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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with less Metal Gear and more organized crime.


I have only got it twice. Similar to @ariolander I only get it if I like the reveal game and feel that it is worth the $12 by itself, that way I see the other included games as a bonus/something I can trade/something for a giveaway. I think the two I got were Rocket League and XCom 2.


Full disclosure: I’m still buying the worthwhile bundle-of-the-montho.

I don’t know much about ACID Pro, but $30 is a steal if VEGAS and Music Maker are any indication of MAGIX Tools and their capabilities. Still here for a few more hours!


I bought it and I’ve not even installed anything yet, they’re just so worth it I can’t resist.

the sterling pound converts very well to el dollars, it was the reason for my first purchase, I only pay a tenner really.

I lied, I installed god eater 1, but I haven’t played it ‘cause DS3 is just … mmm takin’ up all my time baby

also that monthly change would end bad for me because I have a single month repeat subscription :open_mouth: bad news bears.


@kylehayman361 RIGHT? I don’t know how, but DSIII is so good! It feels so smooth compared to the other games, and I can actually blame myself for a lot of my own failures instead of constantly dealing with the frustration of nonsense and jank getting you killed.

Perfect to play while I’m waiting for… well, DSIII.


wow, that just looks disgusting to me
i would’ve picked “i wouldn’t subscribe” to any of them
the last one is just the same as now only slightly tiered, with current users getting raised 25% 12-15$ while yearly remains the same, but with the instead of 1 month free now a “3 month free woo woo” lure in gimmick
they reeeally want people to commit to that full your don’t they, wow…
the other 3 just look incredibly unattractive, especially the one with “1-3 repeats”, lol, talk about now being guaranteed something you have, as to just a maybe :man_facepalming:, idjets…

yea, i’m definitely not subscribing to “ign changes” if these were/are going into effect :roll_eyes:
*gathers Torches & Pitchforks


Yep, can’t see that current subscribers (or even future ones) have much to look forward to. Looks like the IGN prophecies were justified. Can’t spell DOOM without IGN…oh wait…


the 6$ “humble trove only” tier almost had me laughing
-what are they thinking :joy: even EA/Origin access pass is cheaper :man_facepalming: and has like twice as many games :confounded:, and doesn’t exactly “suffer” from the humble originals
(not trying to slam all humble originals a bunch them just didn’t impress me much)

basically the only one that appears mildly tolerable is “stay the same but price hike”-because bs arguments about inflation/cost increase is “a thing in business”(even tho it doesn’t make it less bs)
but the others, wow, i can’t really wrap my head around any of the other proposed plans or tier changes, just looks like an appalling deal, “pay more -get less :money_mouth_face: :+1:, -sure 20bucks for 4-5games sound awesome! lemme jump right on sir, :roll_eyes:


its just weird how they’d be all like “oh hey! come inside, the fires on, the house is warm have some cocoa, games? we got a TROVE of games for free come see!”,

and now its “hmm? you wanna see the TROVE? I don’t think you’re a VIP are you? get back to the bitch queue”

@CptMold 60 frames is gorgeous on DSIII and touching spoopy goblets that drag you into a darkness that never existed before (I’m up to that part xD) is such an enthralling experience. lets all just take a moment to praise the sun. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever blamed dark souls for one of my deaths, even in 2 or 1 I don’t remember any particularly cheaty bosses, in fact, I remember cheating the bosses more xD I miss the “destroy the tail get an awesome secret weapon” that was a great concept. I wish they’d brought it back at some point, it gives you another thing to think about, to be methodical towards, and it was C O O L.

the music makes me wet. I’m glad they made bloodborne just because they upped their music game tenfold after that. I don’t even remember any music from DSII, maybe the majula stuff. But now firelink shrine overshadows it, and every boss music overshadows that.

I’m not gonna talk about darksiders xD I’ve never liked it. played 1 & 2. people constantly trying to convince me its good xD that did not work :stuck_out_tongue:


@kylehayman361 Darksiders is good, but DS1 really takes a bit of time to get going. I’d argue if you haven’t made it through Twilight Cathedral yet, you need to keep going with the game a bit as things really pick up during that chapter. You also can’t afford to ignore Vulgrim like I did at first, as some of the combos and other upgrades he gives you are extremely important. You’re also getting in at a great time to play this, as Darksiders III is yet another prequel entry and the Warmastered Edition is a huge visual and technical improvement over the old PC port; the constant stuttering and awfully compressed cutscenes were a huge part of why I originally gave up on the game.

