You Can Activate Steam Keys in your Browser

Wasn’t sure as to where to post this…

I got this in my RSS feeds…Already tried it and it works…About time…

Valve has updated its website to include an ‘Activate a Product on Steam’ page, where users of the popular gaming service can easily redeem product codes. This page can be found by clicking on the drop-down menu where your Steam user-ID appears. Although the feature does not appear to be available in the drop-down for all regions just yet, it can be accessed by directly visiting this LINK.


never say valve never improves
they just move along with the speed of universal evolution; veeeeery slooowly :snail:

i wonder what (1) nice feature they are gonna give us next :thinking: … in 3-5 years! :smile_cat:


Let me guess…

Allow family members to share their library without being kicked off.

wait wait wait,
you are saying people can own 2 different machines, and each play their own/separate different game that both belong to 1 person?, as they please ? at the same time? :confused:
i mean, that just sounds like blasphemy and science-fiction all rolled up in one. Where would one ever conceive let alone encounter such concept?

-“shh sweetie, i’m talking to someone, go play in your own room if your sister don’t want to share the playstation in the living room, thats why we got 2”

-where was i? oh, right; heresy and delusional fantasy!, how could such thing ever be humanly possible?!? :confounded: think of the toll it would put on poor good-guy Valve if they had to invent and come up without something like that :joy_cat:

what would be next? being able to select which games to share?

clearly that’s the type of crazy talk that would land a person in a nice shiny white, extra long sleeved, shirt that buttons in the back :smile_cat:

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Hey…you are talking to some who has bought albums, 8 tracks, CD’s AND MP3’s to be able to play my music…Not to mention the VHS and DVDs and now through Netflix and other things…for my movies etc…

So I will take that shirt and wear it proudly.Because I got to be nuts…



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I had no idea this was something anyone wanted, why?
Did not even know this feature was lacking, but I guess increased functionality is rarely a bad thing. I don’t log into my steam account through browsers at all though because there’s a remote possibility of a browser being compromised in some manner. Where as if the steam client would be then we’d all be in a heap of trouble anyway.

  • When people get away from home, for some reason they receive a key somewhere and want to activate it very soon, they can do it immediately on other PC without have to download and install Steam. (some work-place even block people from installing Steam).
  • We can activate game keys on browser = we can officially activate game on our phone. This never happened before. Everyone love this, no matter where we are, at work, school, travel… we can activate game keys just with a phone with internet connection.
  • Somebody prefer using browser for Steam because it’s much faster, smoother and many more functions than built-in browser of Steam Client. So while using it, they want the ability to activate steam keys here.


for the umpteenth year, still don’t even have basic gd fn dmn zoom or font change functionality on client browser…

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lol yeah, that makes me wonder all the time xD And more than that, Enhanced Steam is become a part of my Steam life, saving me a lot of time.

Finally! I’ll never have to wait until I get home to activate keys I won on SteamGifts again :smiley:

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Yes, I use it a lot. I am hoping it is made into a Legacy Add on…Looking at you, Firefox, or I will be going back to Chrome as my default browser.

I use Steam Guard…

When Steam Guard is enabled on your account, when you login to your Steam account from an unrecognized device you’ll need to provide a special access code to verify it’s your account. Depending on your Steam Guard settings, you’ll either receive an email with the special code or you’ll get it from the Steam Mobile app on your smartphone.

Some people are have limited internet data. I finally bit the bullet THIS YEAR and got unlimited because we got an Android Box. But I am now paying $260.00CA for internet, cable(plain cable…no HBO etc) and phone…Plus another 65 for cell. But I still don’t keep my steam client open all the time because of habit.