Worlds 2020 Discussion


Worlds is coming again! Not sure if there are any League fans out there, but I will just make a thread for it regardless. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Play-in starts on Sep 25 and here are the participants:


I don’t play League, but I do play Legends of Runeterra, so I hope some new LoR content will come :3


I stopped playing League long time ago as well. But still kept my interest watching Worlds every year. Just like watching WorldCup for soccer fans :joy:


Here are the current seeds for the group stage:


My top 8 teams this year are:

Tier 1: image image image

(These three teams are most likely to make it to the final imo)

Tier 2: image image

(They both should have no trouble making it out of groups but will really need to improve if they want to get a taste of the champion)

Tier 3: image image image

(Teams with big potentials, and might bring some surprises during the Knockout)


your 1 tier is realistic but EU always manage to go to the finals, And for the play-in i spect LGD, Mad Lions, and team liquid unfourtunately i don´t see R7 going out from this stage, would be a nice surprise if he gets to the groups stage


Yea, the EU top seed is still a potential contestant for the title this year. But that would be a rough journey if the draw does not act in their favor. This year LPL has 2 super strong teams to offer and with the rise of LCK once again, I’d more likely expect an LCK vs LPL this time.

That being said, it would also be a good legend if G2 somehow manages to get to the end of the journey and take their revenge on LPL, something that would be interesting to chat about just like the back-to-back champion Astralis for CSGO or OG for Dota 2 :yum:

As for the remaining play-in seed, I was expecting PSG Talon, but it turns into a mystery now that they have to play with 3 subs.


Want to see NAVI winning ESL also Katowice Major will not celebrate this year right? i still learning about csgo competitive scene


Nani? What is this thing you speak of exactly?


1 day of Play-in and awesome performance from PSG, I wasn´t expecting that obliteration against LGD and R7, also remarkable play from INTZ, MAD and TL


NaVi is doing well in ESL Pro League Season 12: Europe right now :wink:


And unfortunately, I think we won’t see a Major from Valve this year (both CSGO and Dota2)


It’s a yearly tournament for a MOBA game League of Legends. Just like FIFA for soccer :yum:


TL is going strong.
PSG is doing ok so far.
MAD is kinda worrying.
UOL is charging to the top as well.
LGD… Let’s pretend I have never said it will make it out of groups :laughing:


yeah, I’ve been following the ESL and watching some matches (Most from NAVI) and they’re doing well


Now i feel that R7 can make it to group stage, the first day went 0-2, now they’re 2-2 agains LGD and UOL


Hard to say. I mean, I’m still waiting for Peanut to redeem himself but everything just feels so shaky for them. And then, SuperMassive or Mad Lions would most likely join the party later.

So far, this year’s play-in just seems like chaos where every team is competing pretty closely with each other and they all seem to be hopeful for a new round next week :joy:


The results are in. Congrats to the following teams that make it out to the next stage.

Quite a surprise to see UOL taking the place of Mad Lions and LGD bounced back so hard with two 3:0 back-to-back sweep. :laughing:

The group allocations are just as expected:






My predictions:

Group A: G2 Suning
Group B: DWG JDG
Group C: GenG TSM
Group D: TOP DRX


let’s pretend that you never said that LGD will never make it out of play in :joy: