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Anyone up for baseball, or slice dicing & ricing? 🎁 Giveaway [Ended]


Got these spare keys in a recent bundle:


Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings: This game is a lot of fun. If you love baseball, you should definitely play it. If you hate baseball, you should still play it… and you may end up liking baseball.


Slice, Dice & Rice: A weapons-based fighting game with one-hit kills. It’s kind of like the old PS1 game Bushido Blade, but in 2D and slightly less-awesome. It does have a really nice art style though and is quite fun if you have someone to play with.


Only enter if you actually intend to play the game. No same-day accounts (you must already be a member of the community prior to the start of the giveaway).

If entering for Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings - post your favorite baseball team. If you don’t like baseball, post your favorite sports team (any sport will do). If you don’t like sports, post anything (just be sure to make it known that you are entering for Super Mega Baseball).

If you are entering for Slice, Dice & Rice - I don’t know, post a picture of a tasty looking rice dish or something (just be sure to make it known that you are entering for Slice, Dice & Rice).

Giveaway will end on Monday, March 5th. That should give everyone plenty of time. Discobot will decide the winner. Good luck!


Not entering but Slice,Dice & Rice makes me want to watch Ninja Scroll again. jubei


yo, I dont have a favorite team cuz i live in a country where they dont play it, but that game looks dope and i do like the sport in itself, though I’m more into e-sports than real sports now, but i don’t rly have a favorite e-sports team either; i just love to see gifted players or athletes go at it. Would love to play it, and especially see my kids play it, so entering for super mega baseball.


sushiI would like to play slice and dice if you still got the key


i just made this chat but i have been on since it started never knew about this forum side of it tho


Slice, dice and rice looks interesting. I’d like to give that a shot.


I would like to play slice and dice, that game looks very interesting and fun to play.


I will enter for Super mega baseball, since for a sports game it actually interests me and seems like it might be some good fun. I personally do not have a favourite baseball team but most of my friends like the Yankees so I will just go with that.


You mean anywhere in the world but Japan and USA?
Just kidding, but not really… don’t kill me…


Yeah, I realize baseball is only popular in a handful of countries and, just to be clear, this is why I said: “If you don’t like baseball, post your favorite sports team.” It could be any team, from any sport, from anywhere in the world (it doesn’t even have to be your own country). And if you don’t like team sports, post your favorite Olympian or e-sports player. Pretty much anything is acceptable :wink:


This is my first time signing in on the community side of, but I’ve enjoyed reading the posts here for long time. Due to that, I’m not eligible to win the Slice, Dice & Rice key, but here is a picture of a rice and quinoa beef stir fry that I made a while back that turned out beautiful. Reflecting on that great dish was prize enough :slight_smile:


(now im hungry dammit : P )


Welcome to the community @SteelyPhil! Hopefully you will stick around and join in the conversation from time to time. You might not be eligible for this one, but there will be more giveaways in the future :wink:

That’s a pretty tasty looking dish, btw :+1:


Ok then, this is my favorite team:

The Chronometeers

I’m not sorry for that name


Hello there, first of all, thanks for the giveaway :smiley:
i wanna say that both games look pretty interesting, yet, i’ll be entering for the
Super Mega Baseball
The reason is: in my country, this sport is not popular at all, you can barely even find any team playing this game… yet, baseball caught my attention, and since i’m a very busy guy i barely have time to watch any game streamed… Why entering? Because this game may have the chance to teach my the rules of Baseball ( PS: i created my own bat, used a tennis ball and TRIED to play that game with my friends in real life, we had fun, but no idea about what we were doing )

My favorite team is currently non, and i don’t really have any favorite team ( i am a MMA player, i cheer myself :stuck_out_tongue: ) , yet i like Bayern Munich soccer team+ anything related to calisthenics.

Sry for the long paragraph, Good luck for all!!!

(it’s an 9gag tradition to post a potato pic after every long post)




Aye, ignore me.


I’m not entering but I wanted to say that I really like Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings (probably not the handiest title, though). It’s not a typical sport in my country, but the gameplay is very enjoyable and encouraging!

Good luck to everyone!


If luck is a thing that exists in this universe then wishing everyone luck in a 0 sum game of chance would be akin to not doing anything at all. You can’t add an equal amount of luck to all sides of an equation, it’ll just cancel out.

Now the formulas running in the background of our reality just gets needlessly long and convoluted for no good reason, way to go!


but what if i secretly wish someone a little bit more luck than others?

(not entering)
also, best rice dish must obviously be the traditional jelly filled doughnut

(-boi did pokemon have me confused for years…) :joy:


Slice, Dice & Rice!

Arroz Caldo- Filipino Rice Porridge:

I’ll even include the recipe. i actually use regular long grain white rice. Really warms you up on a cold day! Sometimes I’ll just throw everything but chicken in a rice cooker, set it to porridge and top it with green onions and eggs. SO GOOD.