I’m with you on Darksiders II, though, at least for now. It’s plagued with all these weird mechanics that don’t quite work, like a loot system. It also has these enemies that feel like they were meant for a slow-moving character (War), while Death makes DMC’s Dante feel slow. The Apocalyptic difficulty in 2 matches with what was called “Easy” in 1.

The game really needed a remake to deal with its many problems, and unfortunately the closest we’re getting is a remaster that adds one more difficulty (“Deathinitive…” :man_facepalming:) and a sequel with pacing much closer to the original.


You’re barking up the wrong tree I don’t like Darksiders for different reasons than the gameplay, though I don’t think thats very good either. If you’re gonna clone DMC at least make it faster. xD I don’t like the goblin that follows you around. I don’t like the baby level “puzzles” the bosses were cool, and the weapons were cool, but they would have been otherwise, anyhoo the main thing I don’t like is that I’m not its target audience, so obviously, it doesn’t sell to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I misread “played 1 and 2” as “haven’t played 1 and 2” somehow. :face_with_monocle:

But… you don’t like Mark Hamill? He’s, like… the best part of the entire game!


I have played them both, exactly why I can safely say I don’t like them, why can’t you just take my opinion for what it is? my opinion, one that is solid and stoic and will not move for man nor god.

1 famous voice actor who (by the way is in everything so it’s not that special, he was also joker once but I don’t love Batman either xD) is in the game, won’t sway my opinion, I can and will love the voice actors, but not necessarily the game they’re in. xD

those people are no longer in my life >.>


Hm, that is interesting. I gave up on Darksiders after a few hours because I felt that it didn’t gain momentum. However, your post made me reconsider giving the Warmastered Edition a try.


i, i, i… but batman… :exploding_head:

edit fck that, i need clarification, how can you not like/love batman? :dizzy_face:
how did you not tingle with excitement during saturday morning cartoons when this rolled by the screen

at the “call” of the intro those mornings, my body momentarily forgot how to instinctively breathe from pure batgasm anticipation :heart_eyes_cat:
:thinking: -i suggest we check this one for human innards, to confirm whether or not this is a meatbag impersonator(-and is actually an android/terminator sent back to initialize the uprising) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:wink: :smile:


Clarification, I like Batman. :3

I just don’t like so many types of Batman I can’t say I LOVE him xD

I like green arrow more but literally just because of his sexy body.

I don’t like TV Batman and the “dark knight” Batman,

I like it when it’s dark and gritty, I recently watched “Batman over Gaslight” and that was fucking awesome

and the story about red hood is also one of the best.


Since it seems like anyone hasn’t said it yet: Not a good value proposition for a GNU/Linux user. I should also really change my HumbleBundle newsletter preference, getting email twice or even thrice about the Humble Monthly each month is driving me nuts…


bro do u even wine

Seriously though, I wouldn’t give up hope just yet. There’s some extensions that are REALLY going places. As of now, DXVK can even run Battlefield 1 and The Witcher 3.


It sure has been interesting to watch Wine DX11 support get better and better over at /r/linux_gaming. What feels like just a short time ago I remember seeing one of the earliest examples of Witcher 3 being “playable” for example, although much of the world was translucent :sweat_smile:. Looking at the videos you posted, it seems to be in a much nicer state at the moment!

I don’t take issue with using Wine for Windows-only games already in my Steam Library, but buying new games in order to play them via Wine, in my opinion, sends a wrong message to the developers and harms GNU/Linux gaming as a whole. Why should they port their game to GNU/Linux if said users will buy and play the game anyway (using Wine, or perhaps by dualbooting Windows on the side?

I do approve (and greatly appreciate) the work they are doing though, as people might be more likely to switch to GNU/Linux if they could keep using the same programs as they used on Windows.


I just wanted to make sure you weren’t an exclusively Linux user that was out in the cold.

This wasn’t vanilla Wine, by the way; it’s a plugin called DXVK (DirectX to Vulkan). The results are extraordinary, and many of the demos I posted there are running on fairly common modern specs rather than any kind of extravagant ultra-enthusiast rig.


How about Dark Knight Returns? (Anime is awesome, but the graphic novel is sublime)


Also, Ego