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your special christmas or whatever holiday foods that you love


Im interested in the different tradicional or special edible things you enjoy the most in the holiday season
I personally like sweet things more so im a bit more interested in those but if YOUR favourite is not sweet dont let it stop you from posting it

I’ll start with Bejgli which is a tradicional hungarian roll thing tradicionally filled with poppy seeds or walnuts
my mother and grandmother usually bake it for me because i love it SO MUCH (the poppy seed one)


My favorite Christmas food/drink is definitely eggnog!

It’s one of the things I always look forward to, and I always drink way too much.


I don’t have any traditional foods on Christmas but some drinks like
Hot Chocolate

And Eggnog



I’m simple: smoked honey ham and I am content in heaven :sun_behind_small_cloud:


One of my favorite things, the Finnish Karelian pasties (I think that’s the english name).
My grandma always makes them around this time of the year.


I’m going to be boring and say a mince pie lol.



I usually make Leche Flan and

Cassava Cake!

I also tend to love a nice Panettone dipped in either Egg Nog or Hot Cocoa!


I like Tiramisu download


Pfeffernüsse / Lebkuchen



and ye olde faithful


I like to cook something different every year, I’m usually the one who take care of the desserts so I’ll leave a few here, I love them all!

Popular: “Rabanada” (French Toast)

Last year’s: It doesn’t have a specific name as far I am aware, It’s Grape + Crème Anglaise (a variant) + Ganache

This year: I’m going to try “Torta Holandesa” which for you guys should be known as Brazilian Dutch Pie


Thank you all for posting your deliciousities (what a nice word i made im proud)
Im starting to question if it was a good idea creating this topic because every time i open it i just want to consume as many pastries and cakes and all tasties but usually there are none at home and im diabetic so i really shouldnt
Arent any of you coming to hungary some time by chance? you could bring some of your home baked goodies and maybe i would bake you something as well, or show you around. You might be better of showing yourselfes around because im usually not too good with people and i know hardly anyithing about the sights.

And i appreciate you all very much for posting in my thread

and thanks for the recepies as well but i rarely make anything in the kitchen (or just in general) and if i do im more likely to do something my mother can help me with


Maybe you can catch a wild @coralinecastell when she is close by and ask her to make you a special Brigadeiro, just one! Don’t go too crazy! They are really sweet :rofl:

I’m not so sure, but I believe there are workarounds to make brigadeiro for diabetic people as well.

I’m betting on her ability to make brigadeiro, I mean, every Brazilian should be able to!


i did take a close look at the travel plan but @coralinecastell does not come anywhere near here :frowning:


Rumors says all you have to do is take a step and you’re already in another country when you’re in Europe, maybe I’m watching too many movies.


if it were true i stil would have to take at least 2 steps
and i just did and im still here in my room


Aw yeah that’s the good stuff


That’s not a Jansson, is it? and where’s the dopp?
I’m rather intrigued about the bread though, what’s going on there?


Oh God no. Just potatisgratäng… whatever that is in English.

The best is what it is :wink:


Christmas is the only thing in my family that is kept very traditional, so we eat the same dishes every year. Soup, breaded carp, kraut salad, potatoes and my favorite Makówki, which is poppy seeds, raisins and zwieback drowned in milk. Really hard to plate this in a way to make it look appetizing, but it’s a delicious mess!