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your special christmas or whatever holiday foods that you love


Thought that was a fully packed ashtray at first glance.


20 packs of Marlboro reds
5 autumn leaves (preferably wet)
1 half empty beer can

Just like granny used to make

Seriously though it’s probably a great dish


Since I was busy moving in and had a few other issues over Christmas I didn’t end up doing anything for it and now the remaining hams are significantly cheaper than they were before Christmas, weird huh?

So I’m going to necro this thread because I finally got around to making some food that really makes Christmas for me and that’s the Christmas breakfast which to me has to be Vört bread with Christmas ham, cheddar cheese and mustard on the side of rice porridge with sugar and cinnamon.

Today it got to serve as lunch though.


Looks delicious! What’s that greenish crust around the ham?


Only the lighting that makes it look green, I didn’t even see that until you pointed it out. It’s mustard mixed with an eggyolk smeared over it and covered in breadcrumbs.


Black plates! I knew I liked you!
(Too lazy to take a picture of my black tableware for context)