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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with survival mechanics.


sooo, a fcn DEMO gets counted as a game now?!?!
wth, “unlock 9 games”. say what, can you count? 8games +1 demo meng :man_facepalming:
also, anyone got a clue why they are calling wandersong a humble original when (on steam) it doesn’t appear to be published by Humble, and usually humble originals don’t get on steam, at least not for months? :man_shrugging:
feels like nothing more than an ad/promo for their own product this time if they are publishing it


Gotten the rest of the bundle now and next month revealed.

Don’t really know anything about that first one, American truck sim I’m sure is fine but it’s for certain rather bare bones without any of the DLC and finally Gremlins I already have. Good game just don’t have anyone to play it with, maybe I will now.

Oh I forgot

Which is a rather cute little puzzle game, emphasis on little. Saw it streamed once and it doesn’t really have any replay value.


i’m still waiting for confirmation to see how much of the “full season” (of the steam version) is included on Hitman
other than that, seems like a solid early unlock,
imo 100% worthy for just Hollow Knight alone :+1: :trophy: for people that don’t already have it , (tho i’m also smittenly biased on that one), :blush:
and then (probably) getting the remaining episodes for Hitman(that they didn’t want to give free:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) doesn’t seem to bad, +whatever other games later, seems like a fair thing for the price :thinking:
-provided they don’t “fork” over prior or early subs again with a 4-8$ offer later again this month :wink: :smile:


Yeah I’m wondering about that too, there’s no package on steam that corresponds to a “first season” one MIGHT assume that they mean all episodes and there really is only one season. But with humble it’s hard to know.

Since I already have hollow knight and 7 days to die is… I don’t even know, I look at the description on steam and it just sounds like impending failure to me. So is hitman worth $12? If I cancel and retry towards the end of the month will I get it for $4? They havn’t given me many incentives to stay subscribed.


My guess it’s the GOTY edition minus the bonus GOTY campaign and the bonus GOTY skin bundle.

According to the Steam page:



i think the “goty”(tho might also be a minor slightly diff package) haven’t been discounted near 12$, and i don’t think the individual episodes when available got discounted, to where if only missing the 3-4, down to 12$ either, so could be worth it, if one is into hitman/tried the free mission and liked it i suppose

see that one is hard to predict :wink:, because i’ve already paid for the year, i really hope they don’t do that again, even tho would totally be a good deal for the rest of you :smile:, but at the same time there would be 0 losing out if you canceled, and waited to see, since you can literally just jump in and sub 5min before release in a month lol




I am even worse… I bought two years at the same time… :squash: :blush:


To be fair, they’ve done it before for the Hollow Knight demo.


yea but, didn’t they say that one “up front” back then? i sorta remember it as being advertised before launch, tho i’m probably wrong about that
idono, here you just don’t know, you just see “you got 9 games”, to then just see, it’s really not “9”, but like 8¼ :wink: -which is a minor bait & switch annoyance to a grump like me that got my modest expectation up for "9"games :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
“i’m missing ¾ game dagnabbit!” :triumph: :rofl:


alrighty, so i ate the bullet (? poor choice of word :thinking: :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:), and took the early unlock
so far it’s a tiny bit confusing
allow me to demonstrate, so i get 9 pieces of content within the "full first season"cd key episodes 1-6, which displays on the steam store page as “in library” (on individual pages)
however, i get 3 extras called, “digital bonus content”, “FULL EXPERIENCE” and "bonus episode"
here is the curious part, none of the steam store “extras” show up as owned, not the “goty outfit bundle”(makes sense), but neither does the “bonus campaign patient zero”(which i would think was the bonus episode? but maybe not it’s just the regular bonus episode), and not the “blood money requiem pack” either,
-so whatever those 2 remaining “extras” the full first season pack from humble gives you, doesn’t appear to be any of the available steam store extras, at least not for now(maybe later?:man_shrugging:), tho i have restarted client, and it did/does count the individual episodes already now :thinking:
no clue, could probably look up to see what those 2 gives, if anything, but i don’t really care at this point, now i just want it to proper register the episodes in the store so i don’t actually have to rebuy the entire bundle to get the additional steam extras lol :man_facepalming: :rofl:


Seems like the Monthlies have a weird formula…subjectively the October reveal makes it incredibly poor in my opinion…even at $4 for it I probably would have felt dissatisfied in terms of games that I’d actually want to play. However, the early unlocks for November seem incredible in terms of the initial reveals we’ve seen up to this point. I’m assuming that the remaining reveals just have to be terrible or the value proposition doesn’t match what we’ve come to expect.


The title of this thread always confused me, but I figured it remotely relates to the Humble Bundle monthly. So hopefully this is the right place to share my thoughts.


7 Days To Die?! :anguished:


:thinking: ? good, bad, want ? :man_shrugging:
if it’s a comment on humble including (yet another) survival game or earl axes colour me unsurprised
only a couple of months ago we had Conan exiles or whatever, also savage lands, rust, and and,… jezz i don’t even want to waste grey matter trying to refresh that horrid cache :tired_face:

i mean, they “have” to get rid of those games somehow, right? :man_shrugging:
suppose it might be a way for the devs to (temporaily) boost such games, dying or not, old or ea status pending and whatever might be going on

besides, remember, if there is ever anything “wrong” with humble these days; we can always just “blame it on IGN” :rofl: :+1:

feels a bit like the “i’ve got this awesome condo *cough timeshare *cough to sell you”-suck-you-in-presentation, don’t it ? :thinking: :smile:, probably not at all deliberate or marketing calculated *whistles :no_mouth:
seems like they do this sorta on a rolling approach, 1 month try to lure in with “sick” promo, X$ return or discount, other time most mindblowing early unlocks etc
probably banking a fair bit on just getting people to sign up once, and then have that certain share of people that forgets to cancel so they just get those auto recurrent subs flowing in each month :question: :eyes:


Both good and want. You can never have enough survival games. I love sandbox style games where your creativity is the main focus and the game is secondary.
Plus my PC is supposedly able to run it. Oh, and Zombies!


What sort of system specs are you running? Old GPU/CPU combo? 8GB RAM?


so is it a bundle you’d get on that premise? “incl/or disregarding the others” too ofc, but with remaining 3-5 “unknown”?


I‘ve got an Intel G3260 if I recall correctly. Dualcore 3.3 GHz or something. GTX 750. 4 GB of RAM. So yeah, I‘m actually missing two GBs after doublechecking the system requirements.

Oh hell no. Gonna try to get it through trading or Steamgifts maybe if I‘m lucky.


I actually think you’d probably be fine on lower settings -

As someone with an older system it’s actually surprising how accurate some of those spec recommendations are…My CPU is worse than yours and my GPU only just better (Phenom 2 and HD 5870, 6GB system RAM) yet I’ve chewed my way through Skyrim with mods, Hollow Knight, Ryse, the Dead Space Trilogy etc…

I’m holding out for Black Friday to do some much needed upgrades…although every time I think about purchasing prices increase for some reason. This time it’s Intel and a chip shortage.


That’s the key! I’ve lost count of all the games I had the worst fucking FPS on and still managed to enjoy them. Rust (getting raided I automatically lost because frames would dip hard), DayZ (where I basically couldn’t enter any big cities or my game would crash) and so on.

I think 7 Days will be similar, but as it’s a single player game I’m hopeful.

I’m holding out for a more stable financial situation. As of now I just can’t justify spending that much on PC parts when my current one is merely 3 years old and I have plenty of games that run just fine. It seems ridiculous to me to spend 500 bucks just to play Fortnite basically :smiley:


I’m about to be unemployed…I feel like I need something to cheer me up a little and if my aged PC died I’m not sure how my frail mental state would fair. Plus I’m putting off playing games for a time when I can be sure they’ll run smoothly and play well. I don’t want to have to avoid playing things much longer!