You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)

A few hours left for you to get the game below and others during GOG’s last hours of sale.


Despite being on early access this game has been showing a lot of potential much like Palworld. People even say it’s 10x better than Starfield.

Sale will end on April 9th so go get it while you can.


There are plenty games on Free Weekend to try, to play. Hope you have no plans for the weekend, cause these are worth the try:

  1. LEGO® 2K Drive
  2. The Elder Scrolls® Online - Previously was FREE on EPIC
  3. ARK: Survival Ascended
  4. Hearts of Iron IV - Im not sure if this was FREE on Steam or Bundled for 1€
  5. Ripout

And there is a FREE DLC for The Sims 4

  1. The Sims™ 4 Backyard Stuff

Steam is having some sales here and there, and so does GOG.

I’ve took the opportunity to complete my Rayman PC collection.
Now I have three free games from the franchise on Ubisoft Launcher and three almost free games on GOG. :wink:


Sale will go until April 19th.