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AMA - I work for


I suggest growing sloths. Way way better.


Lets say, hypothetically speaking, someone missed a daily deal. (CoughTower of Time cough)
How much would it impact the likelihood of it being offered again if that individual begged?
Still an entirely hypothetical discussion, you understand?


@Enki and I concur, I’m sure.


Very nice, I like it a lot. I too played Stardew Valley (and loved it) and we now started Farm Together. It’s different, obviously, but it’s still a relaxing/fun game to play with your wife.






What’s the best food you’ve had as part of working with Chrono?


What game would you like to see featured on the site as a daily deal that hasn’t been featured before?


Do you (that is, have any plans to do some kind of holiday-themed events, like you did for April Fools, for any other holiday? I enjoyed that black hole key event you guys ran


Ditto. The Game hole event is mega funny. ^^

Personally, I’d like to see the staff try Pogostuck or another one of those “rage games”, but since everybody likes different games, that may not be feasible.


What is your favorite part about working w/ Dusty?


probably the fact that he doesn’t have to share the same office :joy:


What happens to leftover keys after a daily deal is over?


Do it you won’t


nO don’t egg him on he’ll do it and we’ll all suffer


It’s okay I not so secretly actually like that series of games


The poop connoisseur



Oops! Did not expect people to keep asking questions, lol. Answers below:

Texas BBQ.

Would love to feature Factorio, one of my all time favorite games!

We’re planning some things again, stay tuned! :slight_smile:

That you bring me Dr. Pepper when I’m at the office.

We return the keys to the developer/publisher.


Has increasing the price of shop games served its purpose in decreasing the overall coin pool that’s currently out there?


Who makes the decision of which steam games are added to the Chrono coin store?