn’t entering, I should have made that more clear. I thought the bowl of maggots would mean automatic disqualification but I appreciate you asking all the same.
No Maggots were harmed in the making of this total shite.

Good day to you!



I wish I could spend a day in your mind, Punkster.

And thanks for kind of ruining rice for me!




don’t worry, you can always return to meats :wink:


What is your favourite icecream?
[initial post resolved] Possible new rank for trading?

Be careful what you wish for…:scream:


Giveaway ended. Winners have been notified.

So long and thanks for all the rice (and maggots)!


have some more seeds for your garden

(ps someone can get lost for a looong time googling piglets) :blush:

[initial post resolved] Possible new rank for trading?
[initial post resolved] Possible new rank for trading?

You are an evil gnome!

I hereby sentence you to eat three packages of these veggie bacon strips in order to redeem yourself.


Damn those piglets are indeed adorable. And that was actually pretty funny :laughing: :cry: