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Your thoughts Humble Bundle Monthly, now with more.... choice?


I felt sorry for the guy who had to clean up the courtroom. He was infected with histoplasmosis.

Poor guy.



I cancelled for a similar reason. It wasn’t necessarily that I was getting games I already owned (though that did happen), it was more because the games I was getting were not really ‘me’ there were certainly cool titles in humble monthly, but…
the titles revealed for each new month were never anything that made me gasp aloud and say:image
Unfortunately, humble monthly typically only had 1 or 2 games every 3 months or so that I was really interested in, and those were always games that showed up after the month had passed… So a lot of humble monthly was me looking in the store window
Those single games though were never enough to make me pull the trigger on the purchase for next month though, cause once a game I wanted showed up one month, pretty low chance I would see it again. That made humble monthly loose a lot of charm for me… because I knew I wasn’t going to get the game I saw and wanted… I stuck to the bundles, and recently I got free of even those… My wallet has never felt so great!


I want to get it just for God Eater 2. I planned to use some money I got from Youtube to pay for it, but I’m having issues with that atm.


Mafia III’s a weird one. In terms of the Mafia series, I have to preface this by saying I hate the whole series. It’s really WAY beyond anything I can handle. SR2 pushed the line a bit, but overall there’s something about the tone of Mafia and GTA alike that just leaves me shaking my head in half-annoyance and half-disgust, like the entire premise of their stories relies on shock value.

Now, moving beyond that: Mafia III isn’t as bad as you hear. There’s a lot of people who have given it a fair shake since its messy launch, like I did with Mass Effect Andro-- um, bad example! Anyway, now that a lot of the worst bugs have been dealt with, it’s a somewhat alright game in its own right.

God Eater is Monster Hunter for weeaboos. Moving on.

Deus Ex MD is another hard one to talk about, because I loved Deus Ex Human Revolution. I hate SquareEnix for a lot of reasons, and this is definitely one of them. Mankind Divided is half of one of the best games ever made. They were deliberately told “you’re going to tie this into a sequel that’s being developed right now,” and Eidos did the best they could with this. The publisher was VERY hands-on, and made a lot of abrupt/forced “market-trendy” decisions that kept pushing them back. The fact that the first half of Deus Ex 4 is so brilliant says a lot about the developers and how much passion they have for the series. It works perfectly as a sequel to Human Revolution, and spins off of the events with a much darker tone about the “Mechanical Apartheid” that appears when

huge spoilers (for Deus Ex Human Revolution)

“Augs” are treated like dirt for the psychotic break at the end of Human Revolution, while simultaneously they grow violent and unrest develops when they resort to violence for fear of their own lives.

It’s a story that easily could have been screwed up, but they handled it perfectly. As someone who’s augmented, but still working with INTERPOL, you’re constantly stuck in this contemplative middleground where you have no idea what you’ll end up having to do next or which side (if either) would actually take you in.

Like I said… half of a game. It ends abruptly on a cliffhanger, then the trilogy’s ending was cancelled.

All that discussion aside, I cancelled my subscription this month. Forgetting to cancel for Dark Souls III was a pleasant surprise, but the rest of that bundle was pure filler. This month, we’re looking at three games with Denuvo, one of which I have, two of which I already know I’d hate every moment of… and those are the showcase games. I think we’re starting to see IGN in Humble poking out a bit.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided still has denuvo from what I can tell and make no mention of it on the steam page. God eater 2 does as well but at least they’re honest about it.


Yup, that’s Square for you. Final Fantasy 15 also hid it… and there’s already word going around that the cracked version (since Denuvo doesn’t even protect these games well anyway) runs better than the paid version. Proud to be a second class citizen, I guess…


Didn’t see your Denuvo paragraph before I started my own post. Mostly because you edited it in while I was writing : )

Though I can not see that Mafia 3 has it, at least not the PC version or so I’m told.


I might have made a mistake. Like I said, I hate the Mafia series, so I haven’t paid any real attention.

According to PCGW, it uses Arxan… to which I honestly respond, “whatever.” I don’t trust Denuvo because it has ties to SecuROM; the only games I’ve played with Arxan are Black Ops 3 and Quantum Break, both of which run fine and don’t cause my computer to implode.


Thank you. It’s pretty much an awful deal for us, poor Brazilians.

Also, I’m not entirely sure how far from the lootbox logic the Humble Monthly is. I mean, I’m still paying a considerable amount (see second sentence of post) for mostly unknown games. If the early unlock itself is not something I want…

And here’s the thing: 12, with conversion, is always too much for the single game that is revealed AND the games I want most are always the God forsaken indie games they never tell me about beforehand!


It’s just overall a very stressful environment for my weak soul and my empty pockets and my waif hipster bullshit mindset.


You can pause your membership and skip months you don’t want. You can cancel after redeeming your keys.

You also get access to the “Humble Trove” dozens of DRM-free games, some really good and some very unique indie gems. You can keep those games forever. That alone is worth one $12 charge!

I signed up last month for Dark Souls III, and will be skipping this month. It’s a good deal already, but with that option plus the trove, it’s a fantastic deal.


Dude dude dude, Mafia 2 is amazing just for the feeling of driving some car from the 60s!
I don’t like the other, similar titles you mentioned either, but for different reasons than the “shock value” parts ^^


Throwing in my two cents, I often find that the monthly bundles (despite my only purchasing one) are really hit or miss for me in terms of content I’d want. So I really just tend to justify it with “is the featured game(s) worth the $10-12?” If it is, then any other games in the bundle are just extra goodies. If not, then it’s hit or miss to it being worth it for me.


After that last bundle, I’d employ the same philosophy. Dark Souls III is good and all, but the rest of that bundle was more or less 100% filler. This month, I don’t even have any interest in the filler games, so I paused a month to buy either SWAT 4 or For Honor instead. Woot!


Humble sent out surveys to random selected subscribers about possible changes to the Monthly Bundles

IGN paymasters demand ALL THE MONEY!


It’s bad enough they don’t give downloadable games but for a few…now this…:fearful:


As of today it’s a great value as far as I’m concerned. I very seldom get duplicates and it’s always worth 12 bucks.


I think you’re selling God Eater short. The fan service is there and if that’s a deal breaker I get it. That’s valid. However, the game is amazing. I’ve played all the monster hunter games since Tri and it scratches that itch very well and it’s incredibly deep and as complex as you want it to be. They’re similar but they’re different like PUBG and Fortnite are different (they are lol). Any other fans out there?


I know the gameplay is damn fine. That’s why it’s just a shame about the theme. I’m sticking with Dauntless.



Yeah, as long as you’re not getting duplicates it’s a great deal. Plenty of great bundles with great games, not to mention a few pleasant surprises like Owlboy along the way.

That said, I started to call it the Humble “DAMMIT I ALREADY OWN THAT” Bundle after a while as a joke, and it slowly became less of a joke as time went on. Civilization VI, Quantum Break, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Dawn of War 3, Civilization VI… the list started to really drag on for the short time that I held a membership. After Deus Ex MD and Overgrowth, I was just kind of like “right… I think I’m done here.”


I have been an annual subscriber since launch but I have also frozen my subscription and skipped at least 5 months. Ever since Humble moved to the early reveal model I have made it a rule of thumb that I freeze my annual sub and skip any month where I do not like the early access reveal. If I feel the early reveal is worth at least $12 then I let my sub run and anything else that unlocks is gravy. If the early reveal is something I dislike (IE: H1Z1 month, TES Online month, CoD Blops Multiplayer month, etc.) I just skip that month entirely no matter what the reveal may be.