4 different games giveaway. (OH MY finished!)

So I’ve just bought some humble bundles, and as they are bundles, they come with games I do not want. and thats where you guys come in…

I have:


only one of each. So I want everyone to say what they want and then separately, why they want it, IN ACROSTIC FORM.
the acrostic can form any word relating to the game you choose, I.E. you may use “zombie” for how to survive 2, because there are zombies in it and any word under three letters won’t be accepted because it probably wouldn’t be a good acrostic. and if only one acrostic exists for the game you’re playing for you automatically win!

anyway, enough rules, have fun! the one that makes me laugh the most gets the prize, so yeah you have to be witty too :wink: and if none make me laugh the most grammatically correct one wins, closing time is Monday 8pm GMT, thats more time then you get for homework. :stuck_out_tongue:

would also like to say, please consider going to humble bundle and getting this bundle yourself, for only 1 dollar you can get the lowest tier of games, and its usually 3 or more games, so y’know, they always give money to charity so thats nice, this bundle showed me a new charity apparently call of duty has one, and has been helping people for years. which is awesome, makes me like call of duty a little more.



Have I understood your rules correctly? I skipped this bundle myself because even the first tier only had this one title in it that I was interested in.
Eagle here of course refers to me and I’m new to flight sims but I’ve always been interested in them.

Low just
In case we
Got it wrong with the


Kinda easy being King
In every battle I will win
Nothing stands between me and my regime
Gonna give you my blessing
Day of defeat will never come
Oh my god, what have i done
My poem isn’t fun

So, not sure if this is close enough to “to say what they want and then separately, why they want it”, just had a little idea and rolled with it, turns out i also missed the part, which should make you laugh i guess, but hey it’s in acrostic form.:sweat_smile:
Thanks btw for making such a nice giveaway, will surely be entertaining, reading some more of the poems


Klepting (its a word trust me)


Need it.

(Wow. Such effort)


Soon you will find a shelter
Under the cover of night
Rodents scamper and bite
Vengeful and cruel
Invisible to a mere mortal like you
Voracious, they
Ate you as you


First haiku, now acrostic…

Chrono.gg - come for the deals, stay for the poetry :smile:

Thanks for the giveaway @kylehayman361. I would enter for Kingdom, but there is probably someone here who wants it more than I do. Not sure when I would get around to playing it.


Of course, why else would you come for :sweat_smile:


so far you’re the only one for simple planes, AND it made me laugh so good show xD it’s fun I already have a copy of all of these games apart from baseball, why even make video games about baseball? surely you should just go play it?

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and so many Kingdom applicants :open_mouth: you get no word of my opinion once there are more than one entry, I am an impartial judge my friends xD

and I take it yours is for H2S? @timyttv you could potentially survive in kingdom. xD

just so entrants know, the word doesn’t have to be the title of the game. and you are allowed to edit the whole entry so long as it’s before the closing date, so don’t worry if you want to change your mind. :slight_smile:

I’d like Out of the Park Baseball 18

Batter up
Anticipation sets in
Steel eyes focused on the pitcher
Everyone tensely waiting
Bases are loaded
All he needs is a homerun
Looking as the ball sails out of the park
Lots of cheering, the game is won

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In the
North in
Game of Thrones is
Me can replace him.

'Nuff said. Kidding, after watching Game of Thrones(currently on S04) I search for a lot of similar genre games and I stumbled upon this game.
Thank you for the chance mate!

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I’m currently on season 0 xD I don’t like it, thats the one where the first scene is sex right? the most I saw was a video titled “every sex scene in game of thrones”

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Wait, you didn’t like GoT? :astonished: How is this possible?

I must insist you keep watching! Guaranteed you will be hooked by the end of Season 1.


if there’s still sex in it I won’t xD

there’s no point in watching crass, because you get horny and forget EVERYTHING that happened that wasn’t boobie related xD


Well, it’s probably best you avoid it then. There is quite a bit of gratuitous sex and nudity, especially in the early seasons - to keep the attention of the lowest common denominator.

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don’t worry, they slowed down the sexing and graphic nudity after they began winning awards :smile:, there is still some, but it’s mostly in the early seasons :wink:
it’s good, well worth it despite the ridic boobage, and you can always make a game of it, -every time they show/do x, take a drink, or something (might want an emt on standby in the early seasons) :joy:


yeah exactly xD and I have a higher IQ than the common denominator. he is underneath me on the societal divisionary line. xD

but yeah I could be into it but its just too far gone, I thought the hot blonde one was Jennifer Lawrence, and I found it annoying she was in both the top selling film and tv series of the same year xD but I don’t think it is her, playing the stark(?) girl

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thats a good idea, :open_mouth: I’m a stoner so I won’t need a…


I’ve just realised I have no idea what we call EMTs here in England…


I know its NOT EMT 'cause that sounds ridiculous and is a mouthful when you’re dying. xD

pretty sure we just say “get me an ambulance” which is wrong because thats the vehicle and that aint gonna cure what ails yee…

anyway weed is harmless so I wouldn’t need one and thanks for the good idea xD