Yogcast Jingle Jam 2018 (Humble)

It’s that time of the year again… The 100% for charity bundle that is for a good cause and a lot of items revealed everyday until Christmas!

One game is already sold out (way faster than I expected).

Share your thoughts and experience!

(I made my purchase b/c it’s all for charity, seems like a good way to contribute.)


I feel like they should reduce the price when games are sold out, because that’s artificial shortage and they just didn’t get as good of a deal with the developers to have the game there for everyone and basically create clickbait for the first few purchases.
Now for the games themself I have no idea what’s to come, but as is spending 30€ on games I don’t know yet is downright stupid and irrational. I’d much rather buy a bottle of good scotch with that money.
Sorry for the pointless rant!


Not pointless at all.

I agree with you there. I missed out on that one that was sold out as well. It went really quickly. I already had the game and was hoping to have one to gift later on.

Point taken. :slight_smile:


Ah, I didn’t know you’ve purchased it! That wasn’t meant as a personal attack or even critique. I was talking about myself as my financial situation doesn’t allow for such a purchase and I’d be throwing money out the window for gambling of sorts, you know?


I bought it, because I almost always find it to be a good deal.


since i’ve decided to not fall in the yogscast trap again (last year was truly abysmal) i’m sure this time it’s gonna contain great stuff :rofl:
tho previous seasons lackluster offerings is not the only reason i’m passing up, i’m told apparently i have “too many games” and that “should play the ones i already have” ? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


I understood what you were getting at, so no worries.

Don’t we all? I keep buying and I don’t have that much time to play. I also play a bunch for the curator to review. Otherwise I stick to the few same games for bread and butter gaming…


Also, I am not going to use the BETA keys for Batalj, so is anybody interested in trying the beta?


This is sadly never worth it for me (exchange rate yada yada), but thanks so much for sharing anyways. :butterfly:



Sorry NOT happening…And the one I wanted is already sold out… BOO HOO! :sob:I just got home!


my condolences… I feel like that one is a day one because it was such a limited key…I don’t anticipate that it will happen again.

If it does this will be a very sad December for me, heck all of us.


I agree with Gnuffi 100%; last year’s was truly dreadful. I’m passing this year too


I feel pretty good about this year with the new day’s showings. Guilty gear and Warhammer Vermintide are both (although aged) good games.

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Guns of Icarus, though. That’s like that one person you know you can fall back to when you don’t want to leave the party alone. A real bundle slut. (Yes, that includes men, we can be sluts, too.) :sweat_smile:


Fair, but at least it is Alliance (which they hadn’t given away YET)

EDIT: I stand corrected. But I meant that it hadn’t been bundled.

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Oh, my bad! Didn’t know there were other Icarusesesses. I thought it was only one game.

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May 24, 2018: Steam was giving it away for free.


Not sure what’s the difference between collectors edition and regular… will take a quick peek at it.

Just the OST and Costume pack, less significant…


For everyone who has the bundle, play Kabounce! It’s an awesome game and with it being in the bundle rn player counts are higher than ever!


I know I’ve said it before, but with the Jingle Jam bundles, you probably shouldn’t be looking at the bundle for a good deal or something like that, it’s best to look at it as donating $35 to your favorite charity and then getting some random / weird / sometimes terrible games as a side effect.
Yeah, you will get a whole bunch of garbage games, but hey, they’re still usually pretty fun to mess around with for a bit or be amazed that something so awful has made it on to steam. Sometimes there are also some great games mixed in there! I mean, overall, you probably shouldn’t be expecting anything too crazy amazing since the devs donated tens of thousands of keys of their games for free.
Anyway, even if you buy it on day 1 and don’t find a single game that you actually want, it still shouldn’t have felt like a waste of money because the point of the bundle is primarily to raise money for a charity of your choice, which, if anything, should still make you feel good about your purchase.
Also, sorry about the random rant!

TL;DR you should buy the bundle to support charity, not necessarily for the deal of a lifetime.


To all the Jingle Jam buyers, anyone used Displate before or familiar with this style of art? Do they scratch easily, weak magnets fall off walls, etc., or anything frustrating about moving them?

Assuming they are as cool as they seem, anyone have a spare -40% coupon for Displate that I may use? PM me if it is a unique code as I currently intend to buy at least one…found a Zhangjiajie, a Batman, a light map of Tokyo, and a Cyberpunk 2077 that all look great on metal.