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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


it’s nice our original discussions on Metal gear have come full circle, maybe we should talk about bloodborne and next month humble will announce they have been secretly working on the PC port.


i’ve been subscribed for a while but was thinking to cancel my subscription… it’s only the third time i get mgs V… they are harder and harder to trade since everyone keeps giving them in their bundle as a triple a @ 80$… like yes it got release at that price but now a 5$ indie game has more value


Time to revive this thread again!


cities skylines lines +after dark dlc IS 1 FREAKIN KEY! are you shitting me with this Humble?! :man_facepalming:


I think on balance you probably did ok holding out. Seven and the Mega Man games seem like the pick of the unlocks for me personally (and the ones I’d keep), Immortal Redneck and Neurovoider seem ok, and the others are unusual enough to be interesting-ish…although given how fussy I am if I had signed up for this I expect I’d probably have been annoyed at the package as a whole…so it’s probably good I don’t get the chance to moan!


I feel the same. Wasn’t interested in the headliner games anyways, and aside from megaman don’t really care about the other games. It was an easy skip.


i’m more surprised by next months tbh, while Just Cause have been discounted heavily before, at least humble is finally bothering to bundle “complete games” (tho mgsV and just cause might just be flukes :wink:) and wizard of legend looks smashing, no idea what Project Cars appeal is, but i’m sure there be car fanatics out there that would find it a nice game

but yea, Seven really saved it this month for me, getting a wishlisted game is always awesome
i would have appreciated the Skyline+dlc key to be separate since i already own it, but seems a while since humble has bothered with that, and get special “humble packs” made lately.

but, also no way in heeeeck i’m adding this to my library

:rofl:, i can only imagine the nightmares unleashed upon with the steam algorithm if it detects that in my ownership :joy:


Jesus FUCKING Christ of FUCKS! I regret not subscribing even though I never even considered it to begin with. That December bundle is all killer, no filler! Time to trade my ass off!


You mean you don’t want to play a weird game about dating cats? Yeah The Wizard of Legend looks pretty cool. Not worth resubscribing for though.


Looks a bit like Hyper Light Drifter.


yes ikr!


add it and showcase it on your profile page :smiley:
That’s what I would do xD

It’s kind of sad that HB monthly exists now while I already made an arsenal of games. So I usually already have the most interesting ones in the bundle


Purrfect Date has honestly been on my wl since before release… I feel attacked. :angry:


Today. i’ve unsubscribed…
i have almost 900 games… i dont think more will make me start playing them.

that’s why i unsubscribed (they offer me a textbox to tell em, so i did)


I thought that the quality of humble monthly was worse, but looking back, I only skipped 3 months this year, so I guess its not that terrible. That said, I stayed subbed for both H1Z1 and Destiny 2, which both eventually went F2P, so I’m not sure about my own judgement. :confounded:

I’m a bit worried about next month, since the MSRP is already at $180. Rest of the bundle is almost definitely going to be filler.


it’s a racing game, a pretty good one at that, that’s its appeal :upside_down_face:


Well it’s that time again.

Thoughts on the new monthly titles?

Yakuza 0 I’ve been interested in for a while, but if it was just for that game Chrono had it cheaper recently.

The division has apparently gone through some major overhauls to be a pretty good game, but with the second one only a few months away the timing seems pretty awful.

And as always, you can never bank on the unfeatured games.


i’d say that probably makes it quite deliberate, as a sorta marketing tool, get a bunch of Division 1 in play, without even doing it completely free, for people to get a taste and maybe get inclined to buy the sequel, -those sneaky french :wink:

idono, i fall partly in the group of “can’t Humble just stick with steam keys” these days, Januray monthly didn’t disappoint, overall good stuff i think, yay Sundered etc. Unsure about Yakuza, but since i’m already subscribed for the next meni meni months, can’t really see a reason to pause, i might as well just stick the gambling out and hope the rest pays off :blush:


The Division has also been updated with a system called Commendations. They’re little challenges that will reward you when you play The Division 2.

The real intention, I presume, is to clear the game’s name from having its mixed reputation, and if you truly enjoy the game, it’s definitely possible to at least reach Lv 30 before launch day.


wouldn’t really make sense since “most” (visible) reputation is on steam, and Ubisoft decided to hand Uplay keys, -which don’t let you impact steam score either way. So users would have to be arsed to go “all the way” over to metacritic for that (probably some that will do that tho, but likely not many to make an impact, i’d guess)