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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


Overall I’m not dissatisfied with this month’s deal, wish I’d gotten the $4 email :unamused:. All of the games are new for me and I’m happy with most of them. That said, I kind of wish I’d waited for this next month’s, as I’ve been wanting Hollow knight for forever and I’ve always enjoyed the Hitman games.


I feel you. In that case it’s a good thing to look forward to. Without treating yourself life can get tedious reeeeal fast.


Hitman alone is worth the monthly imo :slight_smile:
The rest is bonus. I already got it though, so I would only get it for 7 days to die.


Well and as it turns out in the insanity that was this month for me (my second child was born a couple weeks ago!!!) I forgot to cancel my monthly. So Hollow Knight and hitman it is!


congrats on the birth


Can you share us the name of your newborn?
( i have no doubt it s gnuffi ) (One of us, one of us… :rofl: )


That’s awesome! Congratulations and best wishes for the new family member! :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations! That’s fantastic news! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Are you naming him (or her) Tobias Rieper?

don’t forget, there’s also 7 days to die still. Otherwise I dont mind trading it for some spare keys :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the wishes and congratulations everyone! It’s been a wild ride so far but wonderful too.

@MCharbel Sorry, I don’t feel entirely comfortable sharing that on the open internet :slight_smile: . But, It is a little boy! who is not named Gnuffi.


congratulations :clap: :raised_hand: :tada: :fireworks:

well that mistake is easy to correct
i dub thee progeny glorious: Gnuff the 7803592461st :face_with_monocle: all rise for the latest heir to the alt kingdom! :confetti_ball: :checkered_flag:

again big congratulations, and thanks for sharing such awesome stuff :hugs: yay babies :heart_eyes:


Babies…That are not mine! :baby:t2::+1:t2::clap:t2::fireworks::sparkler::tada:

Rent-a-Kid is so much simpler.:star_struck::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Thanks for the fanfare! I’ll try to raise him to be the best alt\heir he can be. :joy: :rofl:

@delenn13 we’re actually finding out the second is being easier than the first so far :slight_smile: we’re hoping that holds up :crossed_fingers:t2:

The hard part now is finding time to actually play games XD


Huh. Thought Bethesda would have started releasing Skyrim on babies by now.


oouf :grimacing: that “delicious” early unlocks bundle came round to bite us on the ass :confounded:
that drivel has got to be the most overinflated bunch to a bundle’s remaining “filler” (and msrp) in a good while :man_facepalming:


Was just gonna say this. The Sniper elite games are fun but have been free on and off for a while.
Dead island is ok I guess. Is this the okay resident evil or the bad one?
Don’t know about the other games.


@Vindace, I only read the good news now! Congratulations on the newest member of the family. :heart_eyes: Hope he’s doing fantastic with his lil baby toes!

I recently started working with kids (among all the other things I already do God help me) and it’s been such a joy! I even look after some 7/8 month-olds.

No idea how parents do it 24/7, though. Congratulations! :hugs:

As for the early unlocks of this month’s HB so I pretend I still remotely care about keeping threads on track:

Woah that’s terrible. I’m in awe.



Your thoughts Humble Bundle monthly, NOW Metal Gear.

The profecy of this thread just fulfilled itself. Sure, it’s the wrong Metal Gear, but still…



the only reasons this new month’s early unlocks are “unappealing” to me, is i already own both these games :unamused:
-as i’m still on my 12month sub, i will however run it out and see what mysteries their box holds (while :crossed_fingers: it’s better filler than this month), and just gift Metal Gear to someone (that hasn’t already taken the killer GMG steal offer :wink:)


The future is now and title has been updated to reflect this new development.

@coralinecastell thank you! It’s basically a full time job :slight_smile: my first is almost 2 now though so this new little guy feels a lot easier for now.