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You broke my streak!


@Gnuffi thanks for pointing that out to me as I had never seen that issue.

I get what you’re saying although, as shown my last transactions here;

No daily rewards have been missed. I am now on Day 2 of my “New streak”

I do check in at basically the same time each day as I had originally had a 39 day streak broken.

I did forget to check in that fatal day and had learned my lesson

Anyway and that being… I’m not suspecting anything can be done about it.


the thing about time “pushed” coins is they can carry on “forever” from the very beginning, until that fatal day where you miss
not saying this is what happened to you, as i’m not denying the possibility of a bug but
if 67 days ago you checked in on say between 6-8 am PST and kept on checking in at that same time each and every day around 6-8am pst to make sure you did it same time, you were still technically a day “late”, meaning you had very very little room for error
so say on day 69 when streak broke you checked in at 9am or little later, not much later from what you were used to, but now sale had reset, so it was a “new day” even tho it was the “same day”, but that tiny difference in a few hours were all it took to make the time difference and break the streak,
and there would be no visible double reward like on mine, because yours was spread out from the very start, so it would appear as an intact unbroken line of dates, but the “hour” is what made all the difference

point is, a “pushed”/delayed coin check-ins can carry on long time and indefinite if the check-in is continued in same manner,
but the second it’s delayed past final due, even on same day, it’s too late and breaks, it’s very easy to have happen that way because of time differences and personal schedules
you could in fact have gone a full 125day streak from day 1 this way and never have noticed until your schedule once again got pushed a few hours or even just minutes, resulting in such a “delay” related streak break, and there would have been no visible “date cue”, since they were all “late” in the same way and appear as such as a neat continuous streak of dates, even tho they actually just weren’t time wise


I emailed them about a streak loss I had about a month ago. I checked in every day, I was approaching a 90 day streak too. If it’s the same thing I had, I think there’s a bug around day 75 (I have to check the day I lost). It sucks, they won’t do anything about it. After this new 2 month streak, I’m going to skip a day to prevent this. Maybe you should consider doing the same.


This is getting ridiculous, I can say for absolute certain there is no 75 day bug. No any number day bug, there’s plenty of us at 120+ days streak right now.

Look at the main page, it has a countdown in hours for how long the daily deal lasts. The coin refreshes at the same time, if you check the site when there’s an hour or two left then you’re cutting it close and any delay might result in a missed day, as @Gnuffi just got done explaining.

What precisely would you have them do? There is no evidence of anything going wrong, the problem has not been possible to replicate, there are no traces of an actual problem and every occurrence of a streak reset has at all times appeared to be due to user error. Even IF there is a problem nothing can be done about it until it is visible and testable.


@Gnuffi and @Fraggles I appreciate what you’re both saying.

What I’m getting at is that if the clock resets when the daily deal resets, I am no where near checking in at that time.

The daily deal ends around 3 am my time (AEST)

Even if it’s 3 hour window either way, much less 1, I am nowhere near my computer checking Chrono.

@Fraggles. Yes it is getting ridiculous, but not for the reason you’re frustrated over.

I am 100% certain that I checked in, and it was nowhere near the deal cut off time, but still I broke my streak.

@Gnuffi explained the cutting it close scenario well, which made a lot of sense. But in this case, it doesn’t hold true as there was no cutting it close. I’m asleep when the daily deal ends.


There are of course other reasons than simple forgetfulness.

Are you equally certain that none of these issues could possibly have been the case?
In that case I’d urge you to follow the last part, better yet record a short video ever time you click the coin then go to your log, couple of seconds every day until you can show that a bug happens on the chrono side of things. They’d be real happy with your help I’m sure.

Because once again I must say even if there is an actual problem it is impossible to fix it until there are any sort of visible traces of it.


@iTNano i would suggest you ask support ( if they’d be willing to provide you your detailed log, (looking like this Lost my coin streak even though I checked daily. Is this even possible?), so you can maybe get a better sense of the specific time hiccup if possible
again, not saying there isn’t a bug,

but would like to further point out to the “time” push, since your timezone is in Aussie county,
if you are like me (in EU tho) and don’t check in in the mornings, because waaay more important stuff to do then, like toast :smile_cat:, but does so in the afternoon/evening,
then even if it’s not 1-3 hour close, if you check in “always” any later than 4pm your time, you have technically still pushed your coins a day’s date in Chrono time
so despite due diligence and good effort from your side, (which i’m not doubting), something still could have happened/come up that isn’t a bug, but human error, since it’s possible with <10 hours to check-in it did get pushed past the expiration time that fateful day
given your streak broke during a weekend, where a lot of stuff can come up/interfere with a “schedule”, i wouldn’t put it past the element of “human error” to be likely though
just a thought, since i know how different timezones really can make timely matters more challenging and easier to skew a bit, Chrono being no exception

if there is a bug, i hope they do find it at some point, since i’m not ruling it out, to that degree that since it got brought up i’ve actually been screenshotting my coin check-ins before/after click,
since @Fraggles brought it up, might just have stirred my paranoia enough that i’m just gonna Fraps it instead lol :smile_cat: . Juuust in case i’m not immune to the bug either one day

Best to you @iTNano , hope support can be helpful with the log and hopefully clear it up too


Just to clarify, for those of us on the east coast of Australia the change over time is 2am, so we, for the most part have the whole day to check in and still be on the same day, breakfast or dinner.


except you’re sleeping the first 5 hours or so of the reset already
and like i mentioned, if you check in after work/school, because you are too busy in the morning/early day, that leaves you less time
but most importantly, the actual date change will have happened (causing the appearance of continuity) if the check-in is post 4-5pm in Australia, again, leaving only <10hours to do it “right”, but you will likely be gone to bed couple of those hours, shaving even more time off
ofc if you are active early on and check-in consistently before 4-5pm in Aussieland then the coin-time-date push doesn’t happen the same way
but even so, still doesn’t rule out human error ofc tho


I realise my wording was off when I said ‘still be on the same day’, I did not mean calendar day but Chrono deal day.

This whole thing is why I think the history should show time clicked, it would make it much easier to work these things out, rather than having this constant back and forth when we can’t know where the problem occurred because we don’t have enough information.


agree, a Chrono local server-side timestamp with their PST, PDT, CDT, whatever weird time format the colonial infidels are using these days :joy_cat: , would be very handy added to the current “date stamp”, and might help make it more clear/obvious to those that genuinely miss out where/when it isn’t a bug


Tell me about it, every time I see their date I’m confused for a second,

‘Today isn’t the seventh, neither was yest-… oh’

Every. Damn. Time.


Appreciate the feedback everyone, this is definitely something we’re planning on improving. For those that have lost streaks, with the exception of a single event a month ago where some people were unable to login and get their streak (we’re working on compensation for those affected), we’ve yet to find any evidence of people losing their streaks incorrectly. We’ll continue to investigate, but 100% of the time it’s been a combination of people missing a day and forgetting (happened to me as well!) or getting confused on the time of the daily reset.

Before you complaint about Coin Shop(or broken streak), take 10secs, and also consider

I just lost my streak at day 16. I have a reminder set to visit every day, because I decided I wanted to reach the 30 day streak. It shouldn’t be possible I missed a day.

In my observation, the bug regarding this issue seems to lie at the coin button on the main page, which doesn’t seem to reset correctly to allow claiming the coins even though it should be possible.

In my timezone, the sale reset happens at 7PM or 1 hour earlier/later (depending on the day light saving). It’s actually pretty convenient time for me because I usually have time to click soon after the reset. On days when I can’t do the click in the evening I still have lots of time next day to do it before evening.

I consistently visit the site around noon/early afternoon just to make sure I claimed the coins previous night. But today it should have allowed me to claim the coins in the morning because (according to the coin transaction log) previous day I had claimed the coins late at 4:06PM, less than 3 hours before the reset. But the mistake I did I just assumed (without checking the log) that I must have visited the site previous night or AM hours.

According to the coin transaction log, turns out I had not claimed coins previous evening (or for some reason that click has not registered to the transaction log?) Anyway, the fact is when I visited around noon today, the coin button did not allow me to claim the daily coins, but it should have allowed me to do that because I had not claimed the coins yet for today.

I added the timestamps to my coin transaction log for the past week:


without being able to know the “specifics”, (you’ll have to ask chrono about that), it clearly looks to me like you suffered from the “i accidentally pushed my coin/time” issue
if you look at february 28th, you have claimed it, after deal reset, “as usual”, for you
but then you missed march 1st, which you then pushed to march 2nd but before deal reset
and that time then continues on
T01, T11, T13, T16 -all before your deal reset(but at "next days date), and then at the “break”, you didn’t do it before deal reset, as you should have to keep it up, but after (T21), again "as usual"
but because you had once pushed your coin/streak/time a day, you’d in fact have needed 2 entries on the “same date”, in order to return to your “usual” time while still maintaining streak, -which you didn’t, and thus a “date late” (technically skipped more than a full 24 hours, which ofc can’t happen without breaking your streak)

hope this might makes sense,

-besides that, all you can probably do is take it up with chrono support to see if they “see” anything different in the log or can provide you with some assistance or log details


How do you get the time stamps to show up? My coins page shows something completely different…


Its just an edited image. I copy&pasted the timestamp data from the html source.

You need to look at the HTML-source of the page. Using dev tools inside webbrowser is even faster by using the “inspect element” feature. Just inspect the element on the Date column, and variable titled “datetime” contains the timestamp data.


what happened to your steak?


Thanks for the clear explanation. There was nothing new to me though but somebody else might find it useful. I try to explain where the issue is again:

On March 5th evening I’m not sure did I visit the site after the T19 reset or not, but I am 100% sure I visited the site around noon next day (March 6th) but: the button did not allow me to claim the coins. This is when I made the mistake not verifying the coin transaction log, but instead I just made false assumption that I must have visited the site previous night after the reset.

So then I didn’t visit the site again until after the T19 reset. Of course I totally understand this is where the problem is: there is no record of claiming the March 6th coins on time. But that is not the problem, the problem is: I could not claim the coins although I was at the site at the right time, about 7 hours before the reset time. Has this happened to anyone else?


If you haven’t already, throw us an email at and we’ll take a closer look.