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AMA - I work for


I completely missed this a month ago.

What’s the new office like (hope it’s roomy)? My understanding is that you’ve been there a few times already for all-staff meetings. Is there a dedicated kitty corner with kitty toys and scratchposts sort of like a Cat Café (or do you have a Cat Café in the office)? And where are the collectibles stored now? I think there was supposed to be a new shelf for them after the move was done many months back? And how many more multi-part questions can I cram into this one message?


would it be ok for me to ask about the number of games you have queued up for the daily deal usually?
does it fluctuate?
do dates matter? like do publishers ask for a specific date? or do you have some days where there must be a deal that fills a special criteria?
@RaccoonV are you still answering questions? :blush: