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Yogcast Jingle Jam 2018 (Humble)


It is a unique single-use code. It’s valid until Feb 1, 2019. I still am thinking about buying something from there myself… If I decide not to, I will definitely send the code your way.


Looks like the bundle got some more keys for Cardlife, so double check your orders if you bought the bundle on the 1st of the month!


So…now that we can see the entire Jam…is there anything redeeming on it? I played convoy…not a bad take on the FTL archetype for rogue-lites. Future Proof looks legitimately interesting. Then there’s a bunch of stuff I’d never play…some pinball games, twin-stick shooters, bunch of early access betas, a clicker game?

It feels like they were kinda scraping the bottom of the indie barrel here…there’s good indie stuff out there, but this sure doesn’t look like it. Is there anything on here I’ve mis-assessed and is actually a nugget in the pile of jank?


^jack already answered that too

for a “game deal” it’s a bad value proposition (imo) this year “especially” with a bunch of cheap 1$ tier 1 games, tossed in with a couple of prior freebies, and “mixed quality” so on -as usual
if you however have 35$ to throw away and feel like maybe some of that could be spend towards a charity, it might not be a totally bad tit tor tat arrangement
but if you are just looking for games you could probably get what you want cheaper elsewhere (if you hadn’t gotten them already from other bundles)


I got a few things I was really happy about:

-Pizza Titan Ultra is really a fun arcade/score game
-Fort Meow is a cute puzzle. (to say nothing of Squidlit)
-Never played Indigo Prophecy but I think it will be a fun murder time!

I am also intrigued by a few of the games: Clatter, mindball and Slime-san


I’m glad someone paid for the bundle and shared their Displate coupon with me… other than that I do not regret NOT buying Yogscast yet again, 4 years in a row. :slight_smile:


if anyone saw something in that bundle that interested them but did not buy the whole thing just tell me
im too lazy to do a legit giveaway
i dont have vermintide lets get that out of the way but most of the keys are untouched


I thought The Greater Good looked pretty interesting, I’d give it a good home in my ever growing back catalogue. : )


I can’t remember all the games anymore and can’t find them xD

All except one I really wanted… fort meow xD But couldn’t be bothered to spend so much (esp since my currency is weak af to the dollar) on a couple of the games I did want in it

Sweet of you though, to even offer :sunflower:


I was interested in Deep Dungeons of Doom, if you still have that, if not all fine as well. Very nice to just offer this anyway :slight_smile:


I’ll take Slime-San if you have it, I appreciate the offer.


Hey let me know if you ended up getting that or not, I have quite a few copies and wouldnt mind giving you one :slight_smile:


That is very kind, good sir! But I did indeed get it. Thank you anyway